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Phuket Speed Boat Tour from Phuket – Phang Nga Bay tour

A magical trip to Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island by speedboat is just what you need to make your Thailand vacation a true adventure. There’s nowhere quite like Phang Nga Bay, and My Thailand Tours can help you make memories to last a lifetime. What makes Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island so unique? Read on!

You’ll walk, swim, and boat move sets. On Phang Nga Bay tour you will be xploring James Bond Island by speedboat with My Thailand Tours gives you a chance to see some of the places where Jurassic Park and the James Bond movie Man with the Golden Gun were shot. In fact, Man with the Golden Gun is what gave James Bond Island its name. You’ll be thrilled to see that the areas you saw on screen look just as cool as you expected them to!

You’ll get to explore caves by canoe. Take out your phones and cameras, because these caves are awesome. Phang Nga Bay tour. There’s something about watery caves that brings an eerie life to the caverns, and gliding along through the chambers will give you chills because of both the beauty and strange otherworldliness. Check out the interesting rock formations that have built over the years, and enjoy walking around the sandy bottoms of the dry caves.

You’ll get to paddle through secret lagoons. The secret is out—James Bond Island is a beautiful place to explore by speed boat and canoe. My Thailand Tours will take you through the hidden lagoons and sparkling waterways of the island. You knew Thailand was beautiful, but you didn’t know it was this stunning.

You’ll get to enjoy the gorgeous natural surroundings worry free. From the huge rock tower rising out of the blue ocean to the green hillsides of James Bond Island, you’ll hardly be able to get enough of the views. As you feast your eyes, you can feast on delicious food without a care in the world. Phang Nga Bay tour and touring James Bond Island by speedboat gives you the best of both worlds! My Thailand Tours will take care for food, drinks, and safety, so all you need to do is have fun paddling and riding on the ocean.

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