Phuket boat tours and Phuket sea trips

Phuket boat tours and Phuket sea trips

As I was thinking about my next trip, one idea of visiting an Island cross my mind. I had to ask myself where?

Due to that, I just love sea trips. Yes, I love spending my special time exploring the sea waters, feeling the cool breeze, feeling like on a short adventure.

Phuket Sea Trips are the best option for me and will be the best option for you, as there are so many islands to explore and enjoy nearby Phuket!

On my deeper research, I came across this fantastic place in Thailand, Phuket. I had to do further research, and it has prompted me to write this article to share with the beauty Phuket Island in Thailand has to offer.

I have been visiting all the islands nearby too, and of course, I had my preferences, in fact, I went back many times over to Rang Yai Island, to Koh Yao Noi, to Maiton island!

Join me and learn quickly how best to explore Phuket islands to the fullest.

Let explore and discover Phuket the ways it is supposed to be discovered. It is the chance to travel beach by beach experiencing the natural beauty surrounding the Island.

Furthermore, there are so many opportunities to ride boat tours, with many very nice companies and organizations, with very entertaining crews.

The option to hope to another island with a few minutes of boating and cheap pricing! It is one of the incredible things I like. I hope you too.

In Phuket, it is an incredible experience that will enable you to snorkel underwater, providing unforgettable visuals and long-lasting memories.

If you are already on the island or if you still need to get there

Let’s explore the best Phuket boat tours and Phuket sea trips to do

Phuket speedboat tours

Phuket Island is surrounded by a number of beautiful Islands and coastline, as I said earlier, and it takes just a little time to reach.

I am talking really few minutes to reach by speedboat

  • Naka island from Ao Por gran Marina or from Ao Por pier – 5 minutes

  • Rang Yai from Laem Hin Pier – 5 minutes

  • Coral Island from Rawai Pier – 5 minutes

A bit longer to reach by speedboat other islands still in proximities of Phuket

  • Koh Yao Yai or Koh Yao Noi from Laem Hin Pier or Ao Por Pier – 20 minutes

  • Racha island (Raya Island) from Rawai Pier – 20 minutes

  • Maiton Island from Phuket Deep Sea Port in Panwa  – 10 minutes

When you use a large ferry for touring these islands will cost you a lot of your time, and you cannot visit many islands one time.

Hence the best and convenient way is to use a speedboat where it is possible to get across the waves in a fraction of time.

Additionally, the speed boats are fast and flexible to enable you to explore, and you get value for your time and money as compared to using the ferry.

For example, even visiting islands nearby, when you want to see Raya island or Maiton Island, the speedboats can bring you around the islands in the shallow waters, while if you are on a big boat, they would just dock at the small island piers.

Maiton island has a concrete Pier

Raya Island, Naka Island, Coral island have a temporary plastic floating pier, speedboat docks there or directly on the sand beach.

Rang Yai has no pier and speedboats just docks on the beach.

In so many ways speedboats are the best way to visit also the nearby islands of Phuket.

  • You will save a lot of time that you will spend being on the islands
  • You will be directly on the beach
  • You will have access to the best snorkeling point in shallow waters too

The best Phuket speedboat tour to the nearby islands include

Phuket speedboat tours to Maiton Island

Maiton Island, which is also referred to as Honeymoon Island, is a small Island but surrounded with untouched natural unique beauty. Herewith speedboat will make it possible to discover the natural environment not yet interfered by humans except by tourists.

There is also an opportunity to visit the pristine white sandy beaches. It is possible to have great pleasures swimming, snookering, or either chose to relax and enjoy the beach.

Maiton Island just looks like a paradise as it is blessed with natural forest, beautiful coral reefs, and resident dolphins.

It is a place meant to help you start a new chapter in your memories as even enjoy the delicious buffet of authentic Thai cuisine.

Maiton Island tours are the best activity in Phuket as you get to relax, swim, snorkeling, and other water activities.

Carry with you swimming wear, beach towel (you can also use the swimming pool that is just behind the beach)  and sunblock, sunglasses, and a camera to enjoy your tour.


