A guide to Khao Sok Natural Park

A Guide to Khao Sok National Park

A Guide to Khao Sok National Park


Thailand is a particular country making it an incredible goal for those who want to enjoy the beauty, climb in the perfect wilderness and discover some experience. As a nation known for its fascinating, universal harmony, Thailand has almost 102 national and marine national parks, showing various fauna and vegetation.

On an ongoing tour to Phuket, Krabi, and Khao Sok, I had the benefit of encountering Nature’s lovely blessings. I had the pleasure of being there with a friend, enjoying many hours of trekking in a few days!

If you want to enjoy the beauty like me, you would prefer only not to laze on a sun doused seashore, see colorful winged animals and experience the loftiness of a tropical wilderness where the calm is just broken by the hints of Nature.


Khao Sok National Park – A must see!


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  • The Best Way to Get to Khao Sok National Park


  1. 3 Day Cheow Lan Lake Elephant Experience
  2. 2 Days 1 Night Cheow Lan Lake Tour
  3. Khao Sok National Park Elephants
  4. Khao Sok National Park Tours from Khao Lak


  • Khao Sok Activities
  • What Is There to Do in Khao Sok?


You will appreciate the accompanying must-see National Park in Thailand, which are all simple to reach from popular tourist areas in the country.

This delightful region is an ideal place in case you’re making a trip to the Khao Sok. Once more, anticipate captivating rainforests and clear lakes. If you like, you can even remain in a drifting lake house with your very own elastic ring and kayak.

You can trek through the wilderness, past bamboo forests and big trees, with monkeys swinging through the vines above.

The remote area of Khao Sok national park has made this one the best kept-just as the most well-known stops in Thailand. You can reach Khao Sok from both Surat Thani and Phuket, connecting great into such a large number of courses throughout the nation.

It’s in this manner, a decent halfway point to tour during your Khao Sok national park trip on your way to the islands in the south. In this Park, there is a gigantic lake with numerous little estuaries which rise and fall contingent upon the season’s precipitation.

You can take one of the treks into the deep forest trails to see elephants, see monkeys in their usual natural surroundings!


You’ll be encompassed by the chances to see up to 200 types of feathered forest animals.

Taking a kayak out on the Lake is additionally imaginable, also an extraordinary method to investigate and would be a useful feature of your Khao Sok trip. Due to the remote area of this Park, it holds a specific untainted appeal, which makes it so unique and an excellent expansion to your Thailand experience.

With regards to experience travel, the rundown of goals accessible for investigating a part of the world’s most interesting untamed life and amazing scenes truly is unending. However, from dusty desert treks to tropical desert climbs, a significant portion of the world’s most enthralling healthy life can be found inside a kind of vast and staggering National Park.


Khao Sok Thailand


Situated in Southern Thailand, Khoa Sok National Park is a definitive goal for those looking for an energizing experience travel understanding. Wealthy in rich, green rainforests and dispersed with tumbling cascades, valleys, and ideal lakes, Khoa Sok is host to plenty of fascinating untamed life occupants.

While bragging a considerable range of well-evolved creatures, winged animals, bats, and reptiles, Khao Sok’s mind-blowing fierce limestone cliffs, and immense green desert overhangs give a definitive setting to a trekking experience and magnificent scenery for any wasteland photographs.


Khao Sok National Park Tours


Khao Sok National Park is one of Thailand’s most toured places. In spite of its remote nature, it is entirely open by transport on the moderate street between Surat Thani and Phuket.

Khao Sok has an incredible lake in the center, extending for over 50kms over, which bolsters tremendous quantities of fish and environments.

There are deep caverns associated with the Lake that are distinguishable outside of the cold season.

Somewhere else in the recreation center is some excellent trekking from the home office and a pretty crevasse to swim in.

Watch out for natural life if you go for an all-inclusive trek. You are improbable going to see tigers, yet there is a wide range of brilliant animals to spot. Various well-done guesthouse activities are at the recreation center passage.

