Things to do at Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach and things to do

Kamala Beach is a top-rated beach that runs down from Patong Beach, along the main road. It is an optimum destination for tourists and is regarded as one of Phuket’s best things to do. It is due in large part to a combination of soft white sand, crystal clear waters, a shopping area, and a range of restaurant options for those visiting the region.

In this article, we gathered all the necessary information about Bout Kamala Island and will serve as a guide for your first day in Kamal. I t will help you make the most of your first visit to this relaxed destination.


Kamala Beach is also a favored family destination.

It usually a very quiet beach with only Phuket Fantasea as a highlight.

However, due to the opening of the new Cafe Del Mar beach club, its popularity grew.

Kamala is yet a beautiful long beach with clear waters during high season, with a pleasant number of beach restaurants and shopping options, several great hotels including some with direct access to the beach.

Kamala Beach lies just north of Patong’s lights and noise and is a more peaceful stretch of beach. This well-encompassed bay and fishing village surrounded by wooded hills is one of Phuket’s most beautiful places.


Kamala is among the favorite spot for retirees and other long-term visitors staying in small hotels, villas, and apartment rentals around the village over the past few years with its quieter pace.

A variety of luxury villa developments are located on the headland to the south, with great views over Kamala Bay and beyond along its winding road.

You’ll get to fall in love with the relaxed atmosphere of the quiet town during your first time at Kamala Beach.

Kamala’s nightlife is all about fun shows and quite drinks than wild parties, among the most family-friendly of the Phuket beaches.

The long, pleasant as well as sandy beach, is lined with a wide selection of restaurants, with a good budget choice and high-end options available throughout the town.

The shopping opportunities are fairly limited; they are more local-centric, providing you with a genuinely Thai experience and some great bargains.

Given its great popularity with holidaymakers, Kamala hasn’t been completely overwhelmed by tourist-oriented buildings, but still have its local parts. More so, especially the parts farthest from the beach.


Kamala beach things to do

Kamala is a rather peaceful beach on the west coast of Phuket, between mountains filled with rainforests and the Andaman Sea. It was once the small fishing village has Patong Beach to the south, and Surin Beach to the north immediately. For your convenience, the beach now offers many facilities and high-quality hotels.

Kamala has few things to do, besides relaxing on its sands. It may be popular with those seeking a quiet holiday destination in Phuket, but to keep things interesting, it has several activities.


Visit Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea hosts Kingdom Fantasy, a grand live performance featuring trapeze artists, a cast of over 150, and an exotic storyline that mixes tradition and fantasy. It is also a large cultural theme park featuring carnival-like activities, plenty of shopping opportunities, and one of Asia’s largest buffets. It’s amazing; it’s lavish, it’s fantastic and great value for all ages on entertainment.

An evening with its iconic stage show at Phuket Fantasea peaks, but that isn’t the only excitement. There’s a village with plenty of shopping options–from t-shirts to beachwear to jewelry–as well as carnival games and restaurants.

It’s all tall, bright, ornate and made to impress. Phuket Fantasea’s services are very effective, having you picked up, fed, entertained, and safely returned to your hotel-all without missing a beat.

Main Event is the Kingdom Fantasy taking place at the Elephants Theater, a theater that looks like a magnificent, centuries-old theater. Within cameras are not permitted, and are taking it very seriously. The show kicks off at 9 pm in the grand style. The stage is enormous, but the space for performance is even greater.

Every part of the theatre, including the aisles, ceilings, and audiences, is used. While the eye is met with modern effects such as smoke, fires, lasers, rain, flying men, the brain gets insights into Thai culture in the form of traditional dances from various parts of the country, shadow puppets, and a fascinating wardrobe.

It’s not easy to follow the plot, but it doesn’t matter. Loud and funny moments interrupted by quiet, beautiful interludes do an excellent job of conveying the emotion. The result is a display that is as spectacular as outside the theater sights. Young kids, old kids, and adult kids all enjoy the show.

Tickets cost only 1,800 baht per person for just the show 2,200 baht per adult, and 2,000 baht per child (4-12 years old) for the show and dinner buffet. All tickets include access to and most of Phuket Fantasea Park.


Tour Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh Beach in Phuket hides on the west coast between the beaches of Kamala and Surin. Nestled in a steep-sided bay, lined with nodding palm trees and dotted with giant rocks, it has a secret beach feel. However, as you can see from a popular viewpoint along the coastal road, this is not a very well-kept secret.

