Cooking Classes in Phuket

Cooking Classes in Phuket

Cooking Classes in Phuket

Do you love exotic Thai food flavors? Do you wish to learn the secrets of genuine Thai cooking? What better place in Phuket than right here. Courses range from simple introductions that will give you a taste of Thai cooking basics to rigorous classes that can make you a master chef.

Thai cooking experience is a souvenir that will last your entire life and encourage you to relive your Phuket vacation on the rainiest days. Thai cooking classes are taught by highly experienced and well-respected Thai chefs who can teach you about ingredients, techniques, and the all-important flavor balance. Cooking classes are available throughout the year in Phuket and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Enjoying delicious Thai food is an excellent highlight of traveling to Phuket. If you learn from a local expert chef the secrets of Thai cooking, you will have the ability to impress your friends and family with your home cooking creations.


Home Style Family Class with Food Carving and Phuket Market Tour


You’ll learn how to cook balanced, authentic Thai meals at this B cookery lesson. In a variety of dishes, they use homemade curry paste along with lots of other fresh produce to deliver the best flavor. B’s even shows you how to make fruit carvings, a national favorite, and coconut milk.

The launching of the whole cooking experience will start in the fresh market. Purchase all of the local ingredients. The market tour is paired with herbal education and Thai culinary history. Cooking in the open-air kitchen will give you plenty of fun.

Teacher Bee helps individually from the chopping board to the serving plate to be a good chef for each student. You’ll make the curry paste, coconut milk homemade. The student learns how to produce extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil.

This home-style cookery class is limited to 4-6 people to get maximum personal attention. In the fresh markets, all of the ingredients are purchased together. While studying herbs, vegetables, and Thai culinary history, customers can try various Thai foods with a lot of fun. From curry paste to coconut milk, everything is handmade.


The private Thai Cooking experience in Phuket

There are always great picks for online booking, we personally love the experiences with

All the choices of private Phuket cooking classes from the well-assorted list.


Cooking Classes in Phuket


Cooking Local Thai Food in Phuket


Sawasdee Kha invites you to cook class at Phuket. It is located in the quiet area of Kata, which can be reached from Kata Beach in just 10 minutes’ walk. The class is taught by an experienced professional trainer who will show you how to cook traditional Thai food quickly.

Begin the class by picking you up from your hotel and go on a Kata Local Market tour. You will be able to learn about the ingredients that Thai Food is not just food to eat but a medicine as well. With your new Thai cooking skill, you’ll be ready to impress your families and friends in a short time.

There are two daily cooking classes (Morning and Afternoon), each of which comes with its menu that you choose according to your preferences. Private Cooking Class is also available for those who do not want to compete with other participants to have the entire class.

Cooking Class Menu

  • Tom Yum Goong

  • Pad Thai

  • Green Curry

  • Mango Sticky Rice


Thai cooking class in Phuket


This friendly Phuket cooking course offers cooking lessons for small groups of up to 6. The class starts with a trip to a local market to shop for fresh ingredients, and then you will have a busy time making at least three main dishes, curry paste, and a dessert.

Also included in the full-day class is coconut milk and coconut oil lecture. Halal is used as ingredients, and vegetarian dishes can be made on request. The class requires transportation from some places, or if it is outside their normal pick-up areas, a taxi service could be arranged for an extra charge.

There are private Thai cooking lessons that give you your special friends or family a gift that they will never forget. It will be an enjoyable and memorable experience to discover how to prepare a delicious array of authentic Thai dishes through our hands-on cooking courses featuring the entries you choose from.


Half-Day Thai Cooking Class


Thai Cooking Academy recently opened its branch in Phuket where you can take part in one of our world-famous cooking classes. Get to learn how to cook authentic Thai cuisine with seasoned chefs who will be walking you through every recipe step by step.

Enjoy a tour of the local market where will be shown the famous Thai ingredients and alternatives there. You can sit down and enjoy all your hard work in our beautiful dining area when the cooking is all over.

Get your hotel picked up and moved to the Phuket Thai Cooking Academy, where you will meet your professional English-speaking chefs. Your lesson starts with a local market trip to find the best fresh ingredients for your next meal. Read about the various elements that go into Phuket cooking as you shop.

Get started at your hands-on cooking lesson when you return to the kitchen. Your professional teachers direct you through 5 unique dishes being prepared, baked, and plated.

Make a delicious curry, side dishes such as fried rice noodles or papaya salad, or coconut sticky rice sweet mango.

Half-day and full-day courses for all levels of culinary skills are available in English, Thai, or Chinese. In addition to learning how to make dishes such as pad thai, som tam, or tom yum goong, Thai cuisine can teach you some basic techniques such as producing coconut milk and curry pastes.

