Bang Tao Beach attractions and things to do

Bang Tao Beach attractions and things to do

Bang Tao Beach attractions and things to do

Bang Tao Beach is AMONG of Phuket’s longest beaches, halfway between the airport and Patong Beach on the island’s west coast. Bang Tao Beach attractions? The Island beautiful stretch of sand, Bangtao, has long been home to the famous Laguna Phuket Choeng Thale which is also a stunning part of the west coast of Phuket, combining beaches of Bangtao, Pansea, and Surin.

Bang Tao Beach attractions

It is an environment of sharp contrasts, with a 5-star hotel parade along the beachfront only a few minutes ‘ walks from the center, where many villagers still make their living as their ancestors did–fishing, farming, and rubber tapping.

Taking up a large area in the center of Bangtao Island, Laguna Phuket is one of the biggest resort complexes in Asia. Pansea Beach is as similar to a private beach as you will find in Thailand, with a few extremely exclusive hotels overlooking it. Layan Beach remains undeveloped in the far north of Cherngtalay and showcases natural beach beauty.

This area was, in the past, Phuket’s recent history, one of the tin mines that earlier made Phuket’s fortune. They later abandoned it, and the property was deemed worthless. Laguna Phuket succeeded in turning it into a very profitable, award-winning Eco-project.

Laguna began as a luxury complex in the first years, but it was considered to be a little isolated. Resort guests had small options outside restaurants and services, and thus prices were always on the high side.

Bangtao has changed a lot, and it has become one of Phuket’s most versatile beaches, with a fantastic choice of restaurants, shopping, and even beach clubs.

A staggering amount of luxury villas and properties have been built in recent years in the back of the Bangtao Beach to Layan Beach.

Laguna has always been the’ high-end’ part of the island, and when you look at the shops, villas, and cars around the area, you can easily see the difference of market with Patong. Bang To is an affordable place to go to the beach for lunch or drinks.

Bang Tao beach things to do 

There are plenty of places to see and activities to do, including the beaches, the best beach clubs, and great shopping boutiques.

This is where you will find some of the best hotels and restaurants in Phuket, too. If you’re looking for Phuket’s best luxury travel experience, you’ll find this in Bang Tao.

However, it’s not all high-class and high-cost.

There are some OUTSTANDING attractions for tight budgets, as this Bang Tao Beach Survival Guide will show you. It is among the more family-friendly destinations, away from Patong’s intense nightlife.

Make sure that on your first visit, you don’t skip any of Bang Tao’s best bits.

Take a close look at the list of must-sees and do in Bang Tao Beach.

Visit Layan Beach

Visit Layan Beach

Layan is situated at the northern end of Bangtao Beach and offers excellent possibilities for sea-kayaking exploration around the small island (Koh Kala) a few meters away from the beach and in the brackish lagoon at the far end of the beach.

Layan is a natural gem mostly frequented by locals on Phuket’s ever more developed West Coast.

Layan is among the few beaches on the west coast of Phuket, which has retained an authentic tropical paradise feel. In addition to the recently built Nikki Beach Club and two long-established local restaurants, there is nothing here to attract more tourists apart from a few sun loungers located in front of the restaurants.

The beach is clean and uninhabited, fringed by tall pine trees giving the burning afternoon sun soothing shade.

Bang Tao Beach attractions and things to do

Anthem Wake Park

Anthem Wake Park is the perfect place for wakeboarding in a superb natural environment, supervised by a friendly professional team, to try and practice. This wakeboarding park is built on a 50,000sqm freshwater lake and is environmentally friendly with electric cables dragging borders around the shore.

According to the skill of the participants, there are three tracks to choose from: 

  1. A 60m-long cable without obstacle for beginners
  2. A 60m-long cable with barriers for advanced riders
  3. A 647 m long cable with barriers.

The park is run by a dedicated team. 

The team shares its passion with anyone interested in learning or developing their technique and skills. In reality, European and Israeli wakeboarding teams are already coming for winter training at Anthem Wake Park.

