Why is Phuket so famous? Here we come up with a list of many ideas why!

Why Is Phuket So Popular? Why is Phuket famous?

Why Is Phuket So Popular? Why is Phuket famous?

You finally decided to come to see Phuket? Amazing! Excellent!

Before you arrive, do you want to know what makes Phuket so famous?

We all heard a lot about it, your buddies familiarized you about it, and you presumably already have some ideas and a little list of ‘things to see and do.’ But, don’t follow just your friend’s ideas, as their time availability might have also limited them.

Phuket is surely not a huge island. It is 48km long, 21 km wide, yet incredibly rich in activities.

This is most probably the first reason why Phuket is so famous. Here we list some of the things people liked most and talked most about on their very first trip.

There are unquestionably a lot more things to know and to see in Phuket but do not worry. We have covered them all! Here in the article, you will find, while reading, the links to the relevant articles, all about Phuket and its incredible attractions! So you can enjoy discovering them all with us.

There are several travel destinations in Thailand, yet Phuket has always been among the most attractive and successful.

The beautiful beaches with their breathtaking sundowns, the warm climate all year, the vibrant nightlife, and the friendly individuals make it preferable. Its history of welcoming foreign traders also plays a central function.

The eastern side is less crowded, while the western side draws the party crowd, particularly in Patong. It’s the largest Thai island.

You can drive around Phuket in a couple of hours and see numerous different areas and tourist attractions, some of which have historical significance.


An introduction to Phuket

  • Such a Rich Long History

Phuket’s backgrounds belong to thousands of years ago as it was a colony territory of India.

A famous Greek geographer at the time, Ptolemy, in the third century A.D.,
called Phuket Town with the name of ”Jang Si Lang”.

Later the name transformed to a different slang, ”Jang Si Lang” made it into ”Junk Ceylon”, at a time when the very locals differed, calling ”Junk Ceylon” Thalang.

  • Phuket In Modern History

A French missionary ruled Phuket for numerous years.
Later on, the Dutch, as well as other ethnicities, would group to Phuket.

The reason is that Phuket was used by ancient sailors as a crucial port to stop on their very long journey by the sea from Orient to India and the Middle East.

From the 15th century, the Tin market started here, and Phuket was one of the most effective tin-mining areas in the area. Tin ruled as the leading market for centuries.

  • An Important Moment In Phuket History

One of the well-known, as well as significant historical events, happened when neighborhood citizens, led by 2 women, warded off a Burmese intrusion.

Than Phu Ying Jan and also her sis Mook persuaded the females to present themselves as male warriors to scare the Burmese away.

You can see a monument to them at the Tha Ruea crossway north of Phuket Town.

  • Phuket In The Modern Tourism Era

In the last 2 decades of the 20th century, as global tourism increased, Phuket was among the first provinces to accept the market.

Even in the 1970s, backpackers began to flock to Phuket.

Quickly, a modern-day airport terminal opened up, as well as by the 1980s, Phuket was recognized around the world as a premier resort destination.

A tsunami struck the island on Dec. 26, 2004, the event was the most dreadful occasion to ever occur in Phuket.

Much of the western coast, consisting of the resorts, communities, and also coastlines, was amongst the hardest struck.

The individuals of Phuket immediately started their efforts to get the activities as well as tourists back to the island.

  • Phuket is a Pearl

Phuket is amongst the world’s most beautiful coastline destinations, with vast white sands, nodding hand trees, flashing seas as well as lively towns.

It has something for a broad variety of budgets and also preferences, with thousands of hotels to pick from, an eclectic option of dining, and a lot of partying alternatives.

Besides seeing the superb tourist attractions of Thailand’s largest island, you can take an electrifying speedboat journey to the many neighboring tropical islands, consisting of the well-known Koh Phi Phi, or delight in a serene cruise ship around the magical Phang Nga Bay.

Phuket is blessed with more than 30 incredible beaches to pick from. Patong Beach, Kata, Karon and Kamala have actually consistently been the most prominent, but the north of the island, the south, are nonetheless incredibly beautiful, with such a romantic ambiance, and you will discover why in the other dedicates articles in this Blog.

  • Phuket Is Poised to Remain Popular

Millions check in to visit the island each year, to experience the elegance, the culture, and the hospitality of its towns.

Whether you see the area’s galleries or explore the holy places as well as mansions, you’ll appreciate discovering more about this island’s history.

Anyone that believes that Phuket consists of only coastlines, coastlines, and other beaches will remain be pleasantly surprised, as it was for me after the first visit.

The island has a vibrant culture that’s revealed within the prism of its temples, it’s old town Sino-colonial style.

  • Nature abounds in Phuket

There are still some stunning spots to visit as well as appreciate the views.

There are some viewpoints not to miss, and I will give you tips and directions about this, later in the article!

Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, you can observe some of the local wildlife on a snorkeling trip or stay on land with a see to one of Phuket’s fish tanks.

Phuket Island is a paradise for water sporting activities enthusiasts.

