Surin beach

Surin beach

Surin beach

Surin Beach in Phuket is a great place to sunbathe on white and fine sand, with the Andaman Sea stretching out before you. The beach itself has clear water and lovely white beaches and is lined with large casuarina trees and small restaurants in the Thai theme.

In this article, we’ll share all about Surin beach and hence serve as a guide to know what to do when you get there, where to eat, and more.

Although one of Phuket’s safer beaches, hawkers may still be a minor nuisance, though most are only happy to walk around without getting directly in your face.

Surin beach

Surin Beach is situated along the Millionaire’s Row on the west coast of Phuket. It is lined by homes, high-end resorts, and boutique shops. It is very common throughout the year, but swimmers have to take note of strong currents that often occur during the low season.

Surin Beach is known as the five-star beach of Phuket, and the rich, royal and famous have long attracted Surin 800 meters.

The old golf course was once a favorite playing ground for Thai elites dressed in crisp white, and locals still talk about the visit to the beach in the 1950s by HM the King of Thailand. Since then, an impressive pavilion has been constructed near the beach entry, in his memory.

It is not a busy resort town, though popular with visitors, and is more like a coastal village.

Fine white sand and turquoise water have rendered the picturesque beach very popular with visitors, as well as Thais.

The entire area is awash with high-end hotels and apartments that have generated incentives for high-end restaurants and wine bars in exchange.

Surin beach

Surin beach nightlife

In the last few years, Surin’s nightlife has become quite muted. Once home to a great selection of luxurious beach clubs, they were all destroyed in mid-2016 as part of a program to restore to their natural, beautiful state the beaches of Phuket.

While the town behind the beach remains host to a number of top-quality restaurants and hotel bars, Surin is unfortunately no longer a place to party.

Champions Bar & Grill

The Novotel Phuket Surin Beach’s main bar, Champions, has a very family-friendly atmosphere, of course. It’s American-themed, eaten with fantastic burgers and snacks with novel napkins in denim-style.

It has a capacity of 60 people, with some of the more comfortable seating options available at any Phuket sports bar. And its eight flat-screen TVs display a variety of American and European sports like basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and motorsports, among many others.

Surin beach restaurants

Surin Beach is a particularly interesting location when it comes to food. Situated between the beaches of Bang Tao and Kamala, most of Surin’s best restaurants are great for families with young children.

On the beach, you can also find unique bars and trendy restaurants, where you can appreciate multicultural food at relatively affordable prices.

Hotel-owned dining outlets are great for those seeking dinner in Surin, with excellent service and views. Many of these resorts have rendered Sunday brunches of games reasonably priced for the little ones to appreciate.

Bocconcino Phuket

Bocconcino is an elegant Italian delicatessen situated across from Surin Plaza near Surin Beach. Inside the clean-cut, colorful wooden-themed interior, you’ll find an amazing array of Italian food products ranging from top-quality olive oils to candy for children and fruit juices.

What is peculiar about Bocconcino is that its food stock covers various aspects of its home country, from freshly baked bread as well as Foccacia, baguettes, pastries to cold cuts, sausages, bacon to canned goods like tomato sauce for pizzas and pasta, sardines, various types of spaghetti, olives, balsamic vinegar, spices, cheeses, coffee.

Bocconcino Phuket website


Here you will find a selection of Italian mineral water, as well as imported juices to a wonderful selection of Italian wines and spirits aimed at a more discerning clientele rather than a low-priced label.

In reality, the only foreign products available here are things that are also immensely popular in Italy (think Coca Cola, etc.); the only exception is Australian and American meats imported.

Bocconcino is a great place to eat and relax.

With imported Malaysian parquet floors, wooden shelving, a coffee bar with a live feed to Italian radio, and a dining area on the side with a full menu that varies slightly from midday tonight.

Bocconcino also has a fan-cooled, three-table al fresco section.

