Khao Lak and a guide to all activities and attractions


Khao Lak

A guide to all activities and attractions

Thailand is a country with many places to tour and explore new things each trip you make. However, it is important to know where you are going. Khao Lak is one of the tourist-oriented destinations. It has fantastic beaches, hence so many activities available.

This post will give all the guides you need to know before visiting Khao Lak.

I will enlighten you on the best activities to do to the best excursions

What is Khao Lak?

Khao Lak is a collection of tourist-oriented villages, mostly in the Takua Pa District and partly in the Phang Nga Province, Thailand, Thai Mueang District.

The name “Khao Lak” means “Lak peak.” Lak Mountain is the main peaks in the hilly mountainous region of Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park (maximum 1,050 meters (3,440 ft). Besides, the tiny village of Ban Khao Lak, the original beach, Hat Khao Lak, and Khao Lak Bay (Ao Khao Lak) all lie in the Thai Mueang District sub-district of Lam Kaen.

Khao Lak Travel Guide

Khao Lak, located on the beautiful Andaman seaboard, just an hour drive north of Phuket Island. Khao Lak, with all the surrounding provinces and National Parks, is one of the most peaceful destinations in Thailand. The surrounding hills that slope down to this magnificent stretch of coastline with miles of beaches support no fewer than three national parks.

Only 80 km from Phuket, Khao Lak offers a rare oasis of relaxation with a fantastic combination of cool tropical forest, beautiful beachfront accommodation, and extensive white sand beaches. And more beautiful than ever are those beaches.

Khao Lak has many newly built and renovated resorts that provide an unprecedented quantity and quality of accommodation in this area.

The main purpose of this Khao Lak Guide is to make your life at Khao Lak easy and provide you with a full range of Khao Lak area data.

From this guide, you will find information about Khao Lak from the best things to do, where to go shopping, the best excursions or tours, Khao Lak beach, restaurants, and questions about Khao Lak answered.

Khao Lak and a guide to all activities and attractions

Best Things to Do in Khao Lak

Khao Lak has more than ten things to see, but we tried to narrow it down to the most noteworthy attractions and places to explore in this beautiful Southern Thailand city. Khao Lak is a newcomer on the international tourism radars, although this destination has seen a sharp increase in tourists over the past ten years.

Khao Lak must-see attractions and locations offer a distinctly eclectic choice of things. Khao Lak is in natural wonders, ranging from the virgin tropical islands like the Similans or the Surin that lie off its coast to its endless beaches to the pristine rainforests that cover its hinterland.

Discover the ten best attractions in Khao Lak below, which will surely be the highlights of your vacation in Phang Nga province.

Similan Islands

Visit Mu Koh Similan National Park

Tours to Similan Islands from Khao Lak

The islands of Similan are 90 minutes off the coast of Phang-Nga by speedboat or eight or more hours by Phuket slow boat.

The region was proclaimed a national marine park in 1982 and remains largely undeveloped as a result. Similan, derived from the Malay Sembilan word, meaning’ nine,’ refers to the group’s nine main islands.

The waters around the Similans are full of tropical fish, colorful coral, and offer excellent visibility underwater.

As a result, diving is widely considered the best in the area and compares favorably with some of the best in the world.

Part of the key reason for this is the fascinating submarine topography, due in part to the massive granite blocks that not only clutter the shorelines but also lie in jumbled heaps below the waves at depths of 35 meters and beyond.

Similan Islands Snorkeling or Diving Day Trips

On the surface, the rocks provide a quiet sanctuary along with the lush rainforest and white sand beaches.

The islands attract increasing several visitors each year, especially during the high season months from December to March.

Day trips to the islands for snorkeling and diving are common. Still, it is recommended that serious divers come on liveaboard trips to take full advantage of all the islands’ opportunities for diving. Dive companies operating in Phuket and Phang-Nga give beginners a range of tour routes with diving instructions.