The location is popular with scuba fanatics, but lesser-recognized water activities such a sea kayaking and also kite searching are growing in popularity.

The mild tides and calm waters from November to April are ideal for snorkeling, while the rough, as well as wild waves from May to October, are lovely for many surfers travelers.

Phuket has numerous magnificent perspectives for that golden sundown minute, particularly along the southerly coastline of the island.

Top 5 places to witness the best sunset with your partner in Thailand

Big Buddha, the icon of Phuket

The statue of the Big Buddha Phuket is situated on Nakkerd hill in between Chalong and Kata. With a height of 45 meters, the icon is easily observed even on the way to the site. It will impress tourists from their first blushes.

With such a remarkable height, the statue is recognized as the third tallest statue in Thailand.

This desirable area also provides the best 360-degree scenic view of the island, with the incredible observation of Kata and Karon, Phuket Town, Chalong Bay, and many other locations.

Visitors will quickly feel overwhelmed when standing at the foot of this substantial meditation-pose Buddha image. Both the size of the Big Buddha statue and the landscapes of Phuket seen from the base of the statue is exceptionally spectacular.

  • The Big Buddha statue

The environment of this site is very peaceful. Visitors need to be quiet. The only noises are the tinkling of little bells and, sometimes, some soft background dharma music.

Known among Thais as the Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha, the central statue was integrated in 2004 and is 25 meters throughout the base. The whole body is made from enhanced concrete, layered with gorgeous Burmese white jade marble that shines in the sun. The views and the actual image itself are spectacular.

Besides, the primary Phuket Big Buddha is a smaller Buddha statue, which is gold in color, though made from 20 tonnes of brass. There are likewise some much smaller statues of Buddha and revered monks.

Funds for the enormous structure come totally from donations. You will see a little recollection of the construction’s history, memories of some Buddhist mentors, and numerous donation boxes.

  • Driving up to the Big Buddha – How do you get to the Big Buddha in Phuket?

You will encounter on the way up a few restaurants, located near the Big Buddha. They are all lovely places where to relax after checking out the site or even before arriving at the holy statue site.

The food has reasonable costs and the view, of course, is lovely and romantic. I bet you will make 100 pictures just from there!

The roadway to Nakkerd Hills remains in good condition. Most of it is reasonably new; however, some parts have been used and damaged.

It has lots of curves and some high climbs, which less-powerful scooters can deal with. Some young tourists take pleasure in hiking up, even though it usually takes them over an hour to arrive.

  • Big Buddha Phuket: Tips for Visitors

We suggest going to the Big Buddha early in the early morning to beat the heat and crowd– more than a thousand visitors come here to pay respects to the Big Buddha every day, and it can get crowded throughout the day.

You can stop, and I suggest you do, because the views feel great, at any of the dining establishments en route uphill.

  • Sensational sunset views are just waiting for you.

You will be pleased you dragged yourself out of bed for this once you show up at the top! Standing at the base of the magnificent structure can be an incredibly humbling experience.

You may likewise wish to bring along a wide-angle lens to catch the Big Buddha statue.

From this viewpoint, you will also have the ability to take pleasure in sweeping views of Phuket Town, Chalong Bay, Rawai, Karon, and more, along with lavish plants and beautiful beaches.

While the Big Buddha is open every day, you might wish to prevent checking out on rainy days as navigating the roadways uphill might be challenging, and dark clouds might obscure the view.

  • Is Big Buddha Phuket worth seeing?

The Big Buddha itself is big and remarkable, and the view from the top is genuinely unique.

Seriously, it’s a must-visit. Big Buddha was incredibly worth it every time I visited.

  • What should I wear to Big Buddha Phuket?

As this is a religious website, do dress appropriately.

That suggests no tank tops and short shorts. This is not a Full Moon Party, so please cover up!

You can always request a sarong to cover up with. It’s a complimentary of charge from the site.

There is personnel waiting at the entrance near the Sarong stalls. You can ask them a Sarong.

  • Is Big Buddha free? How much does it cost to visit the Big Buddha?

Entry to the Phuket Big Buddha in Phuket is complimentary. I want to encourage you to leave a donation.

  • When is Big Buddha Phuket open?

Phuket Big Buddha

Location: Soi Yot Sane 1, Karon, Muang, Phuket 83100, Thailand.

Opening time: Daily 6 AM to 7 PM.

  • Should I book in advance to visit Big Buddha Phuket?

If I were you, I would organize a nice tour day to visit Big Buddha and other nearby Phuket attractions and viewpoints.


Phuket sightseeing tour

Phuket shopping and attractions private tour

Phuket city tour weekend market

Phuket half day city tour


Phuket most beautiful places

If you have planned to see Phuket,  if you wish to visit Phuket, but you want to see it from a less obvious angle and find sites the majority of people haven’t become aware of.

It might sound kind of a strange affirmation but there are still incredible places individuals miss out on totally when spending time on Phuket island.

Explore the most beautiful beaches but do not forget to include some of the less-visited areas.


Phuket beaches and Phuket most beautiful places

What is the best time to visit Phuket?