Phuket boat tours and Phuket sea trips
Maiton island

Maiton island tours. The program goes on all day with plenty of time to relax on the shore, lunch, use the swimming pool, the bar on the beach, exploring the island and the viewpoint.


Phuket boat tours and Phuket sea trips
Maiton island viewpoint

Phuket speedboat tours to Racha Island (Raya Island)

Racha or Raya Island is a unique place to tour when you get to Phuket Island.

The speedboat will make it easy to get there on time to see the truly magnificent and Andaman’s beauty surrounding the Island, so you can get more free time to walk and explore the island and the 2 large sandy beaches.

It is an opportunity to discover this fine Island if you seek to a paradise hideaway and with a feel of tropical waters.

The Island is located 25 km south of Phuket in the Andaman Sea. Speedboat only takes 20 minutes, and you are there from Phuket.

Choosing a speedboat tour to Raya Island is the chance to experience the heavenly drive by speedboat to the beautiful sight of Koh Racha Yai Island on Raya to the striking hillocks and the lush of green scenes.

It is a luxury and fun adventure, as well as a memorable experience. I know you don’t want to miss it after visiting Phuket.

There is the main beach Patok Beach which is situated along the u-shaped Bay. There is white sand, which adds flavor to the excitement, and there is also crystal cleat turquoise water for swimming.

There are amazing beaches for snorkeling Kon Kae Bay and Ter Bay.


Phuket boat tours and Phuket sea trips
Patok beach Raya island

Do not miss to walk up to see the really nice viewpoint, viewing Patok bay.


Phuket boat tours and Phuket sea trips
Viewpoint on Patok bay Raya island

Raya speedboat Phuket speedboat is one of the activities you should not miss.

Phuket speedboat tour to Naka Island

Touring Naka Island is a great chance to experience the tranquility of this private Island nearby Phuket. It is a place with a wonderful retreat, and you can find satisfying snorkeling activities.

Naka Noi Island tour by speedboat will bring you to Naka Noi.

It is smaller than the two Naka Islands, which is nearby the Eastern coat of Phuket I island.

Why is Phuket so famous? Here we come up with a list of many ideas why!

Check here also the amazing new totally private itinerary to Naka Island and Rang Yai Island


Naka island. View from the speedboat.

Get to experience a delicious seafood dinner under the gazebo or the threes on the beach, experiencing the pretty much unique sunset as the sun starts to disappear behind Phuket Island.


Naka island view.

Phuket speedboat tours to James Bond Island

Speedboat is the fastest and exciting way to get to James Bond Island.

Phang Nga bay is relatively close to Phuket and really quick to reach when boats are departing from Ao Por Gran  Marina or from Ao Por Pier.

The Island previously known as Ko Khao Phing Kan gained popularity after the 1974 James Bond Movie, the man with the Golden Gun.

This resulted in increasing interest among tourists to tour the Island. It led to the prohibition of boats from approaching the colossal Limestone islet known as Ko Tapu, Kayaking, swimming, and sightseeing still abound in the surrounding area.
However, the Island got more to offer.

There is lush vegetation, secluded caves of Phang Nga Bay, and turquoise water. After all, Ao Phang Nga National park was established, to deeply take care of all the beautiful islands in the bay, which resulted in making this Islands a top destination.

You will spend your full-day speedboat tour exploring the Island admiring Koh Tapu afar. In this tour, a key activity is sightseeing cruise of Phang Nga Bay, mangrove forests, canoeing or Kayaking to the limestone caves and beaches of Thalu Island as well as Khao Phing Kan.

There is also a chance to visit the Muslim fishing village of Ko Panyee.

Phuket speedboat tours to Rang Yai Island

Koh Rang Yai stands out as the peaceful Island lying located 5 kilometers off the east coast of Phuket. Its western side is comprised of one-km long beach that’s frequented within the afternoon by day-trippers coming from visiting the ‘hongs’ of Phang Nga Bay.

Swimmers can notice one thing uncommon regarding Koh Rang Yai

  • The side of the island facing Phuket is basically a beach for all length, a change for a beautiful and long walk!

  • And also, the water is always at a warm temperature. It’s fun!

