Things to do in Phuket Tours

Things to do in Phuket Tours
Phuket is an Island located surrounded by beautiful aquamarine ocean waters, emerald green rain forests and spectacular golden sand beaches. The island is on the Andaman Sea, near southern Thailand, it also boasts of other smaller islands with their well-known limestone pillars jutting out of the surrounding sea. Thailand as a whole and Phuket, in particular, is well known for its great cuisine, hospitable people, and tropical climate, a treat to every tourist. Phuket is a global vacation spot due to all of its desirable features. It has a 3000 seat theater that mimics Las Vegas productions style, featuring magical illusions, stunts, acrobatics, elephant performances, pyrotechnics, and songs and dances that bring to life tales of Phuket’s history and mythology. All this are really a glory to see in your Phuket tours: Explained below are some of the things you should do on your Phuket tours to have the best tour experience.
#1 Visit to the Wonderful Array of White-Sand Beaches
Phuket features powdery white-sand beaches that are appealing to the sight. You can take a Phuket tour to visit the famous Patong beach. Here you can have a small picnic with your family and tour members.

#2 Engage in Various Water Sports Activities
Being an Island, Phuket is renowned for being a scuba diving spot. During your day, you can try scuba diving and make your holiday memorable. Apart from this, you can also engage in other water sporting activities such as kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, skim boarding, surfing, Jet Skiing, and other related activities. All this combined might make you want to decide to make Phuket home.

#3 Shopping for Authentic Thai Products
Away from enjoying the beachside, you can also go for shopping of authentic Thai goods in Phuket. The island features a lot of local shops where you can find and buy Thai and other Asian products. You can also stroll around old Phuket town to see ancient buildings which were turned into hotels and restaurants. As you go shopping, you can branch at the close by historical temples and museums in Phuket Island. The popular Wat Chalong temple is one of them. A combination of all this makes Phuket an island rich in history.

4. Fun-filled Nightlife
During your Phuket tours, it is beautiful to enjoy the night life of Phuket. At night, this amazing island comes alive. The best tours in Phuket are the one embarked upon to have a feel and taste of its nightlife: during which you can stay late at night and enjoy the coolness of the breeze from the surrounding ocean. You can also enjoy the nightlife in the pubs or clubs that spreads across the Island.
#5 Make sure you have a Taste of Authentic Thai Cuisine
Have a complete and fun-filled Phuket tour without tasting their exquisite and sumptuous cuisine is not complete. There are hotels and restaurants that serve Thai cuisine to every tourist on the island. Tasting the Thai traditional dishes in the island will be the icing that completes the cake of your vacation: making it perfect!


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