The best is between November and April, when weather conditions are ideal for beach activities, such as swimming and boating.

The six months between May and October are monsoon season. The water conditions can be dangerous.


The months between November and April are thought about peak season in Phuket.

Oceans are reasonably calm (especially when compared to the strong currents particular of monsoon season).

Still, peak season also introduces peak lodging rates.

Phuket wheater seasonality.


When should you not go to Phuket?


From May to October, Phuket experiences monsoon season identified by heavy rains and an angry ocean of powerful and consistent active waves and dangerous rip currents.

For this reason, swimming on the west coast of the island is usually forbidden. If visitors don’t mind some rain, the cheap accommodation rates can make a check out throughout the monsoon season enjoyable.


Phuket airport

To check available live data about the flight-status for both arrivals and departures you can easily find it here.

For more info about the Phuket International airport you can consult the Phuket airport guide.


Phuket Airport Quick Guide


What is famous to buy in Phuket? What can I buy in Phuket?

Phuket is a great burst of color, stylish designs, culture, which is revealed as you drift within the dynamic markets and high-end Malls.

Phuket is positively a paradise for shopping. From street shopping to Mall shopping, from night markets to global brands and department stores, the range of items you can get in Phuket, without a doubt, surpass any expectation, especially when you are at your first time visit.

  • What to Buy in Phuket for Fun?

There is also plenty of tiny items every Thai person knows, given the fact that they regularly use because they are just excellent, delightful, and cheap, strongly part of Thai day-life.

”7-11” and ”Family Marts” are typically places where Thai people buy their day to day stuff, sometimes they can be a bit pricey place to buy small things. In addition, Phuket might be more pricey than most of the other locations in Thailand.

  • What to buy in Phuket for your friends?

  • What souvenir should you bring back home from Phuket to your good friends?

Something that doesn’t cost a lot takes not a lot of vital space o your travel luggage.

Most of all, bring back some common items from Thailand.

  • What are the best things to buy in Phuket?

  • What is famous in Phuket for shopping?

The Phuket shopping guide might give you an answer to those questions, as well as give you indications on the Malls and locations of the Phuket Best Markets.


Phuket shopping


Is Phuket expensive for tourists?

One of the common questions tourists ask if Phuket is expensive since it is the leading tourist attraction in Thailand. Phuket is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Southern part of Thailand. After recovering following the 2004 tsunami, which leads to destruction along the beaches, Phuket is the most expensive Province in Thailand. 

There is a need to plan your budget before visiting Phuket not to be astounded by prices over there. Phuket is well known for beautiful beaches and resorts hence attracting tourists from all over the world.

More so, the Island has become more westernized and tourist destinations for over a decade now. Phuket is a large Island to cater to every tourist resulting in it being expensive as compared to other tourist destinations in Thailand. 

Phuket is as undergone development since the 90s, even at some point; it was more expensive than Thailand city Bangkok. But as I told you earlier, Phuket is a large Island or province and as a place for every tourist depending on his or her budget. 

There are beach resorts, and there is near the coast where most people tend to gather. Hotels and resorts along beach areas are lined by restaurants, stores, and street vendors selling tours and trips to almost any destination.

There are numerous temples and Wat around the Island if you wish to visit Phuket.

A large white Buddha with views over the surrounding d Island and sea is located at the top of Naka Kerd Mountain. There are numerous historical sights and buildings inside the town of Phuket.

At the same time, history and culture enthusiasts typically skip Phuket Island in preference of more traditional sites. Some intriguing sights are still to be discovered.

Water activities are widespread, and the main activities being diving and snorkeling. Look down the street only to find a dive store or a tour company providing dive services. For day trips out to the sea, boats are available for diving, snorkeling, fishing, or partying.

There are also popular boat tours to the surrounding islands at Phang-nga Bay. Such trips are herding visitors into exciting and crowded destinations like “James Bond Island” and other geological wonders.

Phuket is ideal for families, as many attractions and events are appropriate for children and adults alike. Phuket provides something for everyone, from beaches to animal parks, day trips, snorkeling, elephants, temples, and more.

Phuket prices guide

The cost of touring and staying in Phuket varies according to the place you choose to tour, eat, means you use to travel and place or hotel you choose to stay. There is a considerable distinction in costs when you

Despite Phuket being expensive, the costs are cheaper when compared to the expenses you incur when you tour Australia, Europe, or the US. It is the reason why Phuket is a favorite tourist destination despite being expensive in Thailand. 

Here we have analyzed for you the costs of living or touring Phuket narrowing down to specific activity ranging from accommodation, traveling around Phuket, Meal pieces, and more.

Traveling around Phuket 

Traveling around Phuket is a task that has brought several complaints over the years. This is due mainly to the high rates demanded by tuk-tuk and taxi drivers, even for short distances, and their mob-like methods of resolving disputes with their customers and even with the authorities.