The site houses a bar and restaurant and is a great place to hang out even to watch wakeboarders experiment several meters into the air with new movements.

Phuket Adventure Mini Golf 

Phuket Adventure Mini Golf is a traditional 18-hole miniature golf course set in a beautifully landscaped garden diagonally across from Bangtao Village Resort near Bangtao Beach’s southern end.

After a long day touring the beach, it is the ideal game for the entire family, as the appropriate time to play is after 17:00; that is when things cool down a bit.

Phuket Adventure Mini Golf equally hosts a restaurant called OFF course, a fun venue where mini-golfers can sample Thai and foreign classics (including a children’s menu).

Enjoy a pool game, check their emails, and surf the internet (free Wi-Fi available) or just relax, enjoy a drink while debating with friends about the game.

Horseback Riding in Bangtao

Get to riding on a tropical beach is an excellent activity for leisure.

The Phuket International Riding Club. A very well and long-established equestrian center, located near the entrance of the Bangtao Beach Laguna Phuket Resort Complex, which offers a good range of riding lessons and rides for the whole family.

The professionalism and experience of the riding instructors make them choose the right horse or pony according to each rider’s skill and personality.

Four hours each day are devoted to private or group lessons (of a maximum of four riders); all day long rides of different lengths (1, 1.5, or 2 hours) are organized within the Laguna Phuket Complex, along the beach in Bangtao and heading to Layan Beach.

Being very quiet and secluded, the area toward Layan is the perfect field for slightly speeding up trotting and galloping horses.

Early morning (08:00-10:00) and late afternoon (16:00-18:30) are the best times for riding, offering the possibility of romantic horse rides along a peaceful beach while the sun sets slowly into the sea.

Wat Cherng Talay

For almost a century now, after relocating from its original site in Khao Noi, Wat Cherng Thalay or Cherng Thalay Temple has been the crucial and most important spiritual center of Bangtao and Cherngtalay.

The temple is traditionally Thai-Buddhist in architecture, with depictions of giant snakes on the way up to the’ ubosot’ or main hall and paintings depicting the good works of the Buddha (or’ nitan chador’ in Thai).

The lights along the paths inside the temple come on every evening, with light poles with the form of kinnarees (these figures are in the culture a half-human, half-birdlike creatures, they appear in ancient Thai tales) that look pretty adorable, particularly at dusk.

Bang Tao beach nightlife

Nightlife in Bangtao is part of the reason it’s one of west coast Phuket’s most popular holiday destinations. New beach clubs populate the beach’s south end while reggae bars can be found further north. The scene is a combination of laidback and sophisticated, with a family-friendly atmosphere in other parts of the island that you might not expect.

Our list of Bangtao’s best nightlife experiences reflects the image of the atmosphere of this beach–from stylish beach clubs, a few very friendly pubs, unpretentious local venues with restaurants and stylish shops. You will enjoy a fun night out at Bangtao Beach.

Dream Beach Club

Phuket Dream Beach Club Phuket is a stylish, laidback place on Layan Beach to relax and party right on. Part of New York City’s world-renowned Dream brand, it’s one of the very few clubs located right by the sand in Phuket.

The beach club has two pools, 4 bars, and more than 100 relaxing sun loungers. While the beach club’s official closing time is 8 pm, a modest space upstairs-Level one-keeps the party is going until late. You could catch guest DJs on weekends spinning techno, tech house, and disco music.

Catch Beach Club

Catch Beach Club is a top-quality Bangtao Beach bar, restaurant, and lounge spot right on the beach. It’s among the top chill-out spots throughout the day and a popular party venue at night, with a superb beachfront location, really high quality for food and drinks, and always some great music.

No less impressive is the funky backlit drinks menu, which boasts a wide range of top-shelf spirits, liquors, beers, and champagnes. There is also a choice of signature and classic cocktails, available either through the glass or the jug.