This may be all-day dining, but additional main courses and pizza are served at night. Consider the Osso Bucco melt-in-the-mouth on mashed potatoes or a new rocket salad with mushrooms and padona grana cheese with an outstanding combination of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Bocconcino Phuket location




Oriental Spoon Grill & Bar

Twinpalms ‘ flagship hotel, Oriental Spoon Grill & Bar is a trendy resort situated in Surin Beach on the west coast of Phuket.

Oriental Spoon and its adjoining Wine Room are incredibly sleek and fashionable. They can accommodate up to 130 guests in futuristic and imaginative environments mixing cutting-edge architecture with traditional Thai decorative elements and fabrics.

Oriental Spoon is among the leading restaurants in the Surin region, and its reputation for fine dining exceeds expectations as half its clientele comes from outside the city.

Set at the front of Twinpalms Phuket, you can access the Oriental Spoon Grill & Bar directly from outside.

The restaurant comprises of four distinctive areas as follows: a long corridor-like al fresco covered terrace offering a great sunset spot (the Andaman Sea can be seen slightly through the trees).

A cozy bar and lounge area with comfortable sofas, naturally illuminated by the large windows set on two side walls with a double-height ceiling, a large dining room with open kitchen, and the Wine Room location.

The restaurant’s setting is luxurious and elegant, yet the clothing code remains relaxed. Sweet jazz music (revisited versions of popular tunes such as Michael Jackson’s Heal The World, for example) compliment the venue’s relaxed atmosphere as the sun sets westwards behind the trees.

Oriental Spoon Grill & Bar offers Thai / Asian and western fusion dishes, with two distinct menus featuring different styles of cooking.

The original aspect of the Thai menu is the inclusion of the four colored rice kinds offered as side dishes: butterfly Pea Rice (blue), Pandanus Rice (brown), Turmeric Rice (yellow), and Roselle Rice (purple-red); each has specific health benefits.

The Thai menu includes many Thai cuisine staples like tom yam goong (Thailand’s most popular spicy seafood soup–390 baht), tom kha gai (chicken in full-flavored coconut milk–350 baht) and gai phad med mamuang (cashew nut chicken–350 baht) to name a few.

The word ‘fine dining’ would be fitting to describe the food served at Oriental, and the passion as well as the commitment of the Thai Chefs when preparing their dishes

The term ‘ fine dining ‘ would be fitting to describe the food served at Oriental, and the Thai Chefs ‘ passion and commitment to prepare their dishes is second to none; a great address for some state-of-the-art dining in Surin.

Sunday Brunch located at Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort

is among the most affordable and family-friendly of the many such weekly buffet lunches available around the island is the Sunday Brunch at Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort. It’s built with children in mind, like the majority of the property, and even includes a foam party by the beach, which kicks off at 14:00.

The most significant element of any good brunch is the food available. The variety varies from Japanese seafood to Italian pizzas and pasta and is extremely diverse.

It reaches all the big popular notes that would appeal to children and adults searching for recognizable tastes. If you want to experiment a little, you’ll still find some interesting Thai dishes too.

The Sunday Brunch, located at Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort, has some tough deeds to follow in terms of quality. Many of Phuket’s top hotels offer the same service, featuring their finest meals. The Novotel team put up an impressive fight, with professional chefs at work.

But the fact that they deliberately made it one of the most affordable options accessible implies the quality of the ingredients is suffering a little. Maybe the flavors aren’t as strong, or the preparations aren’t as exciting, but it’s great value for money at 599++ baht per person.

Unlike the brunches available at Phuket’s five-star hotels, this offer is exceptionally family-friendly. This is evident firstly in the price, which is already cheap for adults (as little as a quarter of the cost of some of the other branches around).

But then 50 percent cheaper for children aged 4 to 12 and free for under-4s. There are also plates and cutlery for the kids to enjoy at Mickey Mouse.

The live cooking stations are particularly noteworthy among the range produced at Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort’s Sunday Brunch. Pasta, rice, som tam, and roti can all be made just for you, with the pasta and sushi sticking out in particular.