They ‘belong’ to the west coast highways, so there’s no public transport linking the main resort towns. It costs about 400 baht (350 if you are fortunate enough to find a gentle driver) for a tuk-tuk trip from Karon to Patong and takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

You may consider a songthaew (public bus) which will carry you from Patong to Phuket Town, and another from Phuket Town to Karon Beach, if you’re really on a budget and in no rush. Almost always, the entire cost of the journey won’t exceed 100 baht, but this will take you nearly 3 hours to get to your final destination.

Phuket restaurant menu prices

Phuket’s dining experience is exciting, and you’re sure to love this Island if you love food. One of the Island’s main attractions is the array of gastronomic and dining experiences. Restaurants are available to match every palate, serving a wide variety of Western and Asian cuisine. In your hotel, you can have breakfast, have lunch at a nearby noodle stall and enjoy dinner in a luxurious, air-conditioned restaurant with fine wines.

Though Thai food is globe-renowned for its exquisite flavors and fresh ingredients, Phuket is well known for its seafood. Best of all, you don’t need to clear your bank account so that you can enjoy the sumptuous dishes. Prices vary widely depending on the restaurants you’re dining.

For example, let us just consider a club sandwich in simple local restaurants; it’s around 80–100 baht, but it can be approximately 400–600 baht at the most expensive 4- or 5-star restaurants.

Here samples of food Menu you can find in Phuket Restaurants and their prices

Meal Price USD Price THB
Banana pancake 1.8 60
Large salad with seafood 2.5-3.1 80-100
Fish grill with a garnish 7.7 250
Big steak with a side dish 9.2 300
Soup Tom Yam 4.3 140
Soup Tom-Kha 3.7 120
Rice cooked in a pineapple 4.6 150
Pizza 6.2-7.7 200-250
Rice with vegetables 1.5 50
Rice with seafood 2.2 70
Fried noodles with shrimps 1.8 60
Rice with seafood in a pineapple 3.1 100
Grilled shrimp with rice 1.8 60
Roasted Cashew nuts with vegetables 2.5 80

Trips around Phuket Price Guide

Phuket is the transit port for several small nearby islands, which may be toured on day trips from one of the six major piers on the east coast of Phuket-Yacht Haven, Ao Po Grand Marina, Boat Lagoon, Royal Phuket Marina, Rassada Pier, and Chalong Pier. For island-hopping day trips from Phuket there are three main types of boats available:

Long-tail boats 

These are the local boats, very good at sea, and primarily used for fishing. Their limited speed makes them suitable for short distances so that only the nearest Phuket islands can be visited. A trip to Coral Island costs 1,200–1,500 baht, and from Chalong Pier takes about 30 minutes.

Speedboat prices

This type of boat is the go-fast of the seas, as its name implies. You’ll be on Coral Island in 10 minutes from Chalong Pier for about the same price as a long-tail. With their pace, they can cover longer distances at reasonable rates. A day trip to the Phi Phi Islands takes approximately 45 minutes and costs between 1,200 and 3,000 baht (including lunch and snorkeling).

Ferry prices

The ideal budget option and any sort of traveler in no rush, ferries connect Phuket to Phi Phi Islands in about 2 hours for a price of about 300 to 500 baht (one-way fare, depending on the place of purchase and if you go by yourself to the Pier or you select minivan transportation too). There is also a day trip to Phi Phi at the cost of 1,000-3,500 baht.

Phuket food prices 2020

In Thailand, one of the positive things is that basic food remains relatively affordable. You will get delicious meals such as pad kra pow gai (fried chicken with basil leaves served with rice) or (fried-rice with chicken) for about 50–70 baht in a simple local restaurant in Phuket Town.

The same dishes in Patong Beach would be charged at between 80 and 180 baht, particularly in tourist locations. If you want to taste the same dishes in luxurious restaurants (or in some hotel restaurants), the costs are up to 500 or even 700 baht.

7 eleven and Family Mart stores are literally everywhere in Phuket!

Accommodation Phuket Prices

Hotel accommodation in Phuket is more expensive than in other areas of Thailand. There is still no bungalows right on the beach for a few hundred Baht a night. There’s even a wide selection of budget hotels and plenty of outstanding mid-range hotels, though. Prices are fair, except when room rates will double at the high season during Christmas and New Year. That is supply-and-demand to you, sadly.

Phuket is truly excelling in its luxury hotel range. Several are impressive in their extravagance, while some are of exceptional value for the excellent services and amenities that they offer.

Budget hotels cost around 300 baht to 1,300 baht. The cheapest hotels are in Phuket Town-Gotum Hostel, Nice Home, or O’nya House Phuket. Guesthouses in Patong Beach charge between 400 and 1200 baht.

Mid-range hotels across Phuket cost approximately 1,500 to 3,000 baht. See Centara Karon Resort, Andaman Cannacia Resort, or Deevana Patong Resort & Spa for more information.

Luxury hotels are high-end properties, costing between 5,000 and 500,000 baht per night (note that at higher prices, you might get a 7-villa complex). See Trisara, or Sri Panwa Phuket, or Banyan Tree Phuket.

