How to go from Krabi to Koh Lipe?

How to go from Krabi to Koh Lipe

How to go from Krabi to Koh Lipe?

Have you found the perfect and convenient means from Krabi to Koh Lipe? Well, if not, don’t take a step further, below is the exact information you’ve been searching for. This article entails all the possible means to go from Krabi to Koh Lipe. Therefore, you have more than enough options to opt for.

Also, it covers all the possible burning questions you’ve been searching for answers.

How do you go from Krabi to Koh Lipe?

Koh Lipe Island is relatively small and lacks an airport; therefore, the only means to get there is by water. Thanks to different travel companies available in Krabi, you have several options to choose from.

The direct distance from Krabi to Koh Lipe is about 113 miles; however, the ferries, vans, and speedboats don’t travel on a straight line. Therefore they will cover more distance than that, and also take more time.

Something important to note is the fact that the duration of travel from Krabi to Koh Lipe varies depending on the route you’ve chosen. But the approximate time in whichever route you opt for ranges between four hours to seven hours.

Out of the travel options available, spending less time in the van and more on the long ferry ride can be your preference. Alternatively, you may choose more time on the road and less on the ferry ride. Whichever the means or route you choose, they are all covered below in detail.

The table shows a summary of major ferries from Krabi to Koh Lipe

Type of ferry

Depart time

Time duration

Time from Krabi town to the pier

Hat Yao Pier, Trang


3 hours

2 to 3 hours

Pakbara Pier, Satun

No fixed time

1.5 hours

4 to 5 hours

Klong Jilad Pier, Krabi town


4.5 hours

10 to 30 minutes

For a more detailed understanding of the table above, please continue reading the information below. Every bit of the details in the table has been explained in simple terms for a better understanding and application.

How to go from Krabi to Koh Lipe

Airport transfer from Krabi to Koh Lipe ferry

Airport transfer from Krabi to Koh Lipe ferry starts with a private taxi pick-up from the airport when you arrive. This taxi will take you to Krabi Klong Pier where you will board the ferry to the island. The journey will take around four to five hours to the destination. You can confirm the ferry timetable or even book a combined ticket that will make your travel much easier.

Airport transfer from Krabi to Koh Lipe ferry Costs and Timetable

Adults- if you are 11 years and above, you are categorized as an adult. And the fee is 1950 Baht each.

Child- from two years to 11 years fee is 1365 Baht each

Child- from 2years and below the fee is 500 Baht each

Krabi airport departure time is 10:15 after pickup by taxi minivan

Drive from Airport to Klong Jilad pier takes less than an hour.

The ferry to Koh Lipe departs at 11:00 and takes roughly 4to 5 hours.

At 15:45 you will arrive at a platform that is floating in Koh Lipe offshore.

From this point, you will board a long-tail boat where you will pay 50Baht from your pocket. This fee is per every person boarding these boats and that includes children.

Road travel to Koh Lipe ferries

Koh Lipe is an island and only accessible by means of ferries or fast-boats. However, the ferries piers are situated in different parts of Krabi town. To access them, you need road transport either from the airport or from the hotel you are staying in. there are a couple of means you can use to travel by road to the pier of your choice.

These include car taxi or minivan taxi. For those who would love to do everything by themselves, you can order one from the taxi agencies. But for those who want everything to be done for them, then a combined ticket is a perfect choice. Combined tickets include hotel pickups, airport pickups and ferry boarding to one of the ferries going to Koh Lipe.

But without this ticket, you will have to do everything by yourself, from ordering for private taxi pick up, organizing transport to ferry pier and even checking out the ferry schedule to ensure you are not left behind when going to board.

The journey to Koh Lipe from Krabi has two stages.

Since there are various piers available in Krabi where you can board a boat to Koh Lipe, we will address some of them.

Hat Yao Pier, Trang

1st stage

Traveling from Krabi town to Hat Yao Ferry Pier in Trang province by road takes about 2 to 3 hours and the distance is 130km

2nd stage

The ferry to Hat Yao Ferry Pier departs on a daily basis at 13:00 to Koh Lipe. It takes about 3 hours from the pier to the island.

Pakbara Pier, Satun

1st stage

This is another great pier to board a ferry to Koh Lipe. However, you will need a very comfortable taxi to reach this place by road. It is the furthest pier from Krabi town, but the closest to Koh Lipe. Therefore, if don’t fancy getting seasick, this pier is a perfect choice. You will need about 4 to 5 hours of riding time on the road.

2nd stage

However, the shortest time of 90 minutes you spend on the ferry to the island is compensated by the traveling distance. If you choose this means of traveling, booking a combined ticket is the best choice. It will guarantee you the ferry ride considering the pier is quite far and time spend on the road can be delayed by anything.

Klong Jilad Pier, Krabi town

1st stage

Klong Jilad Pier is situated in Krabi town and only requires less than 30 minutes to get there. It is the most convenient pier in case you are staying in town. You can thereby walk if you have a few pieces of luggage or by taxi if you have lots of luggage.

2nd stage

The ferry at Klong Jilad Pier, Krabi town departs on a daily basis from 9:00 and arrives in Koh Lipe at 1:30. Also, from this pier, you have an opportunity to board the fastest pier in Krabi, the Tigerline ferries. They are quite costly but takes the least time to travel.