This is one of the most well known and most beautiful national stops in Thailand. It is near Phuket and can be toured on a day tour if you don’t have the opportunity to rest over.

Aside from being dumbfounded beauty and swarms of natural, lifelike winged animals and monkeys mainly, a tour incorporates climbing through verdant wilderness, elephant trekking through the desert, investigating caverns, and kayaking and swimming in the recreation center’s magnificent, warm, emerald green lake.

Rather than merely sprinkling out on the best hotels Phuket can offer with all the modern comforts consistently close by, return to Nature and put in a couple of evenings in a bamboo hut, house, lake lodge, or cottage in Khao Sok.

You could even consider reaching Khao Sok while being on your vacations, for example, in Phuket of Khao Lak hotel accommodations. You could start your adventure to Khao Sok from your Hotel in Phuket or Khao lka and return later to continue your holidays there.

Go ahead to Khao Sok for more than a night or two to connect with Nature and afterward back to your seashore resort.


Khao Sok National Park Floating Bungalows


A Guide to Khao Sok National Park


Try not to expect top class administration at the vast majority of the skimming homes in Khao Sok. From our very own understanding and from conversing with others, most places give only the rudiments.

We remained two evenings/3days and stayed in bed fundamental convenience. In any case, you come to Cheow Lan Lake to swim, watch untamed life, and trek.

So, if you go with the mindset that you are on a type of safari in a remote area, you will be fine.

500 Rai Floating Resort is most likely one of the swankier hotels on the Lake. Past tourists love the cabins, cordial staff, area, and food.

Bragging overwater cottages on the Ratchaprapha repository (Cheow Lan Lake), 500 Rai Floating Resort is set in the middle of the natural environment.

Tourists can enjoy an outdoor natural pool space, appreciate stunning perspectives on lavish green slopes. Enjoy Thai and Western cooking styles to teste at Talay Nai Restaurant. Free private stopping is conceivable upon reservation.

Every cottage here accompanies two rooms, including agreeable beds and a cooling. The en suite washroom is furnished with shower offices, and the can is isolated from the shower zone.

Tourists can appreciate dawn and nightfall either from an indoor seating territory or the outdoor overhang.

A two-seat kayak and life coats are given to tourists to investigate heaven like the beauty of the territory.


How to Get to Khao Sok National Park


Khao Sok National Park is situated in the Surat Thani area in Thailand. It is secured by the most established evergreen rainforest on the planet, including the gigantic limestone mountains, profound valleys, shocking lakes, baffling caverns, and considerably more.

While you can loosen up investigating the spot, remain alert as you will wind up meandering among the wild elephants, hornbills, the uncommon Asian bulls, and different monkey species close to the Cheow Larn Lake.


Bangkok to Khao Sok


By plane: Surat Thani air terminal is the closest one; however, you can likewise pick Phuket air terminal. Via train: Surat Thani train station is the closest one. Be cautious: the southern line is exceptionally occupied, booking is energetically prescribed. Around evening time transport: There is only one-night transport every day halting at Khao Sok.


Koh Samui to Khao Sok National Park


Travel from Koh Samui to Khao Sok National Park with 2 day by day flights by Lomprayah high-speed ferries, and shared minivan through Tapi Pier in Surat Thani. Start the excursion with a pickup administration from your hotel on Koh Samui by a shared van.

The pickup transfer has excellent costs, yet has a predetermined number of seats and is dependent upon accessibility.

Then again, make your specific manner to Nathon Pier in any event 30 minutes before planned flight.

Journey by high-speed ferries to Tapi Pier in Surat Thani without stopovers in transit. Change to a transport that carries you to Surat Thani Town from where you will ride by a shared minivan on the street to Khao Sok. 

Get dropped off close to the recreation center officer station in the Khao Sok National Park from where you can move, without much of a stretch stroll, to your cottage/resort.


Khao Sok National Park Tours from Krabi


Khao Sok National Park is found two or three hours north of Krabi Town in the neighboring region of Surat Thani. Khao Sok National Park is Thailand, as it generally might have been. Perhaps the most prominent region of the pristine rainforest in Asia. The area is home to a huge number of types of creatures, trees, and plants that exist no place else.

