Top 5 places to witness the best sunset with your partner in Thailand

Top 5 places to witness the best sunset with your partner in Thailand

Top 5 Places to Witness Excellent Sunsets with Your Partner in Thailand


Sunset has long been associated with romance. The saturated golden, red, and orange colors of the sunset evoke the feeling of pleasantness and spread warmth inside. It ignites the love and romance between the lovebirds.

That’s why couples often visit sunset spots to be themselves for a while and enjoy the glorious view of the setting sun. Sunset viewpoints are one of the top-visited places of honeymooners.

Whether in mountains or beach sunsets, they love to bask in the mesmerizing beauty of it, and along with the sun going below the horizon, they too get drowned more in love with each other. 

Thailand, set in the backdrop of crystal-clear blue water, long sandy beaches, the greenery surrounding, and the tropical climate, makes it a perfect canvas to paint the hues of the best sunset in it.

Every year to witness the beautiful scenery, many honeymooners visit Thailand for their honeymoon.

Strolling in the beach hand in hand, the waves crashing the feet and the golden yellow sky makes it a perfect combination to make the most out of honeymoon days. 

Top 5 places to witness the best sunset with your partner in Thailand

Best time to view the sunset in Thailand

Sunsets are pretty much the same in every season. Though during winters and on the dry season you can have the best experience of the sunset. But the scene with the rainy season is a bit tricky.

It isn’t easy to witness a sunset during heavy pouring. Still, the rainy season also comes with thick heavy clouds scattered in the sky, which along with the sunset colors makes it an amazing photographic view.

Make sure you have enough sun protection because the blazing sun will make you tan very easily unless both of you want to get yourself tanned. 

Here are the best sunset viewpoints you can visit with your beloved during your honeymoon trip to Thailand

Koh Mak

Why mentioned Koh Mak first and not the other popular beaches and islands in the list of top best sunset places in Thailand?

It is because Koh Mak is a hidden gem of Thailand, which not many tourists explored till now.

Koh Mak is on the east side of the Gulf of Thailand. It is a privately owned island small in size, but it is a treat to the serene lovers. It will be great for couples to have some quality time together on a peaceful beach away from the world and the chaos. 

You can witness one of the sunset’s best views from the golden sand beach of Koh Mak, which is mostly empty.

What can be better than this for couples to get the taste of honeymooning on a private island?

Both of you stroll on the beach, crystal clear water, clear sky, and the setting sun, and perfect combination to make the best memories together. 

Sri Panwa Phuket, Tambon Wichit, Thailand

Baba Nest, Sri Panwa Phuket

Another human-made paradise to get an amazing 360-degree view of the sunset, and the island can be seen from the rooftop bar of Baba Nest.

They take pride in saying that you will have the “sexiest sunset session” being there, and there’s no denying the fact that it is true.

A pool surrounds the rooftop bar, and you will get a total view of the whole landscape, the sea, and the breathtaking sunset. If you are visiting Phuket, you shouldn’t miss out on staying here with your partner.

Why is Phuket so famous? Here we come up with a list of many ideas why!

You will have the most romantic dinner here, which is unbeatable of any other place to give you such an amazing view and the mesmerizing feeling while dining.

Make sure you book the tickets months before your visit as the place is popular worldwide, and the sitting is limited, you can do the math. 

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We are including places of every kind in the list so that you can decide according to your taste in which places you would like to visit along with your better half.

Ayutthaya city is the former capital of Thailand. Now is the UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site having Buddhist temples, monasteries, palaces, and statues. It is a great historical place to visit for the one who loves to visit historical places. 

Ayutthaya is positioned within the north of Bangkok. The golden color of the sunset falls on the entire Ayutthaya city. It becomes truly a sight to behold.

Even if you aren’t a lover of historic sites, we would still recommend giving it a shot as the sunset in Ayutthaya is worth remembering. It gives photographers some best shots of their life. 

Railay Beach panorama

Railay Beach, Karabi

Railay beach is only accessible through boats as it is cut off from the Karabi mainland by having a huge limestone cliff in the middle.

Railay beach is another place which will give you the feeling of visiting a private island, but you will find tourists there as it is quite famous because of being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

You will get to witness a mesmerizing and romantic sunset on Railay beach. If you are visiting during the peak season, you might want to stay a little longer till night on the beach as the nightlife is really lit with beach fire dancing, beach parties, live music, Thai boxing, and much more entertainment.

You can grab some drinks and enjoy the lively ambiance of the beach party with your partner. 

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is, of course, very famous for sunset viewpoints all over the world. Each year many tourists flood there to witness the beauty of the Phi Phi island.

The sunset view at Phi Phi island is just amazing. 

There are restaurants, cafes, and bars you can tour, which have beachfront seating.

Here you can dine and watch the sunset’s breathtaking view. Also, you can lie on the sand with your partner and have the water crashing on your feet and both of you enjoying each other’s company as well as viewing the sun going below the horizon.

You can also visit Phi Phi Viewpoint from where you can observe the amazing view of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lee.

 What is Phi Phi Island famous for?


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