Khao Sok tours

Let us take you into the organic splendor of Thailand deep interior, to one of oldest volcanic exotic regions, a paradise for ancient dinosaurs. Experience the Khao Sok National Park up-close with elephants and have a tub with the largest mammal on earth.

Is truly amazing!

Khao Sok is among the earliest and most significant national parks. It’s what you’d think about a jungle. And here you have the opportunity to be paddled in a kayak.

The lake is flowing passing historical trees, jungle huts and exotic plants. From the trees that you might locate a snake that is sleeping and monkeys are currently playing near the water.

There is a lot to do Khao Sok! We Provide a variety of private and group tours round Khao Sok National Park and also Cheow Lan Lake. Join our guides and place Gibbons, Horbills and reptiles or unwind in a tube down the river.

A Choice of excursions in and around Khao Sok National Park. There’s enjoyable for all ages. Spend the afternoon hiking in the jungle that is , tubing down the river, or throw by canoe around the Klong Sok lake. Because hornbills fly above head to a lake float or cave from green water from the morning mist.

Khao Sok tours, My Thailand Tours! Discover the stunning amazing beauty of the Khao Sok National Park with its outstanding scenery and wildlife and wide range of activities to participate this is one of the most scenic and beautiful Parks in all south Asia . With Khao Sok tours Visiting the stunning Khao Sok National Park breath taking scenery will be a mile stone of your life, Mountains, Lakes, wildlife and natural fauna for an outstanding tour. The team will pick you up at the hotel at morning time to leave Phuket with tour guide who will provide you information. When the bus arrives at Sarasin Bridge in to Phang Nga Province, you can get a taste of the lifestyle of local communities and their livings as well as the scenery of mountains, rubber and palm which are economic plants around the area.

After a short break for a coffee you can enjoying beautiful scenery at Khao Lak. Khao Lak has been devastated by the Tsunami. Now there are no marks of damages but only the memories of this tragedy. As well as good memory of people who give help to others without discrimination to class, color, nation and religious such like “one world together”. The team will take you to Suratthani where the evergreen forest of Khoa Sok National Park is located, sightseeing mountainous and wonderful route, self-sufficiency lifestyle of the local people. Arriving at Khao Sok you can enjoy the elephant trekking that will lead you to the miraculous rain forest to see amazing nature of non-decorated biodiversity.

After this exciting experience with nature on elephant’s back for 1.30-2 hours, the team will lead you to Khao Sok Camp with the scenery of spectacular hills and mountains for a wonderful and unforgettable memory. Khoa Sok Camp is a riverside restaurant with easy and natural atmosphere. You will be enjoying Thai and non-spicy lunch. After lunch you will start our enjoyable program with canoeing. We provide paddlers, to accompany you through Khao Sok River to take photographs of our special times. In addition to the pleasant atmosphere of Khao Sok river that are full of live animals like snakes, gibbons and others, you will deeply touch the sincere heart and willful services of the paddlers as they treat you as the guests of their homes.

After canoeing, we will take you back in the wonderful memory of nature and impressed experience of villager’s smiles, hopeful eyes and paddlers, tasty natural meal cooked by our attentive cooks, etc. The trip to Khao Sok is another choice of ecotourism. We wish you select this program during your trip to Phuket. After the forest trekking, we will take you back to your hotel in Phuket with safety.