What is Phi Phi Island famous for?

What is Phi Phi Island famous for?

What is Phi Phi Island famous for?


Phi Phi Islands in Thailand are the most famous destination. I know this as a little surprise to anyone. But do you know why? There is a simple answer to the question ”what is Phi Phi Island famous for?”, it is home to Maya Bay, made famous by the release of 2000 film “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

And like unprecedented tourist hotspots before them, the popularity of Phi Phi has led to unmanageable rates of arrival. Located about 46 kilometers from Phuket in Thailand’s Andaman Sea, Phi Phi has two major islands-Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don.

Phi Phi Leh is where Maya Bay is situated. There are no accommodations since it is prohibited to stay overnight.

The far larger Phi Phi Don considered a backpacker paradise in Loh Dalum because of the abundance of budget and mid-range accommodation options, is renowned for its wild party scene.

Koh Phi Phi is an Asian paradise that boasts water, golden sands, and idyllic seascapes.

The spectacular location for Danny Boyle’s critically acclaimed movie The Beach, the tropical scenery of Phi Phi and the contagious island vibe has made it one of the biggest tourist attractions in Thailand.


Why is Phi Phi Island famous?

The Island is perhaps famous for the Leonardo Di Caprio movie “The Beach,” set in the beautiful Maya Bay located on the uninhabited Phi Phi Leh, the second largest of the islands.

Phi Phi Island is also renowned for:

  • Thailand’s most stunning beaches
  • Six tropical fine white sand islands
  • Turquoise waters. 

The common spectacle on offer is unmatched in beauty, with cliffs plunging dramatically into the blue-green water, and with no accommodation in any part of the world, a calm and serene atmosphere abounds all around.

Maya Bay is an immensely popular location, home to the idyllic scene of lazily bobbing fishing boats on the waves. Visit via one of the several ferry services that offer nearby trips.


Phi Phi island tours


Why is Phi Phi Island famous?

What is there to do on Phi Phi Island?

I find Phi Phi is a paradise with beautiful beaches, underwater activities, and breathtaking views. Out of this, there are a lot of activities to do there.

Here check out!


Best Phi Phi island tours according to 11 local experts

Longtail Boat tours – Visiting Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island.

You can hire a longtail boat to go visiting Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway and experience this tropical paradise with fewer people.

Ko Mai Phai, also regarded as the Bamboo Island, has no steep limestone cliffs, so the views might not be as captivating, but the beach is stunning, a sight of pure white sand so sparkling turquoise waters. The sunsets here are unbelievable!

You can go on a day trip, exploring Bamboo Island and spend the day basking in the sun and enjoying the beauty of the beach, or you can book a tour to the Hin Klang coral reef if you like snorkeling.

Located in the north of Phi Phi Don between Bamboo Island and Laem Tong Beach, the Hin Klang coral reef is an excellent place to dive in and enjoy Thailand’s underwater beauty.

On the same day, go exploring the wonders of the sea and enjoying Ko Yung Island’s stunning marine setting, also known as Mosquito Island, one of Koh Phi Phi’s best places for diving.

One of Ko Yung’s key attractions is the abundance and diversity of marine life in the coral reefs surrounding the Island. 

The downside of Ko Yung, however, is that the locals know it as Mosquito Island because the concentration of the mosquito can get very uncomfortable every sunset.

You can rent a longtail boat from Laem Tong Beach for about 3000 baht for 4/6 hours or 1500 for 2 hours. You can also book in advance a private longtail boat charter, which includes hotel pick-up and drop-off from the Tonsai area.

You can take a boat ride, as well. Tours usually stop at Bamboo Island, Mosquito Island, Monkey Bay, Maya Bay, and Tonsai Village, and snorkeling equipment is available. The view from a long-tailed boat of the orange sun reaching the water is breathtaking.


phi-phi-islands Longtail Boat tours


Kayaking is truly one of the most, if not the most, popular activities in Koh Phi Phi, which attracts visitors. Most resorts are happy to arrange a trip for you, and the majority of kayaks cost around 700 Bhat a day.

This is an exciting way of seeing what the Island has to offer, with the boat being able to access secluded caves and areas of the blue waters that are not reachable by land. Simply skim across the water and unwind in a kayak for an unforgettable island experience.

Paddle boats and water-skiing trips are also very popular here and cost about 150 Bhat per day on average.


Rock climbing

Rock climbing is one of Phi Phi’s enjoyable points of interest; Southern Thailand is the accessible rock-climbing location due to the high calcareous cliff. 

Mecca’s Krabi province offers world-class rock climbing sites, just like Railay’s Tonsai Beach and Diamond Cave. Phi Phi Don Island is 42 km from the Krabi coast, but it can have the best climbing have on their visit to Thailand for beginners and experienced climbers.

Railay beach was one of the best locations I’ve done rock climbing. The views here are magnificent. If you want to check out this beautiful Thai beach, you can take the ferry from Ao Nang to Railay beach.