The shady, tree-lined interior has many paths on that you’ll stroll/hike or maybe ride a hired bike (rickety however fun), and you’ll notice a little soccer pitch, an air-gun shooting gallery and even a mini-golf course alongside a volleyball net on the beach itself however except that it’s tranquility itself.

There is also and nice walking path inside the island, that will bring you just on the other beach on the other side of the island!


Rang Yai Island
Rang Yai Island

As a result of its western-facing beach, it’s ideal for water sports (you will rent ocean kayaks here) and sunbathing within the afternoon.

Additional venturesome varieties can discover pretty smart snorkeling close to the headland rocks.

For those feeling a touch peckish, there are a few restaurants and bars set back within the trees.

It’s all terribly relaxed and generally tropic, and also the solely ‘serious’ side of the Island may be a pearl farm that receives daily tours to its pearl search, that is, price a glance at for its weird merchandise.


Rang Yai Island
Rang Yai Island

Furthermore, one in all the most effective ways that to urge to Koh Rang Yai is to travel on one of these tours and it’s even potential to kayak from Phuket to here, though this can be not suggested in poor weather.

Otherwise, it’s a relaxed 20-minute ride on a long-tail boat from Phuket’s east coast, Laem hin pier, a close-up Thepkasatri Road (the airfield road) simply north of Phuket city.

It’s well marked and easy to drive to the Pier. To the north of the west-coast beach may be a pretty set of bamboo-and-thatch bungalows, excellent for an idyllic, nightlong lodge in this peaceful spot.

You’ll conjointly realize basic bungalows for rent additional into the center of this little Island past the activity center and pearl search.


road-to-Rang-YaiPhuket speedboat tours to Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi island is a very beautiful Island and with the natural environment. It has smooth white sand, glistering sea in shades of emerald and jade, as well as crystal clear water.

It is an opportunity to get to the fantastic snorkeling paradise of Thailand.

Phi Phi Island by speedboat is a full-day trip from Phuket

Where you’ll start to explore and relax at Maya Bay and swimming with colorful tropical fishes to enjoy sightseeing at and snorkeling.

There is also a chance to visiting Monkey beach, snorkeling in the Pileh Lagoon Viking cave, and swimming with colorful tropical fishes. There is also sightseeing, which is a stunning and impressive activity to the cliffs of the Bay, swim, snorkel, and relaxing.

There is a great buffet lunch on beach restaurant on Phi Phi Don, with delicious Fried mix Veg., deep-fried chicken, fried fish Thai noodles, squid soup, fried and steam kinds of rice, Veg. salads, seasonal fruit.

So as to get the best Phi Phi Island tour by speedboat, consider all itinerary changes will occur for you to adore at best every moment and to get the most out touring Phi Phi Island.

The archipelago of Phi Phi islands National Park includes 6 islands situated in Krabi province. The most seen of these would be the biggest islands Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le.

The way into this archipelago from Phuket by ferry takes about 1.5 hours per day. There you may find everything for great entertainment with magnificent beaches, luxury resorts, restaurants and pubs, souvenir stores.

Nearby residents of this island don’t use automobiles, everybody travels by bicycle. Island Phi Le is a location with amazing all-natural landscapes, that remain untouched by culture.

The best Phuket boat sightseeing tours

The tours to Phang nag bay and James Bond Island

It is the Exclusive Hong island power catamaran tours.

Nowadays is still the highest exclusive Phuket join-tour, thanks to expertise Phang Nga Bay camp. Krabi Hong Island encircled by Nature’s richest gifts and majesties of the Andaman Sea!

Visiting excellent beaches and tropical rain forests with this distinctive hand-selected best Tour Package for your perfect experience combined with the best catamarans you’ll realize within the region.

This Exclusive Hong Island sailing boat tour stands out, providing safety and satisfaction for you to amass an extremely distinctive one in an exceedingly time period expertise and long life memories!

There is a tendency to perceive, however, necessary is your privacy, to possess cushy and peaceful mind expertise. Therefore we have a tendency to solely choose the right places at the perfect time, far from the crowds for nice relaxation, we have a tendency to surround you with best category services and high standards of food.

Exclusive Hong island tour being conjointly powerfully committed eco-tourism, there is a tendency to introduce you to the Kingdom of Thailand natural wonders in an exceedingly distinctive non-invasive approach.