The selection of bread is also quite remarkable, as extensive as a library. Eventually, one or two of the sweets add a little bit of pleasure and shine to the lunch, with the chocolate sauce injectors on the cupcakes.

While it lacks the up-market look and sophistication of many of Phuket’s leading brunches, Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort’s choice fits perfectly with the hotel’s style.

It is best suited for those traveling with young people with its waterslides, kid’s club, and many other family-oriented amenities.

Taste Bar & Grill

Taste Bar & Grill Phuket is located near both the beaches of Surin and Bangtao and serves fusion food using local and imported ingredients. At Taste, you’ll find classic dishes such as salads and tapas, as well as hearty Australian dishes like Black Angus steaks.

Lunch and dinner menus often highlight local seafood, and you can choose from dishes such as Blackened Tuna (335 baht), Maryland Crab Cakes (335 baht), and Thai Pomelo Salad with Shrimp (290 baht).

Along with delicious appetizers, like toothy flatbread-style pizzas, you can also choose from the main dishes, which are separated into portions of seafood and beef. There’s plenty of options for meat lovers, but vegetarians may consider rather small choices dependent on plants.

You can also appreciate some lighter choices at Taste Bar & Grill Phuket, depending on your time of arrival.

These include the popular “5 After 5” series, which operates from 17:00 to 19:00 and includes five separate specialty cocktails, including Apple Gin and Tonics, which use green apple essence to bring a delicious spin to a traditional drink.

At this period, bar treats are also offered, and you can choose from five tables of appetizers such as bruschetta, chicken wings, sliders, and calamari. All items on the 5 After five menu special are 99 baht.

Pad Thai Restaurant at Manathai Surin Phuket

Manathai Surin Phuket Resort’s Pad Thai Restaurant has an exquisite Thai-style dining room with an outstanding menu to match.

Seafood is a must-try here, particularly the stir-fried blue crab with black pepper and grilled snapper with spicy chili sauce. Schnitzel, lamb shank, tuna tartar, and traditional Caesar salad are all regional dishes.


Surin Beach

What happened to Surin Beach?

Surin beach was a great place to party, walk from beach clubs to bars, and all along with the beach restaurants.

You could relax in the many beach clubs ‘ cozy sofas before sunset when it was time to start dancing with fashionable bars and talented DJs.

Nevertheless, the Asian earthquake of 2004 washed out Surin’s tiny beachside shops and restaurants, but with each passing year, these were restored and began to expand bigger and bigger.

Restaurants started pouring over into the sand to please the growing number of beach-goers searching for deluxe sun loungers and drink service.

By the end of 2013, the soft golden sands of Surin were covered almost entirely by rows of umbrellas and sunbeds, and even retaining walls built by restaurants that wanted to keep their beach tables level.

This all came to a resounding halt in June 2014, when Surin was the first of several Phuket beaches to be cleared of commercial activity in a post-coup operation by the Thai army.

Both furniture, umbrellas and sunbeds were pushed off the beaches, and only the beach clubs and restaurants had to hem to the inland side of the beach footpath in their activities. Some have been completely shut down.

The regulations on what’s permitted on Surin beach were in flux in the months after the beach clearouts. However, by July 2015, Surin still had a row of beachside eateries plus mobile food stalls in the car park, beach relaxation service on shaded mats, and small umbrella and mattress rental services in zones.

The umbrella rental is 100 baht a day, or 200 baht for a two-matched umbrella. And, unfortunately, there is still permission to rent jet-ski.

The existing beach bars, stores, and restaurants along the beach may still be forced to close and be substituted by government-run services, according to news reports, but there are no indications of that occurring so far.

Today the beach with tons of palm trees is beautifully beautiful and natural, and parking is no longer a problem. But not all of that has gone! Thai people are far too resourceful not to find a way to get the trade back where it’s required most.

Surin beach today has a long line of local food sellers during high season, fresh fruit juice stalls, spa, beach toy vendors, and the list goes on. It’s good to see back to life.