The National Park territory has been shielded from any kind of advancement by the way that the primary access to a huge part of it is by pontoon boats. The main convenience in the Park is to be completely forthright, rather crude. 

However, it’s this that has enabled the recreation center to hold its untainted beauty and even the pontoon house accommodation in itself has an appeal that makes this outing an encounter of a lifetime. What a new place on the Earth can you genuinely get away from the cutting edge world? Khao Sok truly is one of the most remote places on Earth.


The Best Tours in Khao Sok National Park


  • Full-Day Chiew Larn Lake Tour

  • Private Elephant Day Care and Bamboo Rafting

  • Luxury 2-Day/1-Night Lake Expedition

  • Luxury 3-Day 2-Night Jungle & Lake Escape

  • Luxury 2-Day 1-Night Jungle Expedition

  • Khao Sok Lake Sightseeing with Kayaking


Khao Sok National Park Boat Tour


The Khao Sok National Park Boat Tour is the thing that you would call the best. It is natural life at its top-notch assorted variety.

From Oil palm and elastic estates to Gibbon tunes and cicadae’s song to Creeks and cascades and a group of bolstering hornbills.

Those otherworldly minutes when you get the opportunity to see an 80 cm red bloom starting from the earliest stage rafflesia, one of the world’s biggest blossoms.

I get up each morning, charmed in the first part of the day fog that encompasses the limestone precipices (karsts) and the woodland. A view that is invaluable in anyone’s eyes.


Khao Sok Hiking


A guide to Khao Sok Natural Park


Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand is an astonishing spot. It is secured by the most established evergreen rainforest on the planet, enormous limestone mountains shooting straight not yet decided, profound valleys, stunning lakes, energizing caverns, wild creatures, and considerably more.

Sawasdee! Meet our guide at your inn in Surat Thani, continue to Khao Sok National Park. Land at Khao Sok National Park. It is a downpour woodland with the commonwealth.

Khao Sok Hiking is one of the most well-known exercises in Khao Sok.

The trek will carry you to Thailand’s most beautiful rainforest and a place that is known for assorted greenery.


Khao Sok National Park Accommodation


A guide to Khao Sok Natural Park


If you need to take in Thailand’s raw beauty, at that point, a trip to Khao Sok National Park ought to be at the highest priority on your rundown.

With epic limestone bluffs, a splendid emerald lake, and an opportunity to get up near untamed life, our time in Khao Sok was the feature of our excursion to Thailand.

Truth be told, we had a few situations about whether to tour Khao Sok National Park on our ongoing occasion.


Khao Sok National Park Hotels


A guide to Khao Sok Natural Park


The Hotel Khaosok and Spa are situated inside 5 km from Khao Sok National Park. It offers cooled rooms with a gallery and free Wi-Fi.

Tourists can unwind with kneading medications or chill in the open-air pool.

Daytrips can be sorted out at the tour work area.

The property is a 1.5-hr drive from Suratthani Airport and Khao Lak downtown area. Fitted with uncovered block dividers, rooms at The Hotel Khaosok and Spa accompany an electric pot, a minibar, and a wellbeing store box.

For tourists’ benefit, the hotel gives transport administrations at extra cost. Free private stopping is conceivable on location.


The Best Way to Get to Khao Sok National Park


From Phuket, you should get the air terminal transport to the Bus Station in Phuket Town at that point get the public transport to Surat Thani. You will get off at the highest point of the street, prompting the passage to the National Park.

Most land-based convenience is around there. If you are going to Cheow Lan Lake, you should remain on the transport about an hour further east and get off in Ta Khun then get a minibus or taxi down to the Lake.


3 Day Cheow Lan Lake Elephant Experience


These elephants were recently utilized at trekking camps, where they worked long days, conveying tourists in unforgiving conditions.

Presently you can take an interest in The Khao Sok Elephant Experience, where they are tended by tourists under the tutelage of a mahout (elephant mentor). 