Living in Phuket

Life can be relatively easy at Phuket, Thailand. It’s a well-trodden island; overall, that has been attracting visitors for decades. But that doesn’t mean you can’t call your own a peaceful little slice of paradise. Phuket has all the facilities necessary to make it easy to move around there.

Phuket Island is the largest in Thailand, with a population of nearly 600,000, with 115,000 ex-pats from all over the world have made it their home. It’s in the clear Andaman Sea waters, and only a one-and-a-half-hour flight from Bangkok, if you’re pitching in the big city for a weekend. Since Phuket has an international airport, it’s a breeze to fly to any of the nearby countries.

Driving around the Island is simple, with 220 square miles to explore. It’s about 30 miles in length and 13 miles wide from tip to tip, making day trips around the Island easy. Turn off the main road, and you can find yourself in a tiny cove with an almost empty beach.

Select one of the more popular beaches on the other hand, and you’ll find yourself getting drinks and making new friends.

It’s the kind of Island that’s large enough to explore and get off the beaten track while living in an environment with all the key facilities you need.

A family can live on $2,800 a month on Phuket fairly much anywhere, but it’s possible to spend more if you’re only shopping at foreign grocery stores and buying imported products. Shop on the dairy farmers’ markets, and by buying local produce and the freshest ingredients, you can save money.

You’ll probably have to go shopping at grocery stores to get your imported cheeses and Serrano ham, but the local markets are the best for everyday life.

The Island’s low cost of living makes the additional benefits that aren’t so available in the United States. A full-time assistant who cleans and cooks costs $350 a month, or it costs $4.75 if you only need someone every week but paying per hour. 

A general medical visit to a generic doctor studio costs under $10. I also used Hospitals specialists offices, which are just a bit more expensive but offer many services in one place. A dental cleaning is normally about $12, I suggest to use only clinics with prices starting from 700 Thai Baht, to ensure hygienic safety, as all the dentists usually are very well educated and trained.

This might leave you anyway with plenty of money for a traditional Thai massage ($5 – $8).

Both in Phuket Town and in Patong, there are absolutely modern movie theaters, almost the size of the Bangkok movie theaters, showing all the latest blockbusters also in original English and sometimes in the French language too, for $3.50.

The theaters are inside the massive cosmopolitan malls with big brand names as well as local boutiques, so plenty of things to do again!

Even leaving there, you never have to leave the island of Phuket for any health issues; Bangkok Hospital is a network of globally-recognized, JCI-accredited hospitals, and Phuket Town has a branch. Many of the doctors speak English, so contact isn’t going to be a problem.

One of the many benefits of moving to Phuket is that while it’s exotic and tropical, it’s a tranquil existence.

There is a reason why ex-pats have been moving there for decades; there is no significant culture shock, and all the facilities that you would need for modern living are at your doorstep. It’s a dream lifestyle, at affordable rates, on a stunning Island.

How much does a meal cost in Phuket?

In Phuket meal prices or costs differ according to the restaurant you go to for the meal. On average, you can spend around 240 TBH per day on all meals, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. 

Is it cheap to eat in Phuket?

Yes, depending on where you go to eat. There are several restaurants around Phuket of a different category from simple to 5 star, and prices vary. 

How much does a beer cost in Phuket?

There are Local beers that cost 38 – 40 baht per can, while other international brands such as Heineken cost around 50 baht. When you buy from either bars or restaurants, the price is higher compared to buying at a shop or store. In most bars or restaurants, they sell beer around 80 to 100 baht for local and 100 to 140 baht for International brands.


How many days in Phuket is enough?

Whether you’re opting for pals, family, or that unique someone, Phuket will cater to your every requirement.

I recommend spending a minimum of 4 days in Phuket to experience the best it needs to provide. Go for way more than 4 days if you can!

Pick up your preferred things to do from this guide and sew the best possible Phuket itinerary for you.

You really need a minimum of a 4-day schedule, or you will not be able to experience anything properly. After all, it’s not just how much you see– it’s also how you see it.


How much money do I need in Phuket?

A vacation to Phuket for one week could cost you costs around ฿ 20,500. So, a trip to Phuket for 2 people costs around ฿ 41,000, for one week.

If you’re taking a trip as a family, kid’s tickets are more affordable as well as family rooms in hotels are, per person, less pricey.

The cost of a tuk-tuk or taxi rides in Phuket is substantially more than other Thailand’s famous locations.
On average, tourists spend close to ฿ 300 per person, daily, on transportations in Phuket.

In 2020
Average meal costs for one day: $ 18.
Transportations in Phuket: $ 9.00.
Average Hotel rate in Phuket: $  99.


How much money do I need per day in Phuket?

How much money will you require for your journey to Phuket? You need to plan to invest around ฿ 3,012 ($93) per day on your trip in Phuket, which is the typical everyday cost statistics.


How much money do I need for 2 weeks in Phuket?

A journey for 2 weeks for 2 individuals might cost ฿ 80,000 in Phuket. As the period of holiday increases, you might be able to finalize better prices for accommodations in specific neighborhoods such as Phuket Town or Kathu or Chalong.