Surin beach shopping

Surin may not be a popular shopping destination in Phuket, but if you’re in the city, there are several interesting places. Just before Surin City, there is an upmarket shopping mall where you will find international brands, as well as nice shops with good quality products near the beach itself.

Surin Beach Road has a wide variety of shops including tailors, galleries, souvenir and handicraft shops, and boutiques for women’s clothing. Also worth a visit are hotel owned boutiques, especially if you are in Phuket looking for high-end souvenirs and textiles.

Lemongrass House

Lemongrass Hotel, in Surin City, specializes in herbal aromatherapy, spa treatments, and beauty products.

The shop, which was established in 1996, sells a wide range of essential oils, shampoos, face and body lotions in packaging produced from 100% recyclable materials. Prices in neighboring resorts are about three times lower than what you would get.

Oriental Fine Art

Oriental Fine Art is a luxury museum that sells antiquities from China, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia. Some of their outstanding pieces feature carved Buddha sculptures and high-quality teak furnishings. Surin Beach is less than 200 meters to the east of the showroom.

Paul Ropp

PAUL ROPP is a clothing brand located in Bali, with several Phuket branches. Renowned for its highly colored tropical styles, people, women, and children will wear hand-woven cotton and silk garments. There are choices from tops and dresses to scarves, socks, and caps.

Pool Minimart

Pool Minimart is a family-run minimart selling just about everything you need for a day at Surin beach. Inflatable balls, swimming rings, sunglasses, swimming suits, postcards, suntan lotions, hats, and cold drinks are essential.

The Plaza Surin

The Plaza Surin is a complex that holds upmarket fashion brands from around the globe.

With respected brands like Alexander Lamont, Andara Boutique, and Soul of Asia, you will browse for exquisite shoes, designer clothes, art objects, and antiques. Surin Plaza sits some 650 meters east of Surin Bay, on Phuket’s west coast.

Tesco Lotus Surin

The Tesco Lotus Surin offers residents of Cherng Talay and Surin Beach easy shopping and leisure time. This supermarket offers a wide variety of affordable items, including groceries, clothing, gadgets, and household goods. Inside the property, there are also several on-site stores, mainly fast-food chains.

Best beaches in Phuket


Surin beach
Surin beach

Phuket is renowned, perhaps more than anything else, for its spectacular beaches. There is a wide variety of atmospheres, sceneries, facilities, and even textures of sand available with over 30 of them around the island. With such a large amount of choice, however, the issue of which is Phuket’s best beach is unavoidable.

It is not easy to have a precise answer to this question, and it depends largely on how you define a’ good beach.’

We wanted to incorporate a variety of metrics, from the selection of local places to eat and drink to the sand’s fineness and the surrounding idyll city.

Phuket beaches and Phuket most beautiful places

Phuket beaches and Phuket most beautiful places

Kata Beach

Kata Beach has it all–beautiful soft sand, nodding palm trees, clean waters with the soft seabed, good low season surfing, and high season snorkeling, and a fantastic relaxed atmosphere.

It has colorful long-tail boats moored at the northern end, with a few budget food and drink vendors often found nearby, while the southern end has a choice of beachfront hotels and restaurants and an exciting Surf House FlowRider park. It doesn’t normally get too busy at about 1.5 km in length, either.

Freedom Beach

A 300 meter long stretch of some of Phuket’s finest white sand, Freedom Beach has all the beauty of a remote desert island but also a bar and beach chairs. It doesn’t have any of the normal jet skis, parasailing, and roaming stalls to annoy you.

At the same time, you’re hanging out (as is popular on some of the busier beaches), making it the best combination of quiet without losing convenience.

Going there is a bit tricky, being only accessible by long-tail boat or a steep footpath down a hill, so it has an exclusive breeze.

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi is a neighbor to Kata Beach (the name means “little Kata Beach”), but it is an incredibly beautiful location.

The beach here is among the finest, the shore among the nicest restaurants in Phuket, and the nearby restaurants among the strongest.