This experience is perfect for tourists who wish to find out about the elephant’s place in that culture and interface with them on a progressively close to home level right where the elephants live.

We are as of now attempting to extend the venture, giving a space where mahouts can carry their elephants to cooperate with tourists in a delicate and aware manner.


2 Days 1 Night Cheow Lan Lake Tour


Cheow Lan Lake is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. Start the day with a drive from Khao Sok to an attractive nearby market, at that point journey the Lake in a customary longtail boat.

Swim in emerald green water. Pick between kayaking, climbing with a guide, or hanging at the Koh Sok National Park drifting lodges to unwind and swim.


Khao Sok National Park Elephants


For some, tourists touring the Thailand wilderness, touring a Kao Sok elephant haven, is of incredible intrigue. This territory has numerous choices for a Khao Sok elephant experience. However, would they say they are moral? Not all camps are equivalent.

Thai elephant specialists empower camps that utilization just neighborhood Kao Sok elephants, experienced mahouts, and a low-power plan for the creatures.


Khao Sok National Park Elephant Hills


n Thailand, one of the not many spots offering moral elephant encounters is Elephant Hills Tented Camp in Khao Sok.

Victor of numerous esteemed honors – including the Pacific Asia Travel Association’s gold honor in the class’ condition/ecotourism’ and the Thailand Green Beauty Award for creature welfare; just as being a finalist in the National Geographic Traveler World Legacy Awards in the classification ‘moderating the normal world’ – Elephant Hills is ostensibly one of the most moral and eco-accommodating spots to connect with Asian Elephants in all of South East Asia.


Khao Sok National Park Tours from Khao Lak


Khao Sok is just a couple of hours from Phuket and is situated in the Surat Thani area in Southern Thailand. Khao Sok has some extraordinary retreats and a ton of convenience are tree houses.

It just makes the experience that vastly improved because it feels like you’re considerably nearer to Nature. 

Situated in the western piece of Surat Thani area in Southern Thailand you’ll see one of the most well-known and best-kept stops in Thailand, Khao Sok. Available just from Surat Thani and Phuket, because of its disengaged area,


Khao Sok holds a specific ‘immaculate’ charm, making it an incredible expansion to your Thailand experience.


Other than its thickly thick rainforest, Khao Sok flaunts amazing cascades, emotional limestone bluff faces, perfect lakes, and wandering streams. Anyway, for some tourists, its greatest fascination must be the natural life as Khao Sok is home to a huge range of widely varied vegetation. 

Out traveling to Khao Sok, you can start a genuine Thailand experience as you head profoundly into most out of control Thailand. Here you can find enrapturing rainforests and swim in common shimmering lakes. You can truly absorb the wilderness climate on your Khao Sok trip. 

Go for a natural life stroll past bamboo forests and underneath goliath transcending trees, dive into cool lakes and go through the night in a wilderness lodge, directly on the banks of the serene stream.

What’s more, in the first part of the day, you’ll truly feel like you’re without anyone else Thailand experience as you wake up to the numerous hints of the wilderness. 

The rainforests are in the National Park and it is an extraordinary thought to take a tour control with you who is experienced. there are some trekking tours on offer and the wilderness endurance tour is an extremely well-known tour as you get the opportunity to camp under the stars in the woodland. 

If outdoors isn’t your thing, at that point, there is plenty of treehouse convenience around which is appropriate for this zone. The treehouses let you rest nearer to Nature and are as agreeable as any hotel in Thailand. 

Individuals who have been to Khao Sok get an encounter that they will always remember, it has been a diamond in Thailand for a considerable length of time and now is the best time to go as it is not over created like numerous other famous tourist goals in Thailand.


Khao Sok Activities


A guide to Khao Sok Natural Park


Khao Sok has a scope of exercises that you can do when you show up, of course, it likewise relies upon what time you show up however you will in a split second observe the regular beauties it brings to the table.

In the wake of landing at your convenience, tourists can make a beeline for the Khao Sok National Park and walk the various path.