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Tour Ao Pileh Bay

Ao Pileh Bay, a remote piece of Thai paradise, is a broad, shallow cove at its entrance, with a colorful coral reef. 

Majestic calcareous cliffs full of lush plant life surround the emerald green lagoon, and the water is perfectly crystal clear, so serene it’s as if the cove floor is illuminated by flashing lights.

The sea is warm, which makes it a top spot for swimming and snorkeling, and visitors can spend hours immersing themselves in the scene’s incredible beauty.


 What is Phi Phi Island famous for?

Bida Islands

The Bida Islands, a group of small islands that are home to many varieties of coral, are located off the Phi Phi coast. 

They are the area’s most popular dive sites and are large enough to allow up to 3 separate dives without having to repeat an area.

Bida Nok’s shallow bay is perfect for novice divers, while advanced divers can explore Bida Nai’s beautifully submerged Fantasy reef to the southwest.


Hike to Ao Lo Dalam

Koh Phi Phi also comprises many breathtaking sights o, not just a gorgeous beach spot. A way to experience this is by hiking the Island, a popular route being the 30-minute easy hike to a viewpoint at Ao Lo Dalam’s southern end.

It is a peaceful and breathtaking bay with a curve of crystal blue waters skimming in white sand and provides the ideal place to relax after a long trail.


Chill Out at Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is a white sand beach at the southwest side of Tonsai Harbor, 150 meters inland.

Besides being an excellent snorkeling spot, the beach gets its name from the monkeys who live in the cliffs near the beach and come down to greet the visitors looking for food.

However, don’t feed the monkeys (or any other animals), please. Not only will you probably get charged, but this is a national park more than anything, and by feeding them, you are disturbing the natural environment of the animal.

Note that monkeys can get very aggressive in the breeding season, and visiting the beach at this time is not recommended.


 What is Phi Phi Island famous for?

The best tips to visit Phi Phi Don in low season

Viking Cave

Viking Cave is one of the scenic and enticing places to visit in Kho Phi Phi Lee, situated on the Island’s northeastern side and below a tall cliff of calcareous stone. 

From the Tonsai Bay, you can take a long tail boat which takes 30mins to be in the Viking Cave.

When doing our boat tour around Phi Phi, we visit the cave Phi Phi Viking. On the ships, we made our way to it, and then took some pictures and left. You can’t enter Viking cave Koh Phi Phi.

Viking cave is near the lagoon of Maya Bay and Pi Leh, and you’ll be able to see all of these locations on your boat trip.


Hike to the Phi Phi Viewpoint

Among things I can’t forget about Ko Phi Phi Don is the Phi Phi Viewpoint, the Island’s highest point (186 meters), and one of the region’s most beautiful sights. Start at the Reggae Bar, where you’ll find signs pointing to the point of view.


Hike to the Phi Phi Viewpoint

Climbing to the viewpoint at the southern tip 0f Ao La Dalam is a 30-minute walk away, and it is a simple and undemanding trek up to the top. 

A view of the Loh Dalum Bay with its turquoise waters and the white sand beach can be found here. In addition, the top offers snacks and beverages, and it allows the ideal place to sit down and relax.


Hike to the Phi Phi Viewpoint

Phi Phi Island viewpoint tour – Phuket

Water activities in Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi has clear water, thus making it a suitable place for water activities. 

I mostly enjoy diving, and at Phi Phi Island, the water is clear. You can see all kinds of marine animals and plants. Here are the topwater activities I hope you can enjoy at Phi Phi Island.


Phi Phi Islands Snorkeling 

One of the most popular activities you cannot skip while visiting the Phi Phi islands is immersing yourself in the translucent waters and watching the hypnotic marine environment below. 

The water is clear. The fish are plentiful-there are no reasons not to go snorkeling in Phi Phi.

Whether it’s on the Pileh Bay Lagoon, the Bamboo or Mosquito Islands, or KO Phi Phi Don’s other varied locations, snorkeling is an extraordinary experience you need to try at least once.

You will see clownfish and black-tipped sharks in Hat Yao, a beach on the south coast of Phi Phi Don. Ton Sai is a 30-minute walk inland, or you can take a longtail boat from Ton Sai pier for about 100 baht.

You’ll be able to see plenty of coral and reef fish like the angelfish at Loh Samah Bay, while in Ao Toh Koh, if you’re lucky, you might even be able to swim with the dolphins!

And for a lifetime experience, you can enter a tour that will take you to snorkel at night to see the stunning bioluminescent plankton, an actual underwater light show.


Phi Phi Islands Snorkeling 

Some speedboats from the many tours arriving for snorkeling at Phi Phi islands from Phuket


Phi Phi Islands Diving

Diving in Phi Phi is very famous among divers, and it’s one of Thailand’s best places for diving (it’s also one of Koh Tao’s best things to do, so if you like diving head to this Island after Phi Phi!).