Along with its range, there are only a few hotels, but they are also listed among the best available.

A much cooler location to the north than its big brother, it has a more calm and relaxing feeling while still providing the same great opportunities for surfing and snorkeling.

Ya Nui Beach

With a total length of fewer than 200 meters–and that in an L-shaped curve–Ya Nui is one of the shortest beaches in Phuket, and yet is incredibly popular for its scale.

It’s not hard to see why it’s just under Windmill Viewpoint, with its stunning sand and sea and compelling scenery.

The rocky outcrop of the beach is somewhat popular, is easy to climb on for stunning holiday snaps, and helps create perfect snorkeling conditions.

Despite its small size, there is a good selection of restaurants, vendors, and accommodations nearby.

Paradise Beach

The name says everything –Paradise! Less than 200 meters in length and with a little rocky headland rendering it essentially two beaches, this small cove near Patong has calm waters with a smooth seabed pretty much all year round.

At the same time, the beautiful white sand is shaded by nodding palm trees that look as if they came straight from the cover of a holiday brochure.

As Paradise Beach Club’s house, the tiny cove has a wide range of amenities, including restaurants, pubs, sea kayaks, beach chairs, and more. It is also the host of the only beach parties in the Koh Phangan-style of Phuket.

Nai Harn Beach

Once a quiet and secluded spot on Phuket’s southern end, the 660-meter-long Nai Harn Beach has been “discovered” very definitely and is still growing in popularity.

Nevertheless, the location has not been heavily built due to the relatively small size of the bay and the existence of a large lake almost directly behind the beach, so it maintains its peaceful charm.

It is a relatively family-friendly beach with a good choice of accommodation, shops, and restaurants nearby, with its soft sand, station lifeguards, and very softly sloping sandy seabed. It is also a good place to kite-surf on windier days.

Bangtao Beach

Bangtao is one of Phuket’s largest beaches, at 6 km in length. Along that length, you’ll find some of the top hotels, restaurants, and beach clubs on the island, making it a popular place for visitors and locals of all kinds.

While the landscape may not be as picturesque and the sand may not be as pleasant as some of the other locations on our list.

Bangtao is still one of Phuket’s best beaches due to the sheer variety of nearby attractions and the sheer size, so it’s never that hard to find a peaceful place to enjoy some quiet.

Patong Beach

No list of Phuket’s best beaches might be full without including Patong. Undoubtedly the island’s most famous stretch of coastline, it could be said to be a survivor of its fame, usually busy along its 2.5 km length.

No area of Phuket has a more vibrant feeling, however.

There are various great restaurants and hotels in the town behind the beach, as well as the best of Phuket’s nightlife, while the beach itself has lovely sand and lots of attractions and activities.

Karon Beach

Karon Beach has the thrilling privilege to have Phuket’s squeakiest beach.

Nice and gentle, when you’re walking, it creates a humorous echo. It is the third-longest beach in Phuket, at 3.3 km in length, and is close to being perfectly straight.

For a lot of the southern end, it’s beautifully lined with trees, with northern volleyball networks and beachfront restaurants.

The sea here, though known for its heavy riptides in the low season, is very approachable.

There are virtually no rocks along the beach length, so you can take a refreshing dive without the risk of hurting your feet.

How far is Surin Beach from Phuket Airport?

Surin Beach is about 20 minutes from Phuket Airport.

A co-op taxi from the airport charges 600 pools, while a metered taxi can do the ride for as little as 500.

The local taxi gang needs 700 baht for the journey back — 15 km from Phuket Airport (HKT) to Surin Beach. The gap from the bridge is 22.7 Km.


Surin Beach

How far is Surin beach to Patong?

The distance to Surin Beach and Patong is 10 km, while the distance from the road is 13.5 Km.

How far is Surin Beach from Karon Beach?

The distance from Surin Beach to Karon is around 15 km.


Why is Phuket so famous? Here we come up with a list of many ideas why!

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