Mythailandtours blog for you all !

All this posts are for you folks, for you to take a look at you dream destinations in Thailand, reading this posts though we hope you will take a look at the destinations from a different point of view. We really don’t want just to show you what you can do or where you can go, instead the purpose here is to show you what an expert nature lover traveler would love to see, we don’t want to offer you the point of view of a random mass traveler, cause that wouldn’t make any difference in your holiday. Long story short, as might ‘ve already imagined, we really do want to make a difference in your holiday … so what we can promise here is not to give you any commercial advise or any mass tourism suggestion; truly if our tips will really make your tours and holiday better, you will than get a positive moment to remember and this is all we want, to leave in your memory e positive impression, about us, about the tour you made, about the destination you visited, about the nature and the smiles that will surround you.


This goes specially for the most crowded tours and locations !


For this reason we start now, today, an everyday blogging activity to give you all the tips and info and showing you what the real experiences of our customers are!

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