Peppers Sports Bar 

Peppers Sports Bar is an English bar in Bangtao where sports fans can sit, relax and catch the latest matches, the latest sports events while enjoying excellent pub grub and imported beers.

The venue is made up of red brick walls and columns, beige tile flooring, with furniture made of durable water hyacinth replacement.

Peppers Sports Bar location

Peppers Sports Bar usually gets busy early evening with families and punters. As the night goes on, ex-pats often come by to hang out and watch major sporting events being aired on the two big TVs in the bar. Pub quizzes are held on Wednesday evenings.

Xana Beach Club

Xana Beach Club

XANA Beach Club occupies the Angsana Laguna Phuket beachfront in Phuket. It has a classic beach club setting on the west coast, with white fittings throughout, a 35-meter central pool, and a long swim-up bar. It is large setup has a high-quality sound system so you can enjoy relaxing music at the Café del Mar all day.

I really recommend this place!

Xana Beach Club info

Xana Beach Club location

It has an immaculately white décor, with ample canvas awnings over its all-white bar, grey hyacinth furnishings inside its restaurant, and private salas (cabanas), sun loungers with parasols around the area. The resident DJ of XANA Beach Club spins upbeat funk, soul, deep house, and night-time disco.

Bluesiam Beach Club 

Bluesiam Beach Club offers a quiet and laidback seaside spot on Bangtao Beach to chill out. Shaded cabanas, sun loungers, and sofas are to be found to relax on, with the soft sand only steps away. Smooth Latin music blends with soft wave sound.

Bluesiam Beach Club’s setting is splendid, attracting those who enjoy their calm and comfortable beach days. The whole terrace is right on the beach, with enough shade from coconut palms. You will also find many beautiful Thai statues all over the property.

Bang Tao Beach Restaurants 

The most significant concentration of high-end hotels and resorts in Phuket is found in Bangtao Beach, and there are fine dining restaurants to match where there are 5-star accommodations. There’s more to choose from than just hotel restaurants too-Bangtao has a great selection of first-class, and even budget-friendly restaurants.

We have researched on top dining spots in the area; we tried to accurately represent the richness of the variety available in Bang Tao. Although price, cuisine, and setting may vary, they all share the same high quality and great value.

Bampot Kitchen & Bar

Bampot Kitchen & Bar is a modern European restaurant which draws inspiration from the Europe-wide culinary scene to produce unique dishes., any haute cuisine restaurant might be graced with the menu presented here.

Yet Bampot Kitchen & Bar gets rid of any stuffiness or pretense, instead preferring a relaxed, fun, and friendly environment. Located at the entrance to Bangtao Beach’s Laguna resort area, it offers a gastronomic journey from fruity aperitifs to exquisite desserts.

Palm Seaside Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

Palm Seaside Restaurant, Bar & Lounge Located on Bangtao’s beachfront, Palm Seaside is a beautifully designed, contemporary venue with spacious open-air dining spaces under the stars.

The name Palm Seaside says it all when it comes to set as well as menu. You’ll find the freshest Andaman Sea goods contained in large tanks of water. Only pick the lobster/crab/fish of your choice and then get it cooked by the chef and his team to your taste.

CUT Grill & Lounge Phuket 

CUT Grill & Lounge Phuket is an extremely high-quality steak restaurant located on the lake behind Boat Avenue in Bangtao. It’s a classy lounge bar with a bonus as the show’s star, as the name suggests, is, without doubt, the finest cuts of beef, lamb, pork, and chicken, served in a beautiful setting with skill.

The newspaper-style menu includes a range of dishes beyond just beef, including a fairly impressive array of tapas, as well as salads, kinds of pasta, pizzas, seafood, and some Thai cuisine. The meats are the best option, though all grilled on a wood charcoal grill with the options, including rotisserie chicken, Australian Black Angus, and New Zealand lamb.

DeDos Restaurant Phuket

DeDos is one of the most talked-about restaurants in the Bangtao region, and for obvious reasons: Chef Pablo Blattman studied cuisine at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, France. He served in some of the most prestigious restaurants in France and Switzerland before opening DeDos in 2008. With a blend of French, Thai, Japanese, and Mediterranean tastes and textures, DeDos ‘ culinary creations are not only beautiful to look at but bursting with flavor.