Phang Nga Bay

Visit Marine National Park near Khao Lak

Phang Nga Bay is the crown of all the must-visit places that belong to Khao Lak in the province of Phang Nga. Phang Nga Bay is a 400sqkm Marine National Park situated about an hour’s drive south of Khao Lak.

Similar to (though smaller than) Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, Phang Nga Bay features 42 islands in the form of tall calcareous cliffs pierced by caves and tunnels, towering out of the bay’s emerald waters.

This area’s ecological importance is second to none. It shelters more than 80 species of birds (including Malaysian plover and Asian dowitcher in danger.

Phang Nga Bay offers more than 25 mangrove species, as well as many other specimens of fauna and flora, the opportunity to discover an amazing natural environment that is more than 10,000 years old.

The bay has a few landmarks that should not be missed during a visit, although their global reputation means that during the high season, they may be slightly overcrowded.

Koh Panyee is a fishing village founded by nomadic Malay fishermen on stilts at the end of the 18th century. It is the key lunch-break stop with a good selection of seafood restaurants during most of the day trips on offer.

Khao Lak guide. Tours to James Bond island from Khao Lak

The landmark is the location of James Bond. Locally known as Koh Phing Kan, this island also features the Nail Island (Koh Tapu), right in the middle of its eastern bay.

It became popular in 1974 as Francisco Scaramanga’s hideout, the antagonist in the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun. The movie, if you recall, was starring Roger Moore and Christopher Lee.

Khao Lak guide. Tours to Phang Nga Bay from Khao Lak

Joining a day trip is the easiest way to discover Phang Nga Bay.

There are two main types of trips on offer:

  1. Cruising the bay on a motor or sailing boat (junks are also popular), stopping at the key landmarks and beaches
  2. Having an up-close and personal experience with a day trip to sea kayaking. The most popular way to discover the bay is by far the latter.

The exploration of the Phang Nga Bay by sea kayak, introduced by John Gray in the 1980s, offers the opportunity to access the many caves formed by the sea through the calcareous cliffs, as well as to reach hidden lagoons within the islands.

These lagoons are known as hongs, which in Thai means’ space.’ These are the highlight of a visit to the bay: it’s a memorable experience to go through a pitch-dark tunnel and then out into a lagoon surrounded by 100 m high calcareous cliffs filled with tropical plants.

Surin Islands

Visit Mu Koh Surin National Park

Khao Lak guide. Speedboat tours from Khao Lak to Surin Islands National Park
Khao Lak guide. Speedboat tours from Khao Lak to Surin Islands National Park

Surin Islands situated approximately 60 km off the west coast of the province of Phang-Nga, well known for diving, snorkeling, and hiking in the surroundings of what is called the national park area.

Of the five islands that make up the group, Koh Surin Neua (north island) and Koh Surin Tai (south island) are the main islands-situated just across a small bay from each other. There is simple bungalow-style accommodation, and camping grounds can be discovered for overnight visits.

Like the Similan Islands, from December to March, when the seas are at their most calm, the Surin Islands are best visited, and water visibility is good for divers and snorkellers.

Local nature enthusiasts particularly favor these islands for the great hiking opportunities offered here. It is possible to find several trails, especially on the northern island.

Charter a vessel from any of the major piers in any of the provinces of Phang-Nga, Phuket, or Ranong to reach Surin Islands. For easiest (and cheapest!) access from the mainland, charter a boat from any beachside location or zip up to Ban Hin Lat village.

Visit Khao Sok National Park

Visit Khao Sok National Park
Visit Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park is about 40 kilometers north-east of Khao Lak. This covers an area of more than 700 km2 and is recognized as the world’s oldest evergreen rainforest.

The status as a national park has been well preserved over the years, and the addition of the Cheow Lan Lake to the Ratchaprapha Dam in 1987 has enhanced the attractiveness.

Hiking, and cruising on the lake are the key activities to enjoy in this unspoiled area of southern Thailand, which almost gives visitors a journey back in time.

