Is It Better To Stay In Phuket Or Phi Phi?

Is It Better To Stay In Phuket Or Phi Phi?

Is It Better To Stay In Phuket Or Phi Phi?


Are you looking forward to the next vacation and Thailand is on your top destinations? Phuket Or Phi Phi?

Being a beautiful country, you may be confused about where to stay. Some of the gorgeous beaches in Thailand are Phi and Phuket. It is not easy where to stay between these two because each has impressive features and stunning white beaches.

They are on the southwestern coast of Thailand and have many similar characteristics.

However, if you look closely, you can find some slight differences here and therefore.

Read on to know which beach will give you the best experience during a holiday.


Which Is Bigger Between Phuket And Phi Phi?

While both islands are stunning, Phi Phi is smaller than Phuket. This means you do not have much to do here, but it’s worth a few days visit.

There are great places to stay, and according to most travel agents, you should not book less six less than days to save money if you want to save money accommodation, book for six or more days. Phuket is not crowded without exciting landscapes.

On the other hand, Phi Phi is a big island with a lot of things to do. It is always crowded, especially during high season. But with so many things to do, you will not have a dull moment here.

The beaches are stunning, and you should not miss out on the famous Maya Bay, surrounded by high limestone cliffs. This extreme beauty is just one of the reasons Phi Phi Island attracts thousands of visitors every year.

What’s more, you can also find the Bamboo Island if you are looking for an isolated place.

It has calm waves and simple local bars along with restaurants where you can dine.

During the days but also in the very common warm evenings, you can enjoy a walk on the soft golden sands found on the end part of northern Phi Phi Don Island.


Which Is Bigger Between Phuket And Phi Phi?


How Many Islands Does Phi Phi Have?

The Phi Phi islands are a group of six islands in the Krabi Province of Thailand. 

There is a larger and populated island in this group, which is Koh Phi Phi Don. 

Koh Phi Phi Le is the second-largest island with its beaches receiving a lot of people. The remaining islands are Koh Bida Noi, Koh Young (Mosquito Island), Koh Bida Nai and Koh Pai (Bamboo Island).

The ferries from Phuket and Krabi serves the Phi Phi islands twice a day. The islands can also be accessed by speedboats as well as longtail boats.


Phi Phi islands

Phi Phi island tours


How Many Islands Does Phuket Have?

Phuket is a province found in the southern part of Thailand. Phuket Island is the largest island in the country and is surrounded by 32 other islands along its coast.

Kata Beach offers shady palm trees and clear waters suitable for snorkeling. In the southern part of Kata Beach, there are hotels, bars, restaurants, surfing spots to mention just but a few.

Other features worth noting in Phuket Island are The James Bond Island, Khao Ping Khan, which is part of The Ao Pang Nga National Park, as well as the Freedom Beach, which offers a very tranquil environment suitable for relaxing and meditation.


Phuket Tours

Phuket Tours

How Many Days Are Enough To Spend In Phuket?

Spending about five days in Phuket would serve you well. 

Well! Phuket is still the largest island in Thailand, so get ready because it is plenty of things to do on the island. You should list down all the activities you would like to participate in as well as places you would like to visit.

Some of the activities include; snorkeling at Kata Beach as well as kayaking.

Some of the very notorious places to visit in Phuket include Prompthep Cape, most photographed location on the island. It offers a very fantastic sunset view, the Kata View Point, and Karon View Point, which provide a spectacular view of the magnificent bays from a hilltop.

You should also plan on visiting the floating village of Koh Panyee, which was built about200 years ago. It is built on stilts. While still there, take your time to visit Khao Sok National Park, which is the oldest rainforest in Thailand.

It is great for camping as well as trekking. The Bang Pae waterfalls found at the Khao Phra Thaeo national park in Thalang is another place worth visiting. It is popular among the islanders and is often used as a picnic spot.



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How many days do you need in Phi Phi Island?

Three days on Phi Phi Island are enough to visit different places on the island as well as participate in the activities around. While in Phi Phi Island, some of the activities include;

  • Scuba diving

There are a lot of diving spots and guides around the island who will make sure you get a great scuba diving experience.

  • Exploring the nightlife

Koh Phi Phi has a very vibrant nightlife. Along the beach, there are neon parties that provide great music, limbo, rope jumping as well as fire shows.

  • Shopping

The island is filled with shops selling souvenirs as well as clothes. With good bargaining skills, you can get excellent offers.

  • A ride in the long tail boat

When you visit Thailand, ensure to take a longtail boat ride. It is fun and helps make perfect photos.

  • Hiking up to Phi Phi Viewpoint

The hike is manageable, and the viewpoint provides the most spectacular sunset.

  • Walking Around the Island

The island is small, and you can explore it on foot. It is an excellent experience, especially if you want to have a romantic walk or just talk with someone while getting the taste of the Phi Phi outdoor area.


How many days do you need in Phi Phi Island?


Is it Worth Staying On Phi Phi Island? 

Yes. You should stay in Phi Phi Island for about two days or even more, spending your time choosing to visit some of the most interesting places, doing various activities as you wish (I have always been at least 2 nights on the island). It is stunning, and every day spent here is magical. 

The most common places to visit are also probably the most crowded, depending on the season, such as the Maya Bay, the Viking Cave. 

