Phi Phi island tour customer experience

Probably the best part of the tour is that you will get hundreds of amazing pictures for yourself and partner and friends while the best part of speed boating is that you can easily beat the crowd. However, you can roam the island while walking-this could be ideal during off-season. By seeking a professional guide, you can enhance your gratification. A plus point of having a guide is that you’ll be bombarded with detailed information, every now and then.Don’t miss the opportunity to see the bluff of limestone in Viking Caves. The powdery white beach of Maya Bay makes one feel like being in paradise. Feast your eyes and mind with the merging beauty of the incredible colors of the unspoiled terrain. Off the coast are the irresistible beaches known as Khaki Nook and Khai Nui, surrounded by crystal clear water. The reflection of the blue sky is a picturesque vision. Phi Phi Leh is a rugged and a petite island encircled by indented cliffs. You can enjoy the day trip or even the sunset that leaves you speechless.38423





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