Khao Sok National Park
Khao Sok National Park

It is a small mountainous area belonging to the Surat Thani Province (the highest point is 950 m above sea level) surrounded by the world’s oldest evergreen rainforest. One of the impressive sites in southern Thailand is the central area of Khao Sok National Park: the human-made Cheow Lan Lake created by the Ratchaprapha Dam.

Cheow Lan Lake has almost the same characteristics as the world-famous Phang Nga Bay, like an inland sea of 165 km2. Its location is approximately 100 km south: high calcareous karst formations jutting out of the lake’s emerald waters surrounded by sandstone and mudstone hills filled with vegetation even more diverse than the Amazon jungle, making it a must-see.

Speaking about flora and fauna, Khao Sok National Park houses more than 5 percent of the world’s animal species, including tigers, tapirs, elephants, wild boars, white-handed gibbons. Much more, and extremely rare plants such as the very large stinky flower called Rafflesia (Bua Phut in Thai).

Khao Sok’s topography makes it one of Thailand’s wettest places because it is struck by the high season monsoon from the Bay of Thailand.

Visit White sand Beach In Khao Lak

Khao Lak and a guide to all activities and attractions
Khao Lak and a guide to all activities and attractions. White Sand Beach will become also your favorite place to hang out during the day!

Located between Pakarang Cape and Pak Weep, about 12 km north of La On Village, White Sand Beach is just a perfect spot for a great relaxing day with your toes in the sand.

Hosting only a few high-end resorts like the Sarojin as well as newly added cool joints offering fresh drinks and food at affordable prices. This 2.6 km stretch of sand allows you to easily spend a day on the beach in exceptional natural settings and far away from the crowd.

White Sand Beach (aka White Sandy Beach, or Ao Thong–Golden Bay–in Thai, my favorite beach every time I went to visit Khao Lak) is a 2,600-meter sandy strip located between Pakarang Cape and Pak Weep Beach, about a 15-minute drive from La On Village, Khao Lak’s main city center.

Saying that White Sand Beach is stunning wouldn’t do it right because the location is amazing: the colors of the sea mix turquoise with smart brown, the sand is fluffy and powdery with light yellow tones.

The lush tropical vegetation that arrives to cover the beach with broad green shades. White Sand Beach’s is an only slight downside is a line of dead coral lying near the shore.

At first, occupied only by a few high-end resorts (for example, there were only The Sarojin and the Kantary Beach Hotel), a small number of satellite businesses recently came to offer excellent and reasonably priced alternatives for dining at White Sand Beach or enjoying a sundowner.

Locations such as Boatyard Restaurant or Goon and Gib, to name a few, allow people who do not stay in one of this area’s luxury resorts to comfortably enjoy Ao Thong.

Ton Chong Fa Waterfall

Khao Lak and a guide to all activities and attractions

Ton Chong Fa Waterfall is a waterfall located about 7 km from Bang Niang on five levels. It takes a 20-minute walk through the rainforest to reach the waterfall’s first floor, which features a large pond where you can relax.

To reach the other four levels, you need to be fit as the trail is narrow and steep. Since there is no electricity on site (after all, it’s in the middle of the jungle), it’s best to bring with your drinks and snacks, as well as mosquito spray if you’re going there at the end of the day.

International Tsunami Museum

Royal Thai Navy 813 is one of the most impressive survivors of the disaster that took place on December 26, 2004. The tsunami that emerged from the 9.1 magnitude earthquake that hit the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia carried it nearly 2 km inland. It is the secret testimony of the devastating power unleashed on that baleful morning in Southeast Asia.

Located nearby, the International Tsunami Museum lets tourists learn about tsunamis in general and the effects this particular has on Khao Lak and its inhabitants.

The International Tsunami Museum is a well-considered place to learn everything about tsunamis in general.

Settled in a two-story house on Phetkasem Road (the main coastal road between Phuket and Ranong) in Bang Niang, the International Tsunami Museum was founded in association with the local authority and the Department of Psychology, still at Western Washington University.