The path is very much checked and maps are likewise given at the tourist data work areas. 

Khao Sok downpour backwoods is situated in the region of Surat Thani which is only a couple of hours drive from the well-known vacationer goal in Thailand called Phuket.

Khao Sok’s rainforest is one of only a handful not many immaculate rainforests on the planet, it’s considerably more assorted than the Amazon Rainforest. 

With rich green vegetation and an assortment of tremendous natural life, I am astounded that the vast majority who tour Thailand have never known about it.

It is maybe generally acclaimed for the Bua Phut (Rafflesia kerrii) blossom which develops inside the rainforest and sprouts once every year. If you are a plant aficionado Khao Sok is an incredible spot to tour. 

Some splendid inns there where you can remain in a treehouse and truly draw nearer to Nature. In case you’re a genuine gutsy sort, you can even go outdoors in the rainforest with an accomplished guide who will show you how to make due in the wilderness.


I do not suggest going without anyone else, with no guide! 


At the point when individuals talk about Thailand, they talk about the wild nightlife, extraordinary shopping or the wonderful seashores, yet Khao Sok offers a rare encounter. Why not draw near to Nature and tour the rainforest in the National Park. I can disclose to you that having an incredible involvement with the wilderness with Nature will be superior to any nightlife, or seashore understanding, particularly in this rainforest. 

This is a spot you should tour if you ever go to Thailand, trust me it will be one of the most extraordinary encounters you will ever have.

I was there in March 2010 and didn’t figure it would truly anything much as I am not so much into Nature or the outside, yet this outing has altered my perspective for eternity.


What Is There to Do in Khao Sok?


A great deal of the climbs does prompt swimming spots, so it may be a smart thought to bring some swimming garments along. The more drawn out strolls to cascades with an assortment of perspectives are likewise accessible. If it is raining, make certain you wear long jeans and shut toed shoes as you can get a couple of filters en route. 

The other method to encounter the Khao Sok National Park is on a guided tour. There are many guided tours accessible in Khao Sok, you can go on wilderness treks, night safari’s elastic tubing down the waterway, elephant trekking and even rock climbing.

If you are going to remain overnight in the wilderness, ensure you take a guided tour to be protected, you need to go alone, in any event, inquire as to whether there is anything to know about at the time. 

In the early morning, you can get a vessel safari that takes you to see an assortment of monkeys. Gibbons, short-tail monkeys, dark monkeys, and longtail macaques are regularly spotted.

Later in the day, the gathering climbs through a cavern (dry season just because of flood chance) which includes swimming at one point while your guide climbs the stone developments to keep the cameras dry. Tours commonly incorporate vehicles, guides, and food. 

An excursion to Khao Sok offers tourists a spot away from the crowds of different sightseers that exemplify Thailand’s well-known seashores and urban communities.

The pace is loose, the view is wonderful, and there are a lot of exercises to keep nature sweethearts occupied for a considerable length of time.

It is worth a tour to the Khao Sok National Park to encounter a piece of Thailand that most tourists never get an opportunity to see. It will likewise be an outing that you will always remember. 

Khao Sok is more different than the Amazon rainforest. The measure of natural life in Khao Sok is astonishing, the wealth of untamed life in Khao Sok is an immense fascination alongside the limestone cavern, the rafflesia bloom (which blooms once per year), the lakes, the wilderness tours, elastic tubing thus significantly more. 

The lakes with limestone bluffs have been framed more than a large number of years which has made extraordinary precipices for mountain climbing. There are some extraordinary climbing courses around Khao Sok from learners to cutting edge climbers. 

There are some astounding caverns around Khao Sok to investigate. Nam Taloo Cave (or Nam Thalu) in the Khao Sok National Park offers you an opportunity to see some astounding and novel cavern animals.

You can go on cavern treks that take around three hours to finish. The path pursues an exquisite stream. It, in the long run, arrives at enormous access to the cavern framework. 

The spring courses through the cavern and you’ll be in shallow water for some time, at that point further water.