Yao Noi Island is that the place to be for rattling lunch, to create your lunch additional gratifying, to style chef’s specialties, with recommending food basket buffet vogue at Blu blue (Yao Noi Island). The menu is fastidiously chosen in order that you’ll have a really special time in Nature encircled by tropical rain forests.

Exclusive Hong island sailing boat tour is an incredible thanks to discovering the splendor of a non-public beach, of the rain forest with the attractive natural surroundings of the ocean, a falls and a brief walk to ascertain a rare giants tree, a dram destination that resembles a natural swimming bath, the unimaginable Hong Island.

The tours to Koh Yao Noi island and community

Yet another Exclusive island power catamaran tour.

This tour visit both Koh Yao Noi (where you will enjoy sightseeing the island with bicycle and the local community) and Koh Nok island (where you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, hiking on to of the island viewpoint).

  • Being exclusive, this kind of tour always guarantees abundant American breakfasts, bakery, and a variety of beverages!
  • Relaxing in the breeze at Lahn Rim Le terrace after lunch, to learn how to cook a typical Thai dessert! (KANOM-KLOK)
  • Visit the unique BLU AQUA, the private floating area and fish farm.

Phuket Sea trips to reach Phi Phi Don and to visit Phi Phi viewpoint

Phuket Sea Trips. A great example from the Phi Phi tours list is the Phi Phi island viewpoint tour.

The tour brings you to visit the famous viewpoint right at the perfect time. The very ideal time to observe turquoise warm colors and the blue in the bays is from about 10 AM to 2 PM.


Phuket sea trips

I really never stop suggesting this kind of tour to all my friends and acquaintances, even if I always suggest to try at first another tour to an island closer to Phuket, so when they are at the moment to chose a Phi Phi island tour, they already know what means to be on a speedboat, and they can choose better if they would prefer to visit Phi Phi islands on a full day with speedboats or for longer time by cruise and spending the nights there.



Phuket Sea Trips. You’ll be so pleased to arrive on top and witness this stupefying view and collect so many unrepeatable pictures.

Remember to bring at least a small bottle of water although you can have free water on the tour and you can find bars and beach bars selling soft drinks at every location visited.


Visit Phi Phi island viewpoint from Phuket

Which the best months to visit Phuket speedboat tours?

The appropriate time to visit Phuket is during the dry season between the months of November and March. However, this time it is a bit crowded as it is the most famous season. It is the time when the weather is favorable for all sea activities, and you get to experience warm and Rain-free days.

During the dry season also there are so many tourist activities in place. The lights and accommodation rates are very high. The humidity levels are at an ideal low during these months, adding to the perfection and have a lifetime experience.

If you don’t love crowded season, visit Phuket the wet season. It is less crowded, with no traffic as you move around.

The best tips to visit Phi Phi Don in low season

Thus travel a five-month period between April – November. There are sun and less raining days.

During this wet season, it is not ideal to go swimming as there is strong undercurrent on the beaches. However, you can engage in boat ride and snorkeling.

One important this is to have a guide who will advise you on what to do considering your safety and keep away from the warning flags across the beaches.

To recap and get some final considerations

Phuket Sea Trips. Visiting Phuket we always suggest to chose at first a tour to Phang Nga bay and James Bond island, we always consider this destination as the first must-see.

The island of James Bond was known as Ko Tapu. Its fresh “Hollywood” title was obtained after it was picked by the director as a shooting location for the movie about the adventures of secret agent 007.

Thus this island with its own odd shape (from the form of a “column”) became renowned and also quite appealing for tourists. The Ko Tapu is too little, it’s not possible to land on it, and that means it’s possible to admire it in the neighboring island Khao Ping Khan, which can be currently known also as the islands of James Bond.

The entire trip of these islands will require just half an hour. In this period tourists create a memorable photograph of Ko Tapu, purchase memorabilia on the regional markets and stroll throughout the islands.

If possible on your schedule and you have a passion for sea trips than go for a second tour, a famous Phi Phi island tour. You will simply find many solutions for your Phi Phi island day trip on the dedicated pages from this website.

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Why is Phuket so famous? Here we come up with a list of many ideas why!

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