The International Tsunami Museum of Khao Lak shows not only the devastating effects of the waves formed off the coasts of Indonesia after the 9.1 earthquakes. This clearly explains the warning signs that, if known at the time, most people in the province of Phang Nga would have saved their lives.

The remains of the Thai navy boat 813, right next to the museum, show how strong the wave that struck Khao Lak’s coast was: this large steel ship was brought inland almost two kilometers!

A trip to the International Tsunami Museum works to help to put things in perspective and help the local community as most of the benefits–entrance fees (100 baht) and merchandising –are donated to the victims of the disaster.

Royal Thai Navy Third Fleet Turtle Nursery

The Royal Thai Navy Third Fleet Turtle Nursery is located just 15 minutes drive south of Bang La On (Nang Thong Beach) and offers a very educational attraction for the whole family.

As its name suggests, the tortoise nursery is situated on a military base, so you’ll need your passport to be allowed to enter, as well as the 30 baht entrance fee.

The nursery features tortoises between the ages of one week and several years.

The lack of written English details is a little pitiful, but the people who care for the nursery are nice enough and enjoy sharing their experience with tourists. You also have the chance to feed the tortoises, but take care of your hands!

Samed Nang She Viewpoint

Samed Nang She Viewpoint at Sunrise

This is a must-see in the region, this is a viewpoint you cannot miss for any reason!

If you did not hear about this don’t worry, listen to me and just GO!

Unknown until January 2016, in just a matter of weeks, Samed Nang She Viewpoint became a very popular place.

Located in the deep countryside of the province of Phang Nga (80 km south of Khao Lak), a Thai photographer discovered this natural terrace offering an outstanding east view of the calcareous karst islands of Phang Nga Bay.

Samed Nang She Viewpoint in the afternoon time

Sunrise is the best time to visit it, but don’t expect to be on the site alone. You can even sleep there to make sure you’re there on time to enlighten this amazing view for the first sun rays.

Samed Nang She Viewpoint

Samed Nang She Viewpoint Panorama Restaurant

Wat Tham

One of the many attractions in Phang Nga Province is Wat Tham (aka Wat Suwan Khuha–’ Temple Cave’ in Thai).

Located off the highway connecting Phuket and Phang Nga City, just 6 km before reaching Phang Nga Province’s capital city. It features a large reclining statue of the Buddha inside a fairly large calcareous cave.

Dozens of macaques are waiting at the entrance for visitors to feed them on the parking lot with bananas and peanuts sold by vendors.

By climbing a staircase at the back of the first cavern, you can visit a second cave. Getting there from Khao Lak takes about an hour.

Where to Shop in Khao Lak

The shopping scene of Khao Lak is not the most thrilling in southern Thailand, but there are plenty of small and medium-sized shops where you can easily find all the basic items you need while on vacation. Although shopping is a relaxing experience in La On Village, Bang Niang’s neighbor is even more relaxed.

In both places, handicrafts, beachwear, DVDs, and music CDs are all available, and Bang Niang’s three-weekly market is a must-do (with a camera, of course) to get a glimpse of local life. This is a favorite pastime to pair a meal with a shopping trip at either destination.

There are two supermarkets available in Khao Lak if you need to buy a large stock of drinks and snacks: a small Tesco Lotus on the road to Thai Muang (a 20-minute drive south of La On Village) and Nang Thong Supermarket (on the main road between La On and Bang Niang).

Khao Lak’s best shopping will certainly satisfy many visitors and leave a little hungry for more hardcore shopaholic. Khao Lak has not reached the mega shopping malls era despite its rapid development since the end of the 20th century.

There was nothing in La On Village apart from beautiful beaches, thick jungle, small fishing villages, and farms, until recently. Hence here are shopping centers;

Bang Niang Market

Bang Niang Market is the place to visit, although you don’t have to buy anything. It is held daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Phetkasem Avenue, near the main intersection leading to the beach, diagonally opposite the memorial of the Police Boat 813. Colorful and colorful, this rather large market features about 100 stalls selling various items from t-shirts to beachwear to handmade souvenirs and more. It also offers the chance to sample a great selection of Thai street food.