For bodyboarding, the northern part of the beach is good. In the southern part, swimming and snorkeling are excellent, with lots of fish to be seen around the rocky headland separating the beach from Kamala Bay.

Given that getting to Laem Singh Beach is a little difficult, you can expect a quiet, remote environment without having to travel too far from Phuket’s famous resort towns.

Laem Singh Viewpoint is a popular coastal road stop in Phuket, between Kamala Beach and Surin Beach. It’s also a nice place to rest, with seating and a roof providing shelter from the sun for a while. You can enjoy great views of the impressive sunsets Phuket has to offer.


Visit the neighbor Surin beach!

Surin beach


Kamala Friday Market

Visiting Kamala Friday Market will give you a glimpse into Southern Thailand’s fascinating local culture. Kamala retains much of its Muslim culture and tradition, which you may not find anywhere else in Phuket.

The market offers fresh vegetables, nuts, meat and seafood, and the opportunity to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. A market section has stalls that sell clothes and accessories at bargain prices.


Wat Baan Kamala

Wat Baan Kamala is a Buddhist temple on the beachfront of Kamala, to the southern end of it. Completely rebuilt and renovated after the deadly tsunami of Phuket in 2004, the temple occupies a beautifully landscaped garden with five buildings: an ordination hall, a bell tower, a dormitory for monks, and a refectory, together with two small buildings housing Buddha images as well as statues.

The appropriate time to visit Wat Baan Kamala is in the late afternoon when golden sun rays softly illuminate it.


Kamala surfing

Kamala surfing is one of Phuket’s favorite surf spots. The beach has three clear sections, each providing an excellent playground for surfers. The southern part-from Wat Baan Kamala to Kamala Village-is the right place for medium / high tide beginners with its gentle swell.

The central area of Kamala–between the village and Phuket Fantasea–is more popular with advanced surfers, with sandbanks creating 3-meter high waves. The beach’s northern end requires excellent skills, as it has a small break at the reef point, creating tricky swells.


Kamala beach nightlife

The Kamala Beach nightlife scene on Phuket’s west coast may not be the most buzzing, but it hosts enough cool venues to satisfy mellow partygoers. Kamala’s best nightlife spots include pubs, restaurants, and other entertainment venues.

Other fascinating spots in Kamala offer an eclectic choice, like stylish and opulent lounging alternatives at 5-star resorts, unfussy and welcoming beer bars, sports bars and pubs, and cool rock’ n’ roll bars. Kamala is quite quiet, but it has sufficient quality places to entertain its visitors at night.


Café Del Mar Phuket

Café del Mar Phuket is a classy beach club from the world-famous brand originating out of Ibiza. It draws the complex party atmosphere of its namesake to the northern end of Kamala Beach, with a strong-quality environment and a wonderful soundtrack of hang-out beats.

Located right next to the modern and elegant HQ Beach Lounge, Café del Mar boasts a woodsier beach-hut-like look, with a main bar thatch-roofed in the heart.

You can relax in the upmarket atmosphere on cabanas, sofas, seats, stools, or mats by the beach while enjoying the chillout music played daily from around 6 pm by a live DJ.


Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro

Pub Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Pub is an elegant cocktail lounge located on the rooftop of Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel & Villas, a 5-star resort situated along Phuket’s Millionaire Mile in the southern part of Kamala Beach.

The Featuring four sections: a comfortable indoor lounge, an outdoor terrace overlooking Kamala Bay. Beach the Andaman Sea, a snooker room, and, on the upper floor, a wide space built for private parties (birthdays, weddings), Vanilla Sky Bar is indeed a sumptuous location.

Vanilla Sky was cleverly thought out to offer its well-heeled guests an incomparable atmosphere. The menu features an impressive list of cocktails perfectly mixed with experienced bartenders and delicious tapas to accompany.


Aussie Pub 

Aussie Pub is a large2-story venue along the Kamala main road, when coming from the south, on the right before the Rim Hat Road intersection. ). It’s a very lively and popular one, and that’s for some good reasons: featuring 6 TV screens, punters can watch all major sporting events broadcast live.

The second-floor pool table offers good time with friends; the menu hosts a large selection of international dishes and pub grub, and the charming waitresses are very friendly yet unobtrusive.

