Raya Island Tour, how to get to Raya island phuket, Raya island tour package

Raya island tour – Phuket to Raya island – Racha island tours

When you are in quest of a memorable expedition, Raya Island is truly a magnificent one should go as it is one of Andaman’s most beautiful tropical Islands. Discover Raya Island tour, this fine island is a must for travellers who seek a paradise hideaway and with a feel of tropical waters. Raya Yai Island, also called Racha Yai Island, is situated 25 km south of Phuket in the Andaman sea and travelling takes only 30 minutes by speedboat.
A Tour to Raya Island by speedboat with My Thailand Tours provides many options to suit that exhilarating tour you seek for ranging from the heavenly drive in the speedboat to the proficient Tour guide to the beautiful sight of Koh Racha Yai Island on Raya to the striking hillocks and limestone cliffs and the lush of green scenes. It is of no doubt that with My Thailand Tours, a trip to Raya Island by speedboat is a mixture of fun, comfort, luxury, adventure and memories at a whole new level!The main beach, Patok Beach, is located on a long u-shaped bay with powdery white sand which adds more flavour to the excitement and crystal clear turquoise water which is just great for swimming. Kon Kae Bay and Ter Bay is a few hundred meters across the island which has great beaches and fantastic snorkelling. The snorkelling experience in Kon Kae bay of Raya Island is one experience no one should miss out on. Raya Island tour, here the waters are so alluring at Kon Kae bay and there are lots of fishes there to add to the fun. In fact, one really doesn’t often have to use the snorkelling gear as the water is so clear and the fishes are just plenteous for every snorkeler. All one needs to do is just to dip into the water and to leave some fish food at your side to see all the colourful fishes. Diving tours and fishing tours are concentrated on that side of the island due to the abundance of sea life.

Travellers in Thailand often choose to visit Raya Island for the exciting experience it offers and the excitements knows no bounds when it is done with My Thailand Tours. On Racha island tour you find professional tour guidance, which is a strong draw for tourist to my Thailand tours. Racha island tour economical cost is another strong point but one thing that stands out as a major attraction is the abundance fun and protection in the most memorable way. Great memories guaranteed with My Thailand Tours at the Raya island by speedboat !

Raya island Tour, get to Raya island phuket, Raya island tour package, Raya island Tours, Phuket to Raya island

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