TT Plaza

As you walk along Phetkasem Road in the center of La On Village, you can’t miss TT Plaza as this market-like shopping center is just massive.

TT plaza covers an area of around 2,000 square meters, and this hangar is like a funny Ali Baba’s Cave: you can walk in and around to find almost anything you need (and a lot you don’t) in clothes, beachwear, shoes, electronic devices, and more.

Nang Thong Supermarket

It’s located in the center of La on Village, at the intersection of Phetkasem Road with Nang Thong Road (the street leading to Nang Thong Beach).

Nang Thong Supermarket is a medium-sized (about 1,200sqm) store that sells just about everything you might need to use during the holiday, from baby diapers to food, from drinks (including a good selection of wines) to toiletries; in short, everything you might need while on vacation in Khao Lak.

Khuk Khak Fresh Market 

Visiting Khuk Khak Fresh Market is the excellent you can do to get a taste of Southern Thailand’s real, local life.

Thai fresh markets encourage you to discover unknown exotic fruits and vegetables in Europe and sample delicious snacks prepared by roaming vendors.

A market in Thailand would not be a market without street food stalls selling a wide selection of barbecued seafood and meat, banana pancakes, fresh sugarcane drinks, and more.

Khao Lak excursions 

White Water Rafting, Waterfall Trek, as well as ATV Ride

Khao Lak and a guide to all activities and attractions

Spend your time outdoor adventurous activities in Phang Nga Province, including an ATV tour and white water rafting, swim in the waterfall of Ton Pariwat. Have a delicious lunch and learn how a traditional Thai dessert can be made.

Begin the day with an air-conditioned move to the white water rafting location from your hotel. Before you start your adventure along the Song Phraek river, you will receive a briefing on safety and training. Take a 30-minute ATV trip after this exciting experience to explore the scenery of the Province of Phang Nga at your own pace.

Enjoy a lunch of traditional Thai food, which will be accompanied by fresh fruit and tea and coffee once you’ve finished your outdoor adventures. Take the chance to go for a mini jungle walk to Ton Pariwat Waterfall after relaxing. In the beautiful surroundings, enjoy your time at the waterfall, swim, and relax.

Khao Lak Quad Bike Riding and Tubing Tour in Kapong

Immerse yourself in the excitement of this special day trip and experience a different part of Thailand! Step onboard an all-terrain vehicle in the Phang-Nga province’s natural wonders, then take a trip in a rubber tire down the Hin Lad Waterfall.

Discover Thailand’s more adventurous side on your visit to Khao Lak and embark on a fun day. Begin the day with your hotel or accommodation pick-up and then head out into the Phang-Nga province’s natural landscapes.

Jump on an ATV quad bike and enjoy an untamed rainforest ride. See a side of the region that you may have missed in the busy city and immerse yourself in the amazing nature around you.

Feel as you travel around the ground on this fully automatic and safe vehicle that doesn’t need any previous experience.

Fly to a nearby city for your tubing experience after your bike ride. Hop inside a rubber tube made from an old car tire after a short safety briefing and slide into the waters of the Hin Lad Waterfall.

Ride the rapids down the stream of the river and sprinkle around as the current takes you down the lake. Don’t worry; there are plenty of workers on the edge of the water to support you in the tougher parts and avoid getting lost along the way.

Snorkeling near Khao Lak

Snorkeling is a famous activity in and around Khao Lak because it can be practiced safely with a minimum of equipment by most people, children, and adults alike.

The best snorkeling spots can be found on both ends of each beach along the 25 km long coastline known as Khao Lak–Khao Lak Beach itself in the south to Baan Nam Khem in the north. If there are rocks in the sea, the marine life around them will be noticed.

Khao Lak, Nang Thong, Bang Niang, White Sand, and Pak Weep are the beaches that offer the most impressive snorkeling spots. Such locations are several kilometers from each other.

Please note. Bang Niang and Nang Thong beaches can easily find snorkeling gear for rent or purchase, and many nearby beach resorts can provide their guests with goggles, snorkels, and fins.

