River boat tours for Bangkok lovers

You will discover the Thai vivid life along the canals in this 5 hours tour where the rear speed of the Rocket-boat is just one of the many highlights. Through all the years the numerous canals of the city of Bangkok have been traversed and worked by a dizzying array of really exotic watercraft, first off all the omnipresent long-tail boat and non the less the noodle-vending canoe, but of them all  none have more cachet locally than the James Bond boat (a.k.a. rocket boat), named for its appearance in the 1974 Bond thriller “The Man with the Golden Gun”. with this half day River adventure, we will combine cultural exploration with high-speed thrills for you own special Bond-like memorable experience in Thailand.

On this tour, we will discover fascinating beauty combined with amazing contrasts: modern lifestyles derived from classical traditions, Buddhist temples coexisting harmoniously with Muslim mosques, and frenetic and quiet canal life giving way to gentle rural landscapes. Most importantly, you will find out the many faces of Bangkok as few others have seen, in a way you will not forget !









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