Is alcohol cheap in Phuket?

Nothing better than a beer after a long day sunbathing at the beach. It sounds like a commercial, but when you are exploring Phuket, you will see so many tourists drinking local beers. There is a reason why!

You can easily find a great choice of authentic beers brands like Chang, Singha, Leo, other countries brands like Heineken, Tiger, Asahi, and many more.

Here is absolutely 1 cheap way to find beers, which is visiting 7-Eleven and Family Mart.

For about 40 Thai baht per can for Thai brands, for about about 50 Thai baht for other brands.

In restaurants or bars is another story, you will generally pay 80 to 100 Thai baht for the cheapest beers.

High-end places or clubs charge ven up to 260 baht for one beer.


Which is cheaper Pattaya or Phuket?

2 Places that really do not deserve a little intro, but an entire article dedicated!


Pattaya vs Patong


What is special in Phuket? The best island tours from Phuket!


Are you planning to tour Thailand? There is no complete tour in Thailand without visiting Phuket. Phuket is the most famous destination in Thailand, and despite offering your relaxation joints on the powder-white sand beaches, you have the chance to island-hop to all Islands surrounding Phuket. 

Phuket is an outstanding destination where there is something for everyone. Searching for a tranquil gateway or searching for a place to enjoy water activities; there is a preference for everyone.

It is the main reason you will find Phuket beaches all year swarmed with visitors from all over the world. It doesn’t matter it is off-season or not. Phuket stands out as an all-season tourist destination in southern Thailand. 

Phuket is set among the most bewitching beautiful landscapes in the world. Lush calcareous peaks jut off the emerald Andaman Sea and punctuate the thick jungles on land, offering superb day trip options.

The most famous tours in Phuket are multi-island boat tours, from which you can navigate the clear waters on a speedboat or traditional Longtail boat through towering rock formations, and exploring nearby archipelagos.

The iconic Phi Phi Islands, is the home to the distinctive pinnacle made famous in a James Bond movie, lie not far from all things to do in Phuket. The Similan Islands, a popular spot for diving, are also further afield.

All this scenery attracts thousands of tourists, but also there are a few quiet islands only a short hop from Phuket, where the locals still practice their traditional lifestyle, and then you can soak up a more natural Thai feel.

You can also spend quality time with elephants in Khao Sok National Park, canoeing down the serene Sok River, and trekking through the jungle, where monkeys and gibbons swing through the treetops, and tigers and bears still roam. Phuket tours will surely spice up your holiday with a wide variety of choices for fun and adventure. 

Phuket has so much to offer and experience that a great tactician is needed to get it all in. Here we have analyzed and carefully selected the Best Island tour from Phuket for you. There are several Islands nearby Phuket, but we have selected those you can easily take a day tour and get back to Phuket by evening. 

Phuket island hopping tours

Islands hopping is one of the best activities you can do when you get to Phuket. Several Islands are surrounding Phuket, and they are easy to reach either by speedboat, Longtail boat, or ferry.

You will enjoy the trip over the emerald Andaman Sea, cool breeze, and well as fantastic sceneries. Here we have searched for the best Island to hop located a few Kilometers away. 

Going to Similan Islands

The Similan Islands represent the Andaman Sea’s hidden gems.

The islands offer several of Thailand’s best diving encounters.

The islands are so stunningly beautiful; you don’t even have to be a great photographer to take some incredible pictures.

The best way to experience the ride to the Similan islands is to book a tour that will take you around for a few snorkeling spots.

Similan Islands consist of nine islands, and you’ll get to see the most famous locations in the Similan Islands by joining a tour.

Water is warm and incredibly clear, near the Similan Islands.

If you’re looking to plunge into Thailand, the place to put on top of your bucket list is sure to be the place.

Going to Surin Islands

The Surin Islands are the ideal place for you if you would like to visit a true paradise.

While most of the islands and beaches in Thailand are becoming very popular and busy with so many visitors, the Surin Islands remain less busy and well protected by the government, where you can surrender to the clear water and calm beach.

The water is extremely clear and the perfect place to snorkel.

No food stalls or noisy visitors are disturbing the Surin island vibe.

Only hang up your hammock and relax for some great snorkeling with a good book, or dive into the clear water.

As it’s beyond to reach from Phuket than the other islands mentioned above, find a premium tour. 

Undoubtedly it’s a long speedboat ride, so it’s necessary to have a comfortable boat ride.

It is an all-inclusive trip to the Surin Islands with luxury boat rides, breakfast, lunch, snorkeling gear, and even beach towels.

Going to Coral Island

You need not go too far away from Phuket to explore water activities.

Coral Island is situated only 3 km from Phuket. Coral Island is named because multicolored coral reefs have surrounded it.

There are two major beaches on the Island, Long Beach and Banana Beach.

All other beaches exhibit long stretches of white sand with abundant tropical fish and crystal-clear water.

There are several water activities available on the Island, including snorkeling, scuba diving, banana boat rides, and sea-walking.