Khao Na Yak Reef is the closest snorkeling location offshore, about 40 minutes by long-tail vessel from Khao Lak.

Both snorkelers and divers frequent it with a depth of nine meters. There you can see lionfish, ghost pipefish, and sometimes leopard sharks. It takes only around two hours to reach the Similans and the Surin’s, 60 km and 80 km from Khao Lak, respectively, by speedboat.

Khao Lak national park

Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park

Lam Ru National Park
Lam Ru National Park

This Park is situated about 80 km north of Central Phuket and covers an area of 125 km2 in Kapong, Mueang Phang Nga, Takua Pa, and Phang-Nga Province’s Thai Mueang districts. While the Park’s price to the Andaman Sea is only less than a few kilometers away, the Park mostly comprises tropical evergreen mountain forests with the highest peak at 1,077 meters asl.

The Park is popular for some small beaches near the headquarters of the Park and Ton Chong Fa Waterfall. This waterfall is only 12 km from the headquarters of the Park. For longer walking, there are also several trails in the Park that need guidance.

The Park is hosting a variety of interesting animals, including Sunda flying lemur, binturong, Malayan weasel, Sumatran Serow, crested serpent eagle, white-bellied sea eagle, oriental pied hornbill, and pit viper of Wagler. The existence of Malayan tapir is listed on various websites, it is possible based on historical information, as no more tapirs found in parks of this size are poached.

The Indian Ocean tsunami that struck Thailand’s coastline in December 2004 resulted in 4,000 deaths in the Khao Lak region, Thailand’s worst-hit area.

Attractions of Khao Lak – Lam Ru

Lam Ru National Park guide

Visitor Center

There are several beaches and a kilometer long walk from one beach to another in the visitor center area. A dedicated campground, shower/toilet facilities, few bungalows, and a restaurant are situated on the nearest beach.

Small Sandy Beach 

As the title implies, it’s a tiny beach that can be accessed either from Highway 4 or from the visitor center by a kilometer long nature trail. The trail is easy to walk and open.

Khao Lak Beach

It is where the tents can be set up by the visitor. The actual Khao Lak Beach to the north, though referred to as Khao Lak Beach, is not part of the National Park.

The bit inside the Park is somewhat rugged, a few hundred meters long, between the visitor center’s park area and rocky coast at the southern end of the real Khao Lak Beach.

It only takes a few hundred meters to get to the real Khao Lak Beach from the rocky section. The parking area is fitted with a shower and toilet, the restaurant if only a few hundred meters away.


Ton Chong Fa Waterfall

It is the most famous waterfall in the Park because of its location. It is just 6 km from Highway 4 (Phet Kasem Road), 10 km from Khao Lak Village, and 12 km from the visitor center of the National Park.

The drops have five grades, few of which are very low; a drop of 10 meters high is the main fall. After the checkpoint, the first kilometer of the walk is on a narrow dirt road that continues for less than a kilometer as a clear forest trail.

At the drops, swimming can be achieved in some lakes; the 5th level has a bigger one.

There are no options for public transport to the drop, and there are no local restaurants or stores. It is recommended that tourists bring sufficient water with them.

Khao Lak beaches

Khao Lak Beach is the first sand strip you’ll encounter after Thai Muang when heading north along Phang Nga Province’s coastal road. Curiously, the name Khao Lak was given to the whole seaside area from Khao Lak Beach to Takua Pa, some 30 km north.

At Khao Lak Beach, 5 kilometers south of La On, a few hotel satellite companies picked up, making the area more autonomous and self-sufficient. Khao Lak Merlin, Khao Lak Emerald Beach Resort is just a short walk away. Hotel guests can now choose from several bamboo-and-thatch seafood restaurants from the Briza Beach Resort.

Siam Turmeric is one restaurant worth trying here. It is located at the Khao Lak Beach road entrance and is extremely popular.