You can go to try particular activities such as snorkeling off Koh Young Island, relaxing and bathing at Koh Pai Island. Besides, visiting Monkey Bay, where there are fearless monkeys that interact with tourists, will create beautiful memories for you.

While there, you can also enjoy a tour around the islands on a speedboat, especially if you love the waters.

The Phi Phi Viewpoint offers a great view of the land below and is suitable for everyone regardless of their age.


Is A Day Trip To Phi Phi Worth It?

No. A day trip to Phi Phi is worth not it. Phi Phi is a smaller island compared to Phuket but has a lot of tourists and activities taking place. Back in 2004, the island was destroyed by a tsunami. 

The reconstruction left the place overdeveloped … once again.

This makes it hard to maneuver your way through the islands. The ferries and boats are all over the water with long queues of tourists.


Is-It-Better-To-Stay-In-Phuket-Or-Phi-Phi? Is A Day Trip To Phi Phi Worth It?
Is-It-Better-To-Stay-In-Phuket-Or-Phi-Phi? Is A Day Trip To Phi Phi Worth It? Ferries docked at Tonsai Pier, Phi Phi Don.


You will end up consuming much time maneuvering your way through the ships, the longtail boats, and tourists, leaving you little to explore the islands. If you have to get the full experience of Phi Phi Island, one day is not enough.

You need about three days to see everything there is to see on Phi Phi Islands. It is still a fantastic holiday spot to explore with sufficient time.


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Phi Phi Island by speedboat – Phuket


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What should I wear to Phi Phi Island?

Just like any tropical island, Phi Phi Island’s dressing code is simple. Along the beaches, bikini, shorts, swimsuits, as well as simple shoes, are ordinary.

While visiting the villages, simple and casual wear is recommended. This is to help cope with the heat as walking is the only means of transport. 

It is also normal to see villagers wearing swimsuits, but if you are conservative, you can wear something that covers the body.

Besides, if you visit Phi Phi Island off-season, it might be a little cold, especially in the evening.

Wearing a shirt and a pair of shorts and casual dresses is common during the night in the village. While visiting the luxurious resorts, men mostly wear polo shirts and shorts, and women dress in smart casual clothes.

When using the ferries, carry heavier clothes with you if you prefer staying down below as the temperatures range between 20 and 25 degrees.

Always make sure you have a warm court for times when the weather gets cold suddenly or due to areas such as the ferry.


What Food to Expect In Phi Phi Island

Restaurants in Phi Phi Island provide food mostly preferred by the young as well as travelers on the move.

A Menu typical on the island includes rice-centered dishes such as Khao Mun Gai and Khao Mok Gai. In Phi Phi, breakfast comprises of Khanom Cheen, a Chinese rice-based dish.

Phi Phi island is also rich in fresh fruits as well as different international foods. The cuisine is tasty and worth trying when spending time here.


What Food to Expect In Phuket Island

Phuket Island is popular with high-end foods. It offers international dishes as well as Roti pancakes and fresh tropical fruits.

In Phuket Island, there is a blend of Thai dishes and foreign cuisine.

The restaurants in Phuket Island provide very romantic environments.

This is one of the islands where you should be ready to try out various cuisines.

They are worth every bite, and you will find some closer to what you are used to eating.


Which Is The Best Place To Stay In Phi Phi Island?

The best place to stay while visiting the Phi Phi Islands is near the coastline.

The hotels are spread across the island, but there four notable areas, Long Beach, Central Area, Phi Phi East Coast as well as Laem Thong.

The Central Area has affordable guesthouses and rooms suitable for tourists traveling on a low budget.

The central area also offers ease of access to bars, cafes, and other social amenities within Phi Phi. Laem Thong is situated in a fishing village, offering a quiet and peaceful environment.

The long beach offers a peaceful and tranquil experience. Hotels found in this area are close to a jungle exhibiting magnificent architecture.

The east coast of Phi Phi is a remote area with rapidly increasing growth.




Which is the best place to stay in Phuket Island?

Just like in Phi Phi Islands, the most appropriate place to stay in Phuket Island is along the coastline.

With so many hotels with beach-fronts, it is easy to find a perfect location. The main areas with hotels in Phuket Island are Kata Beach and Patong Beach.

If you are searching for a place filled with parties on Phuket Island, Patong Beach should be on top of your list.

The area is concentrated with bars and clubs, providing the party experience at your doorsteps. Kata beach, on the other hand, is popular with tourists in search of water sports.

This is due to its closeness to the beach. Kata beach also provides easy access to clubs, shops, restaurants as well as bars.


What is the best time to visit Phi Phi and Phuket Islands?

The climate in Phi Phi, Krabi as well as Phuket is similar. The most convenient time to visit either of these places is between November and April.

During this period, the weather is more relaxed, making it suitable for swimming as well as boat riding. The monsoon season occurs between May and October.

During this period, the average temperature is between 28 and 29 degrees. During this period, the accommodation prices are much lower with a comparatively smaller number of tourists.

Regardless of the small tourist population and cheap accommodation prices, the waters are dangerous during this time of the year due to the heavy rains, violent waves, and powerful currents.



Phi Phi and Phuket Islands offer the best features any tourists could be searching for. Phuket Island offers party opportunities while Phi Phi Island a quiet and peaceful environment.

Depending on what you are looking forward to, you can choose to visit either of the two islands.


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