The atmosphere and décor of DeDos are as sophisticated as the cuisine served, making it an excellent place for fine dining and special occasions. Nonetheless, high quality comes at a given price, so expect a somewhat steep bill.

Bang Tao beach hotels

Bangtao is a multifaceted vacation destination on the west coast of Phuket Island. Boasting the complex of the Laguna Phuket resort–seven five-star resorts located along the central part of the beach–potential visitors might think that this beautiful long stretch of white sand is somehow only reserved for a wealthy crowd. Still, the reality is very different as it stretches five kilometers from Son Cape in the south to Koh Kala in the north.

We’ve researched the best hotels in Bang Tao Beach, featuring the most frequented hotels and resorts in this well-preserved area of Phuket, with establishments renowned for the quality of their facilities and services, as well as the undeniable comfort and world-class standards.

Laguna Phuket Beach Resort

Laguna Beach Resort has a distinct neo-classical theme that runs through it, from the lobby to the fabulously fitted-out rooms. Room sizes are generous from 43sqm to 53sqm and either offer views of the sea or the lagoon as Outrigger is built on an absolute beachfront next to a picturesque lake.

With vigorous sea breezes and crashing waves, the beachside atmosphere is an integral part of the personality of the resorts.

Banyan Tree Phuket 

Banyan Tree Phuket is a five-star resort, part of the famous Laguna Group located on Phukets Bangtao Beach, a repossessed tin mine along the lush west coast of the islands. Banyan Tree Phuket accommodation is composed of Deluxe Villas; Pool Villas; Sanctuary Villas; Two-Bedroom Pool Villas, and Deluxe Two-Bedroom Pool Villas.

Banyan Tree Phuket home page

Villa amenities include en-suite bathrooms with full complimentary toiletries plus a private dressing area, bathrobes and slippers, safe, complimentary drinking water, a flat-screen TV with international channels and a DVD player, a sunbathing bath, complete privacy, a garden gazebo, a coffee machine, and tea maker, Wi-Fi access and more.

Dusit Thani Laguna

Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket is an almost royal five-star property on the beautiful west coast of Phuket, overlooking the Andaman Sea. The resort’s neo-colonial style blends beautifully with the acres of surrounding gardens, and the shoreline provides a natural and atmospheric border to the resort.

Dusit Thani Laguna home page

Laguna Phuket is Asia’s first incorporated resort. It consists of six hotels-each complementing a variety of facilities, restaurants, spas, a golf course, a beach club, and the beautiful beach, of course.

Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket consists of 225 elegantly furnished guest rooms and suites, all equipped with local wood, ceramics, and tiles to the highest standards. Additionally, there are 27 exclusive 292sqm private pool villas-all in a modern design with state-of-the-art amenities.

Angsana Laguna Phuket 

Angsana is undoubtedly a place for people: Beachside located in the rolling 600-acre Laguna Complex grounds. Angsana is perched on a central island with access to the waterways complexes, striking three-kilometer long Bangtao Beach and, oFF course Lagunas excellent and seemingly boundless facilities.

Angsana Laguna Phuket home page

With Phuket’s by far best kids club, a huge freeform pool (with a real sandy beach), families are well catered for here.

Sunwing Bangtao 

Beach Sunwing Resort & Spa enjoy and make the most of a heavenly location. When planned in a family-friendly resort, the rooms have a kitchenette (but no oven), and the Happy Baby rooms are just right for young families, as they also have a mini-garden and are poolside.

Sunwing Bangtao home page

Sunwing has a busy schedule for active families that changes weekly, and that also includes many games and fun with shows, face painting, movie time, acrobat show, water basketball, and much more.

How long is Bang Tao Beach?

Bang Tao Beach is 6 km long thus, making it one longest beach am the Phuket Beaches.

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