Mr. Tiger stands directly opposite the resort of Khao Lak Emerald–a popular bar with many Scandinavians staying at local hotels. You can find a couple of massage parlors with prices appreciably lower than in the surrounding resorts for the ultimate in relaxation.

Khao Lak Beach has everything it takes for those looking for a peaceful, self-contained, eco-friendly and independent holiday. Here there is no hassle of taxi high fares and heavy traffic. The beach is dotted with pine trees providing a welcoming shade, and its northern end offers good snorkeling.

Khao Lak restaurants

There are many places for lunch or dinner in the center of Khao Lak, let’s start with the classic Thai food as if you prefer to stay around the center of town: –Go Pong: This restaurant is located in the center of town, actually is next to a mini-mart. Go Pong is cheap and has a great stew of pork and other Thai dishes.

DeeDee Restaurant: Located next to the police box at the end of Khao Lak, this small Thai restaurant serves traditional Thai dishes at low prices.

Orchid Cafe: This cafe is near the sand, nearby the beach, at the northern tip of Khao Lak. This restaurant is one of the best but cheap traditional Thai cuisines located in town, the owners, as well, are very friendly, and the food is at a local price even as it is located in the middle.

If you want a more top-class restaurant, try this one: certainly one of the best restaurants in Khao Lak. Its located on Khao Lak’s northern tip, with a lovely garden and sitting bar area, the restaurant is very well decorated with a good romantic and friendly atmosphere.

The Thai owner will welcome you warmly and will do everything to make your dinner even more enjoyable.

The food is delicious, with a strong fish and seafood choice. If you’re looking to eat well prepared Thai dishes or European cuisine, this is the spot, the prices are somewhat high, and they have a wide range of wines.

What can you do in Khao Lak?

Khao Lak is a great holiday spot for people who want to have fun, family, and nature. Before visiting, understanding what to do in Khao Lak makes sure you don’t miss the fun or any events. Here are Khao Lak’s top things to do.

Sunbathe at The Peaceful Beaches

Go Sunbathe is a few kilometers north of Bang La On at The Peaceful Beaches Bang Niang. There is not much to look at, but in the center of the city, there is a patchy outdoor market.

You can find some of the famous nighttime bars. Turning to the sea from the town center’s 8-10 store, you can reach Bang Niang Beach.

At the Andaman Coast, there is a 20 odd kilometer-long stretch of beach.

You can always find a favorite spot for swimming and relaxing.

The most popular beaches are Nan Thong Beaches and Bang Niang Beach. Such beaches have great places to sunbathe and relax, and you’re in the right place if you want to get a natural tan.

Explore the Chong Fah Waterfall

There’s so much nature to discover around Khao Lak, hills, trees, and waterfalls in addition to all the beaches. Hike 1 km to enter the lush tropical rainforest surrounded by the waterfall of Chong Fah. Simply looking out of the world, this place is a great place to click some amazing snaps.

Horseback Riding classes at Khao Lak Horse Club

Bang La On is the most tourist-oriented among the three major towns of Khao Lak. The first stop will be near the Nang Thong Supermarket in Bang La Bang La On. This leads to the beach of the town, also known as Nang Thong.

You can take riding lessons from the Khao Lak Horse Club on mountain or coastal terrain. Popular among visitors, Horse Riding Sessions visit this place around the year.

Visit Wat Tham temple

To experience Thai culture, one could schedule a village tour. The Wat Tham temple, which connects Phuket and Phang Nga Town, should be visited. It has a reclining Buddha, making it unique and popular among tourists. And a few miles away, the Wat Tham Village, known for hospitality and welcoming nature to tourists, can be visited.

A Jungle Safari around the Khao Lak Park

National Park Khao Lak provides secret forest elegance, rare animals, rivers, and waterfalls. Khao Lak National Park is known as the oldest evergreen rainforest in 700 km / sq.

Khao Lak safari off-road tour from Khao Lak

One can choose to encounter wildlife at the Jungle Safari at the Park from nearby right here. So it would be one of the best things to do in Khao Lak to visit this location.

