Albania a New Destination to be Explored

Albania a New Destination to be Explored

Albania a New Destination to be Explored

Albania provides shreds of evidence as an intriguing and wacky travel experience not too far from other significant European destinations.

As a cultural and geographical entity, Albania has actually frequently been enigmatic and rather misunderstood. This ancient land uses something progressively uncommon in Europe these days – a look into a culture that is all its own.

Here … I want to present those who love taking a trip with nature, Albania, the Mediterranean nation which is called the last gem of Europe.

The top vacation destination for hassle-free travel, you will experience a lot on the track, including Blue beaches, UNESCO heritage, high mountains, delicious food, and friendly people.

Albania may be small at just 11,100 square miles (28,748 square kilometers) and with an overall population of just under 3 million people. However, it’s certainly not lacking crazes to see and do.

From the spectacular beaches of the Albanian Riviera to stunning historical sites, Albania will not disappoint you.

Come on … We are going to discover among the very best concealed gems left in Europe together!

Move-in now …!

While tourists are slowly becoming more prominent in Albania, it remains extremely undiscovered and almost completely unspoiled.

Albania boasts some of the very best examples of Ottoman architecture on the planet, in addition to very clear Mediterranean air and strikingly fantastic beaches.

And, possibly best of all, taking a trip to Albania remains an incredibly affordable journey, even compared to much of the other part of Europe.

When to visit Albania?

When to visit Albania?

Summer is the most common period to discover Albania.

The Albanian Riviera is busy with travelers and residents on holiday, yet you can discover near-empty beaches in summer as Albania is still untouched by many.

People’s favorite time in Albania is spring, which is March-June.

At the end of spring is the ideal time to visit, according to our observation, as there are almost no tourists yet, the flowers remain in blossom, and the nation starts to have a summery feel to it.

Albania, The Best Alternatives for Outdoor Activities

Let’s have a look at the best opts to do in Albania:

  • Kayak To All The Albanian Hidden Beaches

Paddling in a kayak is a terrific way to discover the Albanian coast at a sluggish speed. This can be done as a one-day stop or a multi-day experience.

Kayaking is an excellent way to spend your holiday: stopping for swims and snorkel in turquoise waters, reading your preferred book at secluded beaches, or fishing and talking with buddies under the sun, discovering every covert trick of the Albanian coast!

  • Stand Up Puddle in Albania Riviera

Have you never attempted this kind of sport? No worry …

It takes just one hour to discover the fundamentals of how to paddle appropriately on a Stand Up Paddleboard, and three hours are sufficient to find out and practice on your own windsurfing or sailing.

Don’t be shy; discover new experiences with the stand-up puddle in Albania Riviera. It is far more than satisfaction than you could imagine!

  • Full-Day Canyon Trip with Rafting in Osumi River

If you’ve got a taste for experience and are curious about Albania, rafting is a must-do activity! 

Rafting will supply spectacular scenery as you drift by the Osumi Canyons walls and will definitely make for a memorable experience.

Eight waterfalls, a cathedral, the pristine nature, and the relaxing sounds of running water integrate to develop a truly distinct journey.

  • Enjoy heaven Heart of Europe with the Vjosa River

The Vjosa River in Albania is among Europe’s last living wild rivers.

Along its whole course of over 270 kilometers, it is untamed and totally free-flowing and identified by beautiful canyons, braided river sections, islands, oxbows, and meandering stretches.

In some locations, the riverbed expands over more than 2 km in width.

  • Horse Ride in Drino Valley

You will find the landscape setting very interesting, all challenging and altering. It blends little hills with wide valleys, waters, flowers, animals environment, and daily village life. 

It is possible to see cold war bunkers along the way. The flight ends at the horse steady after a steep going up the hills.

  • Explore Shala River with Boat Tour

Life occurs on Shala River banks, a branch of Komani Lake, considered by tourists as the Albanian Thailand. A little surprise paradise and the best getaway for you to get merged with nature.

Albania, The Best Alternatives for Outdoor Activities

Key Takeaways

With its busy, bustling city, coastal beach towns, networks of cobblestone pedestrianized streets, and cities of ancient ruins, Albania will endlessly surprise you.

Once you reach each new major town and discover how different it is from the previous, Your passion for this hidden away land steeped in history will deepen.

Travel, eat, and accommodation here is really inexpensive, freeing you from budget plan issues and enabling you to travel in your desired style.

Meanwhile, you might find yourself going days without finding another traveler. While this implies that many things will not be personalized for visitors (non-English menus, sporadic lodging, and fewer international transportation choices), you’ll experience the feel of genuine Albania.

Ready to find something exceptional in Albania?

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Albania is an incredible new destination to explore. Albania is the Mediterranean country called the last gem of Europe. Blue beaches, UNESCO heritage, high peaks, and delightful food.

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