For a day trip, it is one of the most famous islands close to Phuket. You can rent snorkeling equipment and beach chairs, but it comes free if you enter a group.

Going to Racha Yai Island

Racha Yai is one of the most beautiful islands to get away from it all and relax. There are undoubtedly fewer boats and tourists visiting this Island, and officially banning jet skiing & parasailing.

The water around Racha Yai is crystal clear, and its color is turquoise.

Swimming close to the beaches and in the bays is an ideal way to spend the day. Or even seek to go a little more sophisticated with a catamaran, which also takes you to Racha Noi Island.

Racha Noi and Racha Yai are twin-islands. It’s an isolated island so you’ll have an enjoyable moment.

Going to Maiton Island

This small island on the southeast coast of Phuket is well recognized for its gorgeous natural scenery, like fine white beaches and crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming, diving, or fishing.

Mai Thon Island is a popular destination for honeymooners.

Seek to go on a luxury catamaran yacht tour and fish on the island-side yacht.

If you wish to go to Mai Thon Island, simply enter a tour. It is the easiest way to fly without any hassle on this secluded Island.

Best Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

Phuket’s most famous day-trip is the Phi Phi Islands. Approximately 45 to 60 minutes by speedboat from the Royal Phuket Marina, these six spectacular islands are renowned for their stunning karst formations of calcareous stones, shrouded in lush vegetation that is out of the jade-green sea.

Here you’ll find interesting sights, including Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Ley, the site of the famous movie The Beach, and Koh Phi Phi Don, the only inhabited island in the archipelago. Filled with resorts, this Island is famous for Monkey Beach’s crab-eating macaques and Laem Thong’s white sands. In the crystal clear waters around the islands, snorkeling is great.

A perfect way to explore Phi Phi Island without the crowds is with a Maya Bay Snorkeling Tour on the Morning Phi Phi Island. This 10-hour excursion departs at sunrise, arriving in front of the major tourist groups, and you will have the chance to snorkel in the luminous waters of Maya Bay and see the Monkey Beach macaques.

The best Tour to Phi Phi Islands from Phuket is by speedboat and spends a day enjoying the most beautiful sights in Southern Thailand around these very famous and beautiful islands. 

You’ll also stop for an international lunch buffet on Phi Phi Don. The advantage of speedboat traveling is that you can get much faster than other alternatives from one point of interest to the next.

You may also banish off the coast of Phuket via ferry to the beautiful Phi Phi Islands. Have a day of rest, marvel at vivid marine life and tropical coral reefs. At the jetty, board the Royal Jet Cruiser ferry and set off for the beautiful Phi Phi Islands.

Along the way, while enjoying free snacks and soft drinks, take in the scenic views of the Andaman Sea and its surroundings. Upon landing on the Island, immerse yourself for a swim in the beautiful emerald waters. Alternatively, watch the breathtaking scenery and relax on the untouched white sandy beach.

Phang Nga from Patong

Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary’s unspoiled rainforest offers spectacular scenic views but also a thrilling backdrop for some intense exploration as you bounce along rugged tracks and roaring rapids.

Apart from exploring the limits of your stamina, the trip also involves a tour to a local rubber plantation, here will see how the materials that make the off-road tires, and the rubber boat you’re going to sail, have been made.

Phang Nga Bay’s majestic calcareous reefs, thick jungles, and unspoiled beaches are simply stunning, with plenty of other little points of interest along the way, such as the Suwankuha Temple (Monkey Cave). It is where a massive golden Buddha statue sits among many friendly monkeys.

Stopover at Phanak Islands during this tour is renowned for its limestone cliffs, numerous caves, and beautiful lagoons. For visitors who enjoy kayaking or canoeing, it is a paradise.

There will be another stopover at Mangrove Hong / Hong Island. Rocky cliffs surrounded by mangrove forests and wild orchids enclose an emerald sea to create an atmosphere-like chamber (“hong” in Thai). While this Island offers the ideal kayaking opportunity, the activity is mostly weather-based – so if it rains or there is a high tide, you may be forced to miss it.

James bond island from Phuket

At James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay is a renowned landmark. It first made its way through its major role in the James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun, onto the international tourist map. A characteristic feature of this popular bay is the number of purely calcareous cliffs that jut vertically out of the emerald-green water.

The nonsensical outline of James Bond Island or Koh Tapu lies next to the similarly famous Koh Ping Ghan. The whole area around this Island is indeed beautiful, but during high season it can get crowded with tourist boats.

Phang Nga Bay occupies an area of 400 sq km and has about 100 islands, many of which have unusual shapes. James Bond Island has been a center of attraction with its iconic rocky pinnacle since it was featured in the 1974 Bond movie.

The Ao Phang Nga Marine National Park has protected marine areas, so boats are not permitted to get too close to the Island. Its precarious location is wide on the top and fairly slim on the bottom. At Koh Ping Ghan, you can see James Bond Island from a boat or a small beach.

