Get to Hong island with best Hong island tours from Krabi or Phuket

Hong Island Tours

The Hong Islands in Krabi are four secluded islands known as the Koh Hong group and situated northwest of Ao Nang in the middle of Phang Nga Bay with amazingly beautiful rocky outcrops,Hong Island tours are amazing opportunities to visit this jewel islands . Its little bay and beach is perhaps one of the most picturesque spots in the entire Andaman Sea which is worth visiting.

Hong Island tours feature a visit to the large lagoon in the middle of the Islands which is best reached by kayak when the tide is low. The color of the lagoon makes a dramatic change from emerald green to turquoise blue during low tide and it  impressive cliff passage which leads to the lagoon’s surrounded by mangroves is one of the most photographed landmarks.

The first of the four islands is Landing Island or Koh Landing. The main attraction here is the sheltered cove with a birds’ nest collectors’ camp, an amazing tour location where locals come to source for the important ingredient of their beloved bird’s nest soup.  While Lahding Bay and the rock island of Koh Daeng are the two most popular snorkeling stops on Hong Island tours, there are also other locations for water activities and sports.

Daeng Island is famous for its coral reef which, at low tide can be seen clearly from the surface and there is the Pakbia Island, a labyrinth of caves with very nice beach. Pakbia is a lovely place to go snorkeling and swimming because of it amazingly calm and clear water. The beach has trees along the edge; where you can lie back, relax and enjoy a wonderful sightseeing.

Hong Island tours provide an ideal place to learn how to snorkel because rock cliffs protect the beach on three sides. A narrow entrance leads to the open sea, which is shallow enough for snorkelers to see hundreds of tropical fish while simply standing in the water.