The Aussie Pub, with its casual and friendly atmosphere, is the right place to spend a pleasant evening chatting with ex-pats and visitors alike. Do not skip the sausage sizzle usually every Friday from 6.30 pm onwards.


Kamala beach hotels

The best Kamala Beach hotels take full advantage of this remarkable portion of the west coast of Phuket. Surrounded by thick jungle-covered mountains yet open to the Andaman Sea, this picturesque fishing village is one of the island’s major tourist areas.

Like in other resort towns in Phuket, the Kamala’s accommodation scene is as diverse as it could be, including hotels and resorts of all kinds and ranges, monetary and quality-wise.

We have researched the nest hotels at Kamala Beach in a way that makes it convenient for as many people as possible; from five-star secluded resorts to mid-range contemporary-style hotels to budget guesthouses, there is something for everyone in Kamala.


The Naka Phuket 

The NAKA Phuket is a merge of beachside villas on the lush and verdant west coast of Phuket at Kamala Beach. Kamala is situated a 40-minute drive from Phuket International Airport and a 15-minute drive north of Patong-Phuket’s Party Center, Shopping Centre, and fine dining.

Categories of accommodation at The Naka Phuket include One-Bedroom, Two-Bedroom, and Three-Bedroom Villas. One-Bedroom Villas are just stepped away from the shoreline and offer fantastic views of the seascape. The villas are about 182sqm, including its patio and balcony. This villa features a king-size bedroom, a fully stocked mini-bar, dining room, and lounge.


Cape Sienna Gourmet Hotel & Villas

Cape Sienna offers state-of-the-art accommodation to Phuket’s tropical charm. Located along a coastal strip that has come to be known as Millionaires Mile and reminiscent of a Swiss Riviera, Cape Sienna has the style, execution, and pizzazz to fit right in with its moneyed neighbors on this picturesque northern end of Kamala Beach.

Cape Sienna has 98 Studio Rooms (40sqm), 44 Deluxe Rooms (58sqm), two Suites (80sqm), and two shapely Mansions (118sqm). All room styles provide some of Phuket’s best views of the sea from tastefully designed private balconies and terraces.

Voted as Asia’s most romantic hotel and also nominated as one of the trendiest cities, this place sets standards for unadulterated pampering and downtime, certainly for the type of people who are as serious in their leisure time as they are with their jobs.


Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort 

Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort is Phuket’s luxury accommodation scene. Built on a terraced hill on Millionaires Mile, a secluded location with this name due to the high-end villas and hotels built here on Kamala Beach’s southern tip.

The resort offers contemporary design and panoramic views over the Andaman Sea and the luxurious hills of Phuket’s west coast.

The resort hosts 199 rooms and suites classified in five styles from 46sqm Standard Room to 97sqm Two Bedroom Corner Suite.

All room types are stylishly decorated with state-of-the-art facilities, including 40-inch flat-screen TV with international iPod docking station channels complimentary wireless internet and much more.


Andara Resort Villas

Andara Resort & Spa is located on the fashionable west coast of Phuket Island in the southern part of Kamala. It is a five-star property offering a wide range of accommodation-mostly villas.

At Andara Resort & Villas, there is a predominance of dark and rich teakwood and classical Thai elegance, and surprisingly large traditional arrangements and eye-catching architecture. It’s a lovely resort.

Paresa Resort Phuket Paresa Resort Phuket is situated in Kamala, on the west coast of Phuket along a road called Millionaires Mile due to the rich architecture found there.

The resort is spectacularly built and blends in with the surrounding nature. The resort offers six types of accommodation-all facing the sea with spectacular Andaman Sea views. Types of rooms include the Cielo, Dima, Cliff, Aqua, Talay, and Grand Villa.


Kamala beach restaurants

Kamala’s best restaurants include a rich and varied range of establishments, offering a wide variety of cuisines. Although Kamala still retains a feeling of’ local village,’ the dining scene is as cosmopolitan as any of the more established destinations along the west coast of Phuket.

The dining scene is Kamala probably has the widest budget range of any Phuket region. At the south end, you’ve got the Millionaire’s Mile, which features some of the island’s most exclusive venues.

Go into the heart of the village, however, and you will find charming local spots where you can enjoy a filling meal for a few hundred baht.