Tsunami Memorial Park

This memorial Park is named after the 813 police boat, which drove on land 2 km from its anchorage. The International Tsunami Museum of Khao Lak has photos and tsunami debris that hit the area. This place is going to send a shiver down your back.

A lot of souvenirs are available for sale here, and you could buy some to have them as memoirs to visit the museum.

Bang Niang Market

Street shopping is extremely popular among some of the best things to do in the Khao Lak area. The Bang Niang Market got a lot to offer, whether for decoration or clothing and accessories.

To experience authentic Thai food and enjoy the culture at its finest, one can also visit this place.

Surfing at the Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak Beach was popular with tourists as you can try surfing here. Here you can find great surf spots, and you should make the most of it. One can rent surf equipment and undergo some basic training at Khao Lak Beach to experience the best of surfing.

You are also taken to Khuk Khak a few kilometers north of Bang Niang. Khuk Khak is a central area supplying resorts with infrastructural supplies such as paint, kitchen equipment, hardware, etc.

The south of Khuk Khak can reach the Khuk Khak Beach by following the sign of the JW Marriott Hotel and going past it. Pakarang Cape and Pakarang Beach, Bang Sak Beach (780 km), are situated in the north of Khuk Khak.

Is Khao Lak better than Phuket?

Phuket is much better known than Khao Lak, a city many people have never heard. Almost everyone arrives at Phuket, at least at the airport. Still, there are many reasons why traveling directly to Khao Lak is a better idea before enjoying a diving trip on the Similan Islands.

Phuket is a very famous tourist destination in Thailand. Still, this page describes what is good and bad about staying in Phuket compared to Khao Lak before a trip to the Similan Islands for scuba diving.

Both places have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of each person will depend on several personal factors.

How far is Khao Lak from Phuket?

Khao Lak is about 60 kilometers north of Phuket Island, Khao Lak is a world away from the busy beaches and bars of Phuket, but it’s easy to get there.

If you’re looking to spend your days in Thailand somewhere quieter, or you’re going for some awesome scuba diving here, read on to find out how you can fly from Phuket to Khao Lak.

Some examples of land transfers from Phuket to Khao Lak / Private transfers

From  Phuket To Koh Lanta Car 4 seats with driver SUV 6 seats with driver Minivan 9 seats with driver
1500 Thai Baht 1500 Thai Baht 1500 Thai Baht

Some examples of land transfers from Phuket to Khao Lak / Shared transfers

From  Phuket To Khao Lak Minivan + Big Bus
Patong: 07.30 10.00 am From 600 to 700 Thai Baht
Kata, Karon: 07.45-08.00 am 10.00 am //
Phuket Town: 08.00-08.45 am 10.00 am //

Is Khao Lak touristy?

Situated on the west coast of Thailand, on the Andaman Sea, Khao Lak is not just a village, but a series of small villages renowned for their quiet environment and opportunities for scuba diving.

While it’s tourist-oriented, Khao Lak is proud not to be overly established, making this a perfect retreat for couples or families looking for the quieter side to the beaches of Thailand.

What the best time to visit Khao Lak Thailand?

Khao Lak’s best time to visit is during the dry season from November to February. The island has two seasons alternating with the summer season (November to April) and rainy (May to October), both dry seasons. Visitors often spend their holidays in the dry months, also due to Christmas and New Year celebrations in the city, making these months relatively more expensive and crowded.

Snorkeling, as well as diving, are two of the most popular activities during the dry season. At the start and end of the dry season, visitors are most likely to experience a few rainy days, while the wet season is often sunny and warm.

Humidity can rise in this island in the wet months, with an average annual humidity if 82%. The warmest month of the year is at an average temperature of 29 ° C in February and 28 ° C in January. October is the wettest month of the year, with an average 352 mm rainfall.

On the other side, during the wet season, water sports are completely shut down; however, visitors can enjoy the region’s wildlife and natural beauty. The additional benefit of the wet season is a major cut in the cost of lodging and transportation.

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