This is a well-known trek with day-trippers from the stream zone of Khao Sok. While in transit to the cavern you will experience some thick wilderness and limestone arrangements which is an extremely extraordinary trek.


How Do I Get to Khao Sok?


Khao Sok National Park is one of the most significant National Park in the south of Thailand. It is rich in a normal source, one of a couple of staying in Thailand. The geology of Khao Sok National Park comprises High mountains which are secured by lavish backwoods of around 182,546 sections of land. 

With its normal bounty and uneven, the government started to assemble the dam called Ratchaprapa dam in the north of Khao Sok for water stockpiling utilized in horticulture and ranchers in Surat Thani.

The dam likewise pulls in a lot of vacationers due to its shocking landscape and gets one of the traveler goals in Khao Sok National Park. 

For a considerable length of time, Khao Sok National Park picks up its reputation among outside visitors. This might be because it finds not a long way from well-known traveler places, for example, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, and Phang Nga.

So individuals come here for wilderness trip in the wake of getting a charge out of delightful seashores. You can tell how mainstream this spot is as there are numerous retreats en route to the National Park.


How big is Khao Sok National Park?


Khao Sok National Park is situated in the Phang-Nga region of southern Thailand that stretches crosswise over 739-square-kilometers, including the 165-square-kilometer Cheow Larn Lake, a man-made lake made by the development of the Rachaprapha Dam in 1982.

The region is a timberland haven to many types of untamed life, for example, Gibbons, Pangolins and Asian Elephants, just as more than 300 types of feathered creature life.

It is surely a spot to put on your Thailand schedule if you love wilderness trekking, untamed life spotting or going through some tranquil days encompassed by only Nature.

The least demanding approach to arrive is via land and minibus companies run consistently from Phuket, Khao Lak, Krabi or Surat Thani. Costs shift from the area (Around 200 – 600 Baht single direction).  


Top 5 most beautiful national parks in Thailand – A must visit list

How Khao Sok Became So Beautiful?


Khao Sok is one of the most astounding spots in Thailand and is home to the most differing precipitation woods on the planet, yes significantly more various than the Amazon rainforest. Khao Sok likewise has an extraordinary history to it that isn’t generally known. 

It is assessed that 500 million years back, the enormous stream framework was worked from huge rocks sliding down from the mountains and into the ocean more than a huge number of years which made it shallower and inevitably made the bigger waterway framework to shape in and around the downpour forest.

The calcium carbonate deposits or limestone became to meet up over a large number of years to build up a tremendous coral reef that was more than triple the size of Australia’s Great Barrier reef. 

The reef would reach out from Borneo every one of them was up to china and this is the reason around these zones have topographs that look very similar. While the reef was shaped the marine life prospered and that is the reason today there are some lovely places in Khao Sok to continue plunging undertakings.

Today you will see the lovely limestone shakes and gives in all around Khao Sok, the assortment of marine life and untamed life that makes this one of the most mystical spots in Thailand.

In Thailand the Khao Sok National Park is outstanding amongst another immaculate spot that has the most assortment of natural life, they have more than 500 types of flying creatures and are only an excellent spot. 

It is one of Thailand’s concealed jewels yet is truly beginning to get found by numerous travelers over the most recent 10 years. If there was an opportunity to tour such an excellent spot, presently would be the time.


Top Reasons Why You Should Tour Khao Sok National Park, Thailand


Khao Sok National Park in Thailand is, basically, Nature at her best. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a vacation brimming with experience or one with a lot of time for unwinding, this shocking rainforest desert garden will leave you with an enduring impression and a craving to return over and over to this mystery bit of heaven.

Here are only a portion of the reasons why you ought to consider Khao Sok, Thailand as your next occasion goal:


1. Chiew Laan Lake

Chiew Laan Lake, some portion of Khao Sok National Park, is 165 sq km of amazing beauty and assorted variety of Nature. A sanctuary for untamed life, including wild elephants, blurred panthers, and even a few tigers, the emerald green waters of the lake mirror the overwhelming nearness of the limestone karsts which rule this district of Thailand.


