Maiton island day trip

Maiton island day trip

Maiton island day trip – Maiton island tours

Whether to get a lengthy vacation or only a weekend escape, Phuket has lots of island retreats to offer you. But, 1 island stands out among all others. Hidden from the glistening turquoise blue waters of the Andaman Sea is your calm personal island of Maiton.

Maiton is an unspoiled all-natural paradise that provides the most amazing private island encounter with not a lot of guests allowed from the island at one time.

In Maiton, researching the beauty of the underwater world is only 10 steps from the coast! Dive in the crystal clear water and also find a completely different world beneath; a flourishing coral sanctuary that is home to 400 species of fish and breathtaking marine life.

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Maiton island day trip

Maiton island day trip. Relax and bask in the glow of this glorious warm sunshine by the coast and feel the waves since they touch the bottoms of your feet. Look into the horizon and also if you’re fortunate, you might see a few dolphins frolicking in the ocean.

Maiton island day trip

Maiton island day trip. Maiton Island (occasionally written as Maithon or even Mai Ton) is a gorgeous tropical island off Phuket’s east shore.

Only 2.5 kilometers across at its broadest point, it’s ringed by beautiful golden sands and nodding palm trees swaying in the breeze, in addition to crystal-clear waters and coral reefs that are vibrant.

Regrettably, because the island is privately owned, access for it’s really restricted.

This can, however, imply that people who will become there’ll enjoy breathtaking all-natural beauty, completely unspoiled by mass tourism.

Maiton Island is a remarkably popular stop for sailors, particularly those exiting from Chalong Pier. When most ships only stop near, letting you swim and snorkel from the sea and revel in the view, choose sailings to permit you to enjoy your buffet dinner on the pristine shore.

As an alternative, you may go diving only minutes, where you could encounter turtles, cuttlefish and a range of other vibrant tropical marine lifestyles.

Maiton island day trip

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