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Bamboo Island is by far really one of the most beautiful National Park islands in Phuket, we consider it so attractive and unique as much as Raya island but probably even more exotic.  At Bamboo island you can enjoy some swimming in the warm, shallow waters or just relax even in the shadow on the white sandy beach. It is always considered a perfect escape from the crowded beaches of Ton Sai Bay or Maya at Phi Phi island, that’s why the best tour route to Phi Phi always visit also Bamboo island, being also a National Park site it raises a bit the price of the tour but is always extremely worth to see, it is the kind of island where you would remain fro day if not for weeks. If you are instead already at Phi Phi  rent a long tail at least 3 hours (1500 Baht, approximately 50 / 55  USD ) in the direction of Bamboo Island to snorkeling and swim and sightseeing all around the island. This is actually a tiny island and is nothing like its big sisters. Here, no high rocky peak or view points but a small beach of white sand that emerges from the clear and turquoise waters. As it is remote and surely less famous than the beach of Maya Bay, there is still  plenty of space on the beautiful beaches. But as always as all around Andaman sea and in Phi Phi islands area, and especially during the all peak season from December to March, First-come, first-served !


Bamboo Island




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