Koh Ping Ghan is a very tall, leaning rock within many small caves. Checking them all out is pretty spectacular and enjoyable.

There are stalls and stands on its crowded eastern beach, selling souvenirs made mostly from shells and wood.

James Bond Island is a prominent Sailing as well as a Kayaking destination. Most coordinated tours stop at other famous Andaman Sea islands, such as a seafood lunch at the charming Koh Panyee-a stilt-built Muslim fishing village. Whereas tour companies normally hand out plastic bags to protect your camera, a snap-shut and water-proof bag is best brought along.

You can hire a long-tail boat from Surakul Pier in Phang Nga for about 2000 baht. It can carry up to 10 people, making it comfortable for groups and economical.

The trip to James Bond Island ends in an air-conditioned coach mid-morning after hotel pickup. Arrive at the shore, where a large boat is waiting to whisk you away in incredibly clear waters. Relax aboard as you ponder green mangrove forests.

Then we’ll move on to your first stop at Mut Cave, Panak Island, and enjoy canoeing. Enjoy exploring the seabed within the marine geology of Phang Nga Bay. Then depart to enjoy the Hong Island canoeing experience.

Enjoy a delicious onboard meal of traditional Thai cuisine when you are on low price big boat tours. The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed after your meal visiting James Bond Island to discover the famous cinema venue.

Phuket tour prices

We offer competitive tour prices to all islands around Phuket. However, the prices differ according to the distance of the Island you wish to hop to as well as the means you would like to use to reach there. Here is a breakdown of the prices for some of the Phuket tours we offer.

Which is the best island tour in Phuket?

There are plenty of stunning islands near Phuket, and a visit to them all will take forever. Deciding which islands to be included in your island-hopping trip from Phuket isn’t easy.

Phi Phi Islands are Phuket’s best tour, making this Island an incredibly popular day trip destination.

What islands can you visit from Phuket?

There are several islands you can visit from Phuket. It stands at a central point where reaching nearby islands is ideal.

Some of these Islands include Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Khao Phing Kan, Similan Islands, Koh Yao Noi, Surin Islands, Racha Island, Koh Ha, Koh Bon, Koh Khai Islands, Maiton Island, Koh Panyi, Koh Hong, James Bond, Rang Yai, Koh Yao Yai, Koh Sirey and more.

Can you island-hop from Phuket?

Phuket is the right placet for Island hopping in the Andaman Sea.

The breathtaking natural beauty of the azure sea, green-clad calcareous islands, and impressive dive sites will be discovered, all within a day trip from where you stay on the main Island.

How much is island hopping in Phuket?

Phuket Island hopping costs differs according to the distance of the Island from Phuket.

However, in most cases, the hopping will cost you an average 2,000 baht per traveler. It means you can easily enjoy a fun day of exploration without it blowing in one goes your entire holiday budget.

Why is Phuket famous?

Thailand has many destinations but Phuket remains one of Thailand’s most popular destinations.

The gorgeous beaches with their breathtaking sunsets, the year-round warm climate, the lively nightlife, and the friendly people make it popular for sure.

Phuket is equally a good base from which to explore the surrounding islands and their attractions. Which include world-famous locations such as the Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay.

In Phuket there is plenty of truly unforgettable stuff to do. The Island itself has a charming historic old town, spectacular viewpoints, and iconic cultural sights.


Is Phuket worth going to?

Absolutely yes, is the above-listed opportunities for a great holiday still di no convinced you? Well, you can go through reading to find even more unique facts about Phuket!


What are the best places to stay in Phuket

We listed what we think are the best locations for a holiday in Phuket, we dedicated 1 article to each location.

Here we go, in order of our best appreciations:

Surin beach

Kata Beach and things to do

Things to do at Kamala Beach

Bang Tao Beach attractions and things to do


Should I stay Phuket or Phi Phi?

We detailed our opinions and the facts, all in a very nice article for you.

Is It Better To Stay In Phuket Or Phi Phi?


What is Phi Phi island famous for? 

  • Thailand’s most stunning beaches
  • Six tropical fine white sand islands
  • Turquoise waters. 

 What is Phi Phi Island famous for?

How do you get to Phi Phi Island?


Which is better Phi Phi or James Bond Island?

Figure out the undoubtedly both the James Bond Island tour and the Phi Phi Islands tour have their positive and negative aspects.

They’ll both regularly take the chance to give visitors feelings and memories that can make them simultaneously happy and sad.

One of my biggest concerns with Thailand, in general, is just how much they only seem to concentrate on getting cash from tourists and not appreciating the positive effects and the environment itself.


James Bond island by Speed boat – Phuket


Phi Phi Island by speedboat – Phuket


How do I rent a car in Phuket?

To find a car for rent in Phuket and to drive around the island is a great way to search by yourself the island’s most beautiful areas and its unique surroundings.

Locating a car rental business is quite easy and hassle-free.

Follow the guidelines and contacts in this dedicated guide.

I advise booking before arriving in Phuket, with a well-known international brand, so you can bypass any bad surprises.


Phuket car rental

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