Silk Restaurant & Bar 

Silk Restaurant is a classy establishment set in Andara Resort & Villas’s lavish grounds, a 5-star property overlooking Kamala Bay. The sumptuous furniture includes natural materials such as teak wood floors, rattan armchairs, dim lighting, and the option on the terrace between an air-conditioned space and alfresco dining.

Silk Restaurant specializes in haute cuisine in Thailand and delivers the goods in style. The dedication is exceptional, from the presentation and flavor of the dishes to the discreet yet vigilant service. A romantic meal makes a particularly good choice.



Diavolo is Paresa Resort Phuket’s Italian restaurant, a 5-star hotel perched on a seaside cliff near Phuket’s Millionaire’s Mile to the south. The dining room and large terrace of the restaurant offer a 270-degree view over the Andaman Sea, making this restaurant a great spot for a sundowner. Designed in a modern style with a red-and-gold theme, Diavolo is trendy and unpretentious.

Diavolo is Paresa Resort Phuket’s Italian restaurant, a 5-star hotel perched on a seaside cliff near Phuket’s Millionaire’s Mile to the south. The dining room and large terrace of the restaurant offer a 270-degree view over the Andaman Sea, making this restaurant a great spot for a sundowner. Designed in a modern style with a red-and-gold theme, Diavolo is trendy and unpretentious.

Diavolo Restaurant menu includes fine Italian dining. The Italian Chef –Luca Mancini–is a talented man who has a long experience in authentic Italian cooking, adding his personal touch to that. Since Diavolo shares the kitchen with Talung Thai, the signature restaurant of the resort, Thai cuisine is also available.


Old Siam Restaurant 

Old Siam is a great restaurant in a very quiet environment for an authentic Thai meal. It is situated on the beachfront of long-established, opulent Thavorn Beach Village & Spa in Nakalay Bay. Old Siam is among Phuket’s few restaurants where guests can still enjoy tasty Royal Thai cuisine with their toes in the sand.

The restaurant, as well as the resort-is designed in northern Thailand’s traditional Lanna style dating back the 15th century. Old Siam has three distinct dining areas: indoor, in a patio, and right on the beach.


Sunset Grill

The name of Sunset Grill tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this fantastic Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort restaurant on the hillside.

The open-sided eatery serves grilled dishes of high quality with a beautiful backdrop of the sun falling into the Andaman Sea, all in a chic and romantic atmosphere.

Admittedly very short menu highlights include freshly shucked imported oysters, grilled squid with ginger and garlic confit, and soft-shell crab salad with tangerine and spicy tamarind dressing–and that’s just for appetizers.


Plum Prime Steakhouse 

Plum Prime Steakhouse is one of Cape Sienna Phuket’s four restaurants, a 5-star resort located at Nakalay Road’s entrance to the Sou.

Stylish and elegant, Plum boasts a sleek décor and spectacular views over Kamala Bay and the Andaman Sea, whether from its glass-paneled dining room or its large deck.

Plum is a fine dining region where Mediterranean fusion cuisine is served. Top dishes include shrimp-filled tropical mango salad, risotto alla Pescatore, or poached snow fish in lobster water, to name a few.


Kamala Beach to Phuket airport

The affordable way to get to Phuket Airport (HKT) from Kamala Beach is by driving, which costs $2-$ four and takes 26 min. The drive distance between Kamala Beach and Phuket Airport (HKT) is 28 km. The drive from Kamala Beach to Phuket Airport (HKT) takes about 26 min.

The direct bus also departs from Big C Kamala and arrives at Phuket Airport. Programs leave weekly and run daily. The journey will take around 1h 20 m. Bus services from Kamala Beach to Phuket Airport (HKT), operated by Phuket Smart Bus, arrive at the Phuket Airport stop.

The fastest way to get to Phuket Airport (HKT) from Kamala Beach is by taxi, which costs $25-$ 30 and takes 26 min.


How far is Kamala beach from Patong?

The distance from Patong to Kamala Beach is 7 km.


How far is Kamala Beach from Phuket Airport?

The distance from Phuket Airport (HKT) to Kamala Beach is 18 km. The road distance is around 27.8 km.


How far is Kamala from Karon?

The distance from Karon to Kamala Beach is 12 km. The road distance is around 16.1 km.


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