2. Sublime Jungle Trekking Trails

Khao Sok National Park is one of the most seasoned living rainforests on the planet. In case you’re searching for unblemished climbing trails with staggering perspectives, extraordinary caverns, cascades, widely varied vegetation to investigate, at that point Khao Sok, Thailand won’t disillusion.


3. Skimming Rafthouses

Probably the best motivation to tour Khao Sok is to remain at one of Chieow Laan Lake’s gliding raft houses. Included on a few travels appears; this novel style of accommodation will make them go through the late evening gliding on the delicate waters of the Lake.

With simply the hints of the wilderness to quiet you to rest, this is one of the most stunning encounters you’ll ever have.


4. Wilderness Canopy Treehouse Accommodation

One of the most well-known activities in Khao Sok is to go through a night or two high up in a wilderness shelter treehouse. Guests to Khao Sok over and again remark on how supernatural this experience is and which is all well and good. This is ‘returning to nature’ in genuine style.


5. Exceptional Flora and Fauna

Khao Sok National Park is an old rainforest loaded with one of a kind widely varied vegetation including the monster Rafflesia blossom, which sprouts just once every year and develops to up to 80cm in distance across. Also, the recreation center is home to yapping deer, ungulate, Asiatic mountain bear and Malaysia sun bear.


6. Particular Vested Parties

Flying creature watching, untamed life spotting, paddling, angling, giving in and the sky is the limit from there. Whatever your extraordinary intrigue, Khao Sok will keep you spellbound.

If it’s an experience you’re after, Khao Sok won’t disillusion. Browse day or medium-term lake tours, investigate the caverns of the locale, go elephant trekking, have a fabulous time paddling down the Klong Sok River, or take to one of the numerous wilderness trails.

If your pace is more comfortable, attempt a loosening up Thai back scrub, a guided vessel trip or a delicate oar down the waterway in an internal cylinder.

Whatever your age, capacity or intrigue, you’ll discover bounty to keep you cheerful in Khao Sok.

Various incredible national stops in Thailand and huge numbers of them are extremely decent.

I will disclose to you a portion of my preferred ones which I believe merits touring as there are almost 50 national stops in Thailand and it very well may be difficult to pick which ones to go as well. Some are free or will charge a little extra charge, which will be around 200 baht.


For a summary!


Khao Sok has a wonderful national park and the rainforest is stunning likewise, the untamed life is all over the place and you truly can smell the outside air and it feels so great seeing every one of the flying creatures wherever as well.

This is my preferred spot to go to Thailand for a vacation with Nature. I think Khao Sok will be considerably more well known in the following 5 years with such a large number of normal wonders.


Enticed by a vacation in Khao Sok?


Attempt it – you won’t be baffled! Simply ensure you pack your preferred camera or video before you leave, so you can flaunt your staggering photographs to your loved ones back home.

Khao Sok is a great example of a Thai natural park, it has a variety of landscapes, views, animals, flora which is capturing and hitting your imagination from every angle.

You can have exploring moments and completely immerse your self in complete relax and contemplation state of mind …


So why just visit it in the rush of a single day?


It just makes nonsense!

I really would like to understand how anyone thinks to be able to enjoy all an immense Natural Park can offer in the rush of an 8 hours tour. 

Be sure if you will do it you will regret it for a long time because only when you are living the Park you will understand what you chance you are missing, the unbelievable feelings this Park can gift you are even more compelling if you folks arrive from a city or live in a city.

What are you waiting for to get out of your daily box and experience 2 or 3 days in complete union with your hearth, do not waste money on a single day tour as the mass tourist would do?


Never forget if you are doing this kind of tours as everybody else is doing then you are doing it very wrong?


Dedicate time to Nature and to yourself to enrich your experience in Thailand, you will always have millions of times in your life to visit another city, but take a moment to fix an amazing Park in your life memories!

You will never forget this experience with a Khao Sok tour!

So …have the pleasure to sleep here and dream here!



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