How to go from Khao Lak to Koh Samui?

How to go from Khao Lak to Koh Samui

How to go from Khao Lak to Koh Samui?

It is evident that whoever goes to Khao Lak once, never wants to leave this place, but when you are on a trip you have to explore other places too. Today we are going to tell you how you can travel from Khao Lak to Koh Samui.

If you are in Khao Lak, then you might know that it is more like a resort destination that stretches around 20 km, the best part about is that it is along with the Andaman Sea Coast.

Let see in see in the article the Khao Lak to Koh Samui topics:

  • Going to Koh Samui from Khao Lak via flight
  • Going to Koh Samui from Khao Lak by bus
  • Going to Koh Samui from Khao Lak by car or minivan

It is known now, that most people like to visit Khao Lak because it has gained popularity in recent years and tourists love to come here.

If you are a person who enjoys quietness then Khao Lak is for you, one of the appreciated things about the place is that it is a family-friendly place.

You will notice that the beaches will be mostly empty or there will be fewer people.

Khao Lak to Ko Samui

So, first of all, we will look into some of the necessary information that you might need to know while you decide to travel to Ko Samui from Khao Lak.

The duration of reaching to the destination Koh Samui from Khao Lak is around 3 hours and 30 minutes. But, you should keep in mind that it might take 4 hours depending upon any certain situations. Also, this time can vary according to the transport mean you have chosen to reach over there.

The total distance of Koh Samui from Khao Lak is around 213 km, and you should plan your trip accordingly.

We can tell you an average price, but always keep in mind that it can vary according to the mean of traveling you have chosen to cover the distance. The average cost is $120.

There are six ways by which you can go and chose to reach your desired destination which is Koh Samui.

  • You can go by road in your personal car, rent a car.
  • The second way is via train.
  • The third way is to reach via a shuttle.
  • You can always go for the option of grabbing a flight to reach directly to the destination.
  • Go by ferry.
  • You can go by bus.

There is another option, which is going via a combination of trains, cars, and ferries but you will have to keep this in your mind that it can take up to or more than 6 hours and 30 minutes.


Frequently asked questions:

Here are some of the questions that you might have in your mind, while you are thinking about traveling to Koh Samui from Khao Lak. I just made a little list of some commonly asked question that you might have in your mind related to the reaching to the destination,

Sure, if you love to know more about traveling from Khao Lak to Koh Samui, then go through these frequently asked questions. The frequently asked question and their answers are as follows:

How can you get to the destination in less money or without spending much?

So, there are 6 ways of getting there but in case you want to know about the cheapest of them all then it is going via a bus or minivan.

This is not mostly preferred by the tourists because they want to explore most of the places and want to waste less time in getting to a destination.

There is no doubt that it would not cost you much, it will be around $30-$50 but you will have to take care of the fact that it will take 5 to 6 hours, which is a lot.

You can watch a whole new destination in this time period, but in case you were wondering this is the cheapest way of reaching Koh Samui from Khao Lak.

How you can get there in less time?

There is no doubt that the fastest way to get there is by air, you will have to grab a flight. This means that you have to grab a taxi first, reach the Phuket airport and fly.

This will cost you around $180. If you are concerned about the time duration, then it will take you around 3 hours and 30 minutes.

How long it takes to reach Koh Samui from Khao Lak via flight?

The fastest flight that goes from Phuket Airport to the destination’s airport is a direct flight which takes almost 55 minutes to an hour. This is the fastest way to get there.

Which Airline you should choose?

Basically, Bangkok Airways offers flights to Koh Samui from Phuket airport with various timing though out the day.

Where to stay in Koh Samui?

You do not have to worry about staying over there as there are a lot of hotels there, if you are concerned about the price then it is around $29. This is an estimate of a starting price.

You should know that there is no possible direct connection from Khao Lak to Koh Samui, because of this you will have to take care of the time duration.

How to go from Khao Lak to Koh Samui

How long it takes to reach Koh Samui from Khao Lak by bus?

Plan your trip accordingly, if you are going via a bus, min van with, of course, a ferry then it will take you more than 5 to 6 hours but it is the cheapest.

You also have the option of taking the drive to Khiri Ratthanikhom, then take the train towards Surat Thani.

you will have to then take a taxi to Lomprayah Tapee River Surat Thani City, and in the last, you can grab a ferry which will take you to Koh Samui Nathon Pier.

As an alternative, you can take a vehicle from Khao Lak to the destination of Koh Samui.

You will have to go via Khao Lak, Khao Sok, Surathani Talad Kaset Station, to the Don Sak Pier or the Lomprayah Tapee Pier.

You can also, preferebly, drive on the route 401, which is by far the most scenic route to go to Surat Thani.

  • Drive north of Khao Lak on road 4, passing by White Sand Beach.

If you are about to arrive in Khao Lak or you are already there, go to see White Sand Beach because in my opinion is the best location to spend a day sunbathing!


  • Passed White Sand Beach, pay attention to the  left side or the road as you need to take the intersection driving in to road 4005.

I suggest this road 4005 because you will drive inland passing by plantations and small rivers that makes every spot worht of your attention for wonderful pictures plenty of colors!


  • Arriving near the Bang Sai Takuapa village you will encouter road 4032 and take a left. After 700 meters you will have to turn right on the Na Muenag road to pass the bridge on the Takua river and meet the road 401.
  • Take a right entering road 401!

TIP! On this route you will pass by many view points and very interesting spots to shoot fantastic pictures.


TIP! On the way, after you entered road 401, after 16 km or 15 minutes drive you will see indications on the left, a small country side road, to reach Rommanee Hot Springs, get you swimming suite and stop cause is super cool place in the middle of the coutryside.


TIP! After the Hot spring, there are also on the 401 the Thong Suk elephant camp, the Wassana elephant camp.

After few kilometer the spectacul of nature opens up! Khlong Phanom National Park on the left, Khao Sok rain forest on the left, many view point on the road.

You will be amazed by this views you will never see again, unless you will be back on this road!

This whole journey will take you about 2 hours and 30 minutes, as i guess you will drive easy with care of stopping at every wonderful view point on the way.

Arrived in Surat Thani you will need another hour approximately, to reach Donsak Pier.

You can see googla maps indications very easy, taking on national road 44 or continuing to follow the road 401!


Or, if you neet to reach from road 401 to the Lomprayah Tapee Pier, see here below, is also quicker as it take just about 30 minutes!

road 401 to Lomprayah Tapee Pier

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