One of the most common diving spots is King Cruiser’s 85-meter long wreck between Phuket and Phi Phi, where experienced divers can dive for hours to discover their underwater world.

Shark Point is yet another popular Phi Phi diving spot. Here you can see leopard sharks and swim. It sounds scary, but those sharks are entirely harmless.

The Phi Phi group’s smallest islands are Bida Nok and Bida Nai. They’re two islets made up of two massive calcareous rocks, with no beaches or places to land. 

Bida Nok and Bida Nai, however, are very popular with diving enthusiasts finding a place with less traffic to enjoy the marine environment. Divers can see different types of corals here. Bida Nok is ideal for beginners, while Bida Nai is well known among experienced divers.

The Island has several diving centers offering guided dives, excursions, and PADI courses. Check out the Zeavola Dive Center or the Tonsai Bay centers, but be sure to ask questions about health requirements before you go.


Swimming at Phi Phi Islands

Imagine a beautiful bay surrounded by sparkling emerald waters, steep calcareous cliffs, and a majestic lagoon; Pi Leh Bay is one of the best places to swim on the Phi Phi Leh Island.

You can get to Pi Leh Bay, one of the Phi Phi Islands’ most beautiful and spectacular bays, in 30 minutes from downtown Koh Phi Phi Don, but if you’re going on a one-day trip to Koh Phi Phi’s best spots like we have, I’m sure your journey will include this bay.


Things to do in Phi Phi island at night

The nightlife of Koh Phi Phi is a vibrant party till sunrise is a cardinal law of Koh Phi Phi Island. Phi Phi Island has a culture of partying at night the whole year and every night this evening party. 

Yes, Phi Phi Island is small for the nightlife, but many more attraction points have been created. On this fantastic Island, you won’t have to look far out for a Phi Phi party at night.

Phi Phi’s nightlife is lightweight, fun, youthful, and lively and-unlike many other tourist destinations in this part of the world; it is not sleazy.

The several pubs and bars on the Island are conveniently located and are easy to find. The music ceases at 2 am, but the bars usually stay open for as long as there customers. Here are top places to spend your night while at Phi Phi Island.


Things to do in Phi Phi island

Reggae Bar

The Reggae Bar is the most popular bar located on the eastern side of the village between Tonsai and Loh Dalum. The main attraction at this bar is the Muay Thai Boxing, where the drunken audiences invited the ring to fight for drinks every night. 

The bar also offers winners prizes, a big TV screen that shows sports, and a variety of cocktails. It starts at 5 pm and ends at sunrise. If you love the excellent nightlife, if you’re backpacking Asia, you should consider visiting the Bali sky park.

The reggae bar is one of the hottest nightlife spots in Phi Phi. If you’re in reggae music, this is where you’ll find it.


Sun Flower Beach Bar & Restaurant

If you’re looking for a relaxing nightlife on Phi Phi Island without noise, then Sun Flower Beach is best for you. It is situated on the north end of Loh Dalum Bay.

You can lie back using bamboo hammocks, mats, and sales, and it’s also a perfect place to watch the sunset. It is also a restaurant with a variety of curries and dishes from Western and Thai. This also features an after sunset fire demonstration. It opens from 11:00 until 2:00.


Carlito’s Beach Bar & Nightclub

A beachfront nightclub is the most popular location. It lies on the Tonsai Bay’s eastern side. It is the nightclub most often visited, as there are hotels near it. Its main attraction is that you can learn and do the ‘Fire Poi Dancing;’ to make a beautiful fire display include spinning around a person with a chair.

The dance is performed daytime without fire, and when you are finished, it is completed by night. Yoga sessions are also provided at the beach. Free Wi-Fi available. It also provides the accessible ‘containers,’ with small or medium alcohol and energy drinks in these containers. It is open from 11:00 until 2:00. A great place to party at Phi Phi Island.


Which is the best Phi Phi Island?

Many energetic islands belong to the Phi Phi Islands National Marine Park. It may seem confusing because many people call Phi Phi a single island when, in reality, it is a group of six.

This misunderstanding stems from the fact that only one of the groups – Phi Phi Don Island – is inhabited and features hotels, restaurants, and all the necessary facilities required to accommodate tourists comfortably, making it the famous and best Island among the six islands.


Are Phi Phi islands worth it?

Koh Phi Phi is a paradise everyone can visit once in a lifetime, with turquoise water and beautiful beaches. While Maya Bay remains closed until at least 2021, there are still many other places worth seeing.

A few days’ stays in Phi Phi is worth it! You’ll see just the important stuff for a day trip-Maya Bay, the Viking Cave, etc. I suggest a stay of at least two days in Phi Phi.

There are many beach activities here, and it’s also one of Thailand’s most clean and stunning beach areas.


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