A magic Khao Sok

“Of all the books in the Thai holidays world, we always find the best stories between the pages of a passport”, between the pictures that you send us after your tours cause you want us to share your happiness and your best times in days which were magic for you. You explore and experience unusual and refreshing and unique things and places that are the real food to the soul. You make and design great memories and become a storyteller with your amazing pictures and with your smiles. After all the tiring work of the cities life, one definitely needs a change.



A tour of the Khao Sok National Park and Reserve is probably the best existing solution for a nature lover. The Park never runs out of natural attractions. The great lake is a portrait of wonders along a curtain of blue silk overhead is a coolness to the enervated eyes, green and vivid colors of the forests. The majestic trees along with the smell of the jungle, add contrast to the scenery.


You can enjoy a full day or multiple days tour to Khao Sok all well organize with all inclusions you need to relax and just think of your soul satisfaction, touching every place on the lake and in the forests, while spending the warm afternoon rafting or canoeing. We take care of your transportation back and forth your accomodation, providing security while touring round the National park, our guides are always with you.

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