Naka Noi island sunset with My Thailand Tours

Naka Noi island Sunset tour . An amazing chance to experience some hours in the tranquility of a private island nearby Phuket, a wonderful retreat where you can find really satisfying snorkeling, you will even have a reserved Sun Chair in the shadow of lovely beach threes, a canoe that you can sue to paddle around the island and have some fun with your partner in the sun, a delicious seafood dinner will wait for you under a gazebo on the beach experiencing an pretty much unique sunset when the sun will start to disappear behind Phuket island !

Naga Noi Island Sunset dinner by speedboat will bring you to Koh Naka Noi which is is the smaller of the two Naka Islands just nearby the eastern coast of Phuket island. Naka Noi has one single long beach which runs all around the west and north side of the island. It is a beautiful and  unspoiled stretch of wonderful sand with many shade spots by overhanging coconut palms.


The island has been always known for its large pearl farm. Some of the one day trips boats stop around here for a tour of the farm and visitors might also visit the shop selling the pearls. If you decide to go to the island privately usually the farm is often closed for a tour but you might find the pearl shop open.

Apart from the pearl farm, this island is totally undeveloped, and here steps in our tour, obviously dedicated to You to discover the beauty of this wild small island and the tranquility of his beach. The sunsets here are extremely amazing and be sure you get the best camera with you cause you will be certainly amazed !



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