6 Tips For Going On Your First Cruise

6 Tips For Going On Your First Cruise

6 Tips For Going On Your First Cruise

So, you are preparing for your first cruise? That’s awesome because cruises are a great way to visit different places and explore new cultures. Indeed, they offer a one-of-a-kind experience by visiting breathtaking places, such as Raja Ampat.

However, when you are a first-time cruiser, you don’t really know how things go while cruising. Therefore, you need to prepare for the upcoming trip and learn some facts about cruising. To help you out with that, here are 6 tips for a pleasant cruise.

6 Tips For Going On Your First Cruise

Always Arrive Earlier

It’s better to be early than late, right? Because your cruise ship won’t wait for you or anyone else. That’s why you should always be earlier wherever you are.

This refers to arriving at the departure city at least a day before the cruise. Hence, you need to book your plane/bus/train ticket for one day before the cruise. It’s because your flight can be delayed or there might be heavy traffic or a traffic accident. So, instead of arriving the same day the ship leaves, make sure you book your tickets for the day before.

It also refers to the different time zones. Namely, if you go on a tropical cruise, the destination time zone will probably be different from yours.

That’s why you need to make sure your time matches the destination’s time. This is of crucial importance for arriving on time, having in mind that passengers usually need to be back on board 30 minutes before the ship leaves.

Check Your Cruise Package

This refers to the things included in your price. Although cruise packages are usually referred to as all-inclusive, not everything is included in them. Namely, you will have your accommodation, meals, and common drinks included in your price.

However, you will have to pay extra for alcoholic beverages, internet, taxes, port charges, shore excursions, spa treatments, gratuities, baby-sitting services, some onboard activities, and limited-access sun decks.

That might add up several hundred dollars to the price you have paid for the cruise. Therefore, before you book your first cruise, you should talk to the cruise line and ask what is and what’ isn’t included in your fare.

6 Tips For Going On Your First Cruise

Have A Carry-on Bag With You

Although you have everything you need in your suitcase, don’t forget that you won’t see it in the first hour or two. That’s why you should have a carry-on bag with you. In that bag, you should pack your documents, money, medications, phone chargers, and any other necessities.

Turn On The Airplane Mode

When leaving your country, you should always turn on the airplane mode of your cellphone. In that way, you won’t get sky-high surprise charges.

Even if you aren’t making a call or using the Internet, international roaming rates can cost you unplanned hundreds of dollars. So, it’s better to be “excluded” from the rest of the world, than wondering about the sum of your next phone bill.

Read The Cruise Ship’s Online Faqs

While many people forget about this, FAQs are important for understanding the way things go on your cruise ship. On that page, you will find some tips and tricks for making the most of your cruise.

Moreover, you will find information, such as dining schedule and options, dress code, shore excursions, events on the ship, the gratuities system, things you are and aren’t allowed to take on the ship, and things you are and aren’t allowed to take off the ship.

Check The Ship Itinerary

The ship itinerary contains detailed information on the shore days, times for disembarkation and re-embarkation, and ports of call. That will help you with planning shore excursions, which you can pre-book before leaving your home.

Moreover, it’s better to book your activities directly via the ship operators than external ones because the excursion’s return time might not overlap with the re-embarkation time, which means that you will be late.

Cruises are filled with activities and events, so you are never going to be bored. Plus, you have the chance to go on a shore excursion and explore the destination place, culture, and cuisine. However, keep in mind that you can’t do everything offered onboard simply because you won’t have time.

Therefore, instead of stressing about that, mark your top choices and attend them. In that way, you will have both, time to get the most of your cruise and time to relax.

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