High-speed travel by Ferry from Krabi to Koh Lipe

Since Koh Lipe is an island, you will definitely need water transportation to get there. The best-known means of travel to this island from Krabi is through speed boats and ferries. At Krabi town, there are three points of departure for both the speedboats and ferries. They include:

Klong Jilad Pier, Krabi town

Hat Yao Pier, Trang

Pakbara Pier, Satun

Klong Jilad Pier, Krabi town

Directly from Krabi town pier, you can board a high-speed ferry running to Koh Lipe. This ferry will be departing from Krabi town southern end at Klong Jilad Pier. This is one of the most convenient and best means of travel to Koh Lipe via the ferry, and especially when one is staying in Krabi town.

However, the ferry does not drop you off directly in Koh Lipe; it takes a couple of detours to some islands found along the way. Either way, it’s still the fastest means of reaching Koh Lipe in about four hours and thirty minutes.

In particular, Tigerline ferries are one of the fastest ferries that will get you from Krabi to Koh Lipe within a few hours. Also, it’s among the few ferries with inside deck air-conditioning. Since it’s it takes a few hours to get you to the island, this ferry is a bit more expensive than other options available.

But if time is not on your side, then its worth to pay the extra fee to arrive on time. Additionally, this ferry departs at a sociable time of 9 am from Krabi and arrives at Koh Lipe at around 1:30 pm.

Pakbara Pier, Krabi Town

This is another point in Krabi town where you can board a ferry to Koh Lipe. What makes this place unique is the distance from here to Koh Lipe is shorter. Therefore, the ferry journey takes the least time compared to other Krabi Piers. It takes about an hour and a half of your journey to get from here to Koh Lipe. However, you will have to spend more time on the road transfer journey via van.

To be on the safer side during these journeys, a combined ticket is the best option to go with. It will cover all the transport expenses from the airport to your final destination on the island. Also, it will guarantee you a ride on the ferry.

The risk of traveling without a combined ticket is failing to reach in time and missing the ferry ride. This can cause you unnecessary expenses you dint plan for, or even worse: getting stranded in a place you are unfamiliar with.

However, you need to ensure the combined ticket you get is from a reputable company. The best traveling companies include Jolly travel and Smart En Plus. These companies offer hotel pickups and transfers from Krabi town to Pakbara Pier. The ticket also includes the ferry travel to Koh Lipe from Pakbara Pier.

NOTE: Even though it takes less than two hours to travel from Pakbara pier to Koh Lipe, the drive time from Krabi airport/town is quite long. You will use about 3 to 4 hours which when combined with sailing times to the island, it’s roughly 5 to 7 hours.

The main benefit of getting to the island through this route is incurring a budget-friendly cost of travel. Also, it includes hotel and airport pick-ups that may be absent in other routes. The only limitation is spending a long time traveling with this route.

Key information to note about ferry’s travel to Koh Lipe

Irrespective of the ferry route you opt for, it’s important to note that Koh Lipe is small. And due to this, it lacks large pier enough to accommodate speedboats and high-speed ferries. As a result, the boats will drop you off at open water offshore. From here, you will board a longboat that will carry you to the shore.

However, you will have to pay the longboat fee as it’s not inclusive of the ferry boarding ticket or combined ticket if you took it. But there is no need to worry; the fee is quite small and manageable.

Additionally, you will have to note that Koh Lipe as a whole is a national park, and due to this, you will also have to pay for entry. This entrance fee is also met when you arrive at the entry point of the island. After paying, it covers you for up to seven days in case you will be planning to leave the island but still come back.

The last point to take note of is when traveling from Pakbara using the ferry; you will have to pay the pier fee during your departure. This is applicable to anyone departing from Pakbara. Again, no need for an alarm, the fee is also quite small and won’t affect your budget. But you have to keep in mind that this fee is not part of your ferry ticket.

Any more questions about traveling from Krabi to Koh Lipe?

I think i know what you are thinking, so let’s see together the most common questions about this route!

How do I get from Krabi to Koh Lipe?

It’s quite simple, you only need a taxi to pick you from the airport or hotel in Krabi and drop you off at Krabi pier. At this point, board a ferry to Koh Lipe or a speedboat since water is the only means of getting to the island. For a detailed understanding, read the information above.

How long does it take from Hat Yai Airport to Koh Lipe?

Traveling from Hat Yai Airport to Koh Lipe has a varying time duration. It mainly relies on the means of transportation you are using. But if you consider an average time that cuts across all forms of transportation, it should be about 4 to 6 hours.

How long do you get from Krabi to Koh Lipe?

The distance from Krabi to Koh Lipe is 113miles, however, the time it takes to get there varies. This is because ferries or speedboats don’t travel directly or follow a straight course. Therefore the time depends on the course of the vessel your board and also the boarding place.

For instance: it takes

5 to 6 hours from Hat Yao Pier, Trang to Koh Lipe

6.5 to 7.5 hours from Pakbara Pier, Satun to Koh Lipe

4 hours 30 minutes from Klong Jilad Pier, Krabi town to Koh Lipe

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