Classes include a local market visit and a free return-trip from Patong, Kathu, Kata, Kamala, and Phuket City.

There are also Vegetarian classes available.


Thai cooking class Phuket Patong Beach


Pum Restaurant emphasizes simplicity–dishes are based on traditional Thai cuisine adapted to a modern, fast-paced setting. You’ll be shown how to recreate recipes that you learned here in Phuket, while at the comfort of your own home through keeping things simple and using only new, natural ingredients that can be found today in most countries.

You won’t need any necessary skills or knowledge to get started. Young Thai teachers will describe the used ingredients very kindly then direct you through the cooking process, which is surprisingly simple. Classes are held regularly, and all students receive a book of receipts and a certificate.

Pum’s Cooking School is located near the giant Jungceylon shopping complex on Rat-U-Thit Rd, Patong, in a bright orange-colored shop-house, and also serves as a bar and restaurant. On one side, it has an open space that is used as a dining area and, at one end, a small public bar.

The kitchen is big as well as open and occupies a large part of the restaurant. This is where students cook after all the teacher’s methods have been taught. There is no hideout in a locked kitchen at Pum’s Cooking School.

Pum, or Yardfon Booranapim, started cooking when she was a young girl and gave her full name. Her grandmother was her first tutor.

She later added her personal touches to food production, using elements from the many countries she’d lived in or visited.

Her slogan is:’ Keep it simple, use natural ingredients and create beauty.’ She runs two cookery schools, one in Patong and the other on Phi Phi Island.

The Patong school has four teachers, including Pum herself. The teacher Pui is a lovely Thai lady who was open for five of the six years the school has been working with Pum.

Pui is an excellent cook and knows how to make it easy for everyone to cook, especially people like me who don’t have experience. Khun Pui said her pupils were a mixed bunch. Some are professional chefs, but most are just good-food lovers.

The youngest was only eight. Phad Thai, Gaeng kiew wan (green curry), and Tom yum (hot and sour soup) are the three most popular dishes among students.

Pum’s Cooking School and Restaurant are open daily from 10:00 are to 11:00 pm, and there are four cooking class lengths: 90 minutes, four hours, five hours, and six more hours. Mine began at 11:00 and ended at about 3:00 pm.

There was an Australian lady in my class, too, a flight attendant named Carla. She travels a lot and has tasted many different cuisines, but one of her favorites is Thai. Despite knowing Thai food well, she never cooked it. Her aim was for her family to be able to cook Thai meals.

Pui asked us to choose from a small cookbook that she hands over to the students when the class starts. I selected chicken with cashew nuts and curry chicken noodle soup. Carla’s options were sweet-and-sour fried chicken, and Andaman fried rice.

You’ll begin by getting to know Thai vegetables, herbs, spice, sauces, and the different ingredients used in daily cooking. Pui let each of them taste and smell–lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, fish sauce, and dark soy sauce and oyster sauce.

She tries to help students compare these ingredients with similar ingredients they may have in their home countries to assist then get to use the “home” ingredients as alternatives. That said, in most countries, most of the ingredients can be purchased easily enough from Thai or Asian stores.

It is said time flies when you’re having fun, and in Pum’s school, this was the case.

You will start cooking the first dish after getting to know all of the ingredients, and then sat down to eat it.

There is also an exchange of ideas and opinions on the taste and the methods of cooking. Then they cooked and sat down to eat those again. Last but not least, prepare Thai food, and it’ll be delicious.


Kata Thai cooking class


Kata Thai Cooking Class teaches the way real, and authentic Thai food is cooked. You will be confident that when you leave home, you will be able to do so.

The courses start with the selection of basic ingredients, demonstration cooking, actual cooking, and taste your food. Additionally, there is a market tour that will bring you to see the real, local Thai market and taste the majority of Thailand-produced fruits. The class has a friendly atmosphere which helps to create good relationships.

You get the personal touch at Kata Thai Cooking Class than a large kitchen could lack. Just love healthy and tasty cooking, and learn about Thai ingredients, the flavor, and the secrets for Thai cooking your own and every day.

Three teachers teach the class. It begins with Phuket local folk Sally. Her mother’s side owned Phuket restaurant for nearly 70 years. She was inherited from the family real authentic Thai cuisine, along with the skills and techniques to make Thai food taste real.

Adding Jim to the class, which is from Bangkok, Thailand’s capital makes the class more fun. His cooking style adds more fad fun uniqueness to every single dish that the class provided.

Eventually, Su, her aunty, arrives to step in, making the class richer and well-organized to deliver the best to all of you. The three real ones are Thais, who were born, raised, and taught the combination of Thai cooking classic and modern ways.


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