Phang Nga bay tour Hong by Starlight

This is Wold Famous  Tour to visit the incredible Phang Nga Bay and starts mid-day to avoid the crowds of the other regular tours ! We also customize transfers and are free included. Don’t eat lunch because  we will serve you on board of the comfortable support boat. After lunch a very important briefing on the activities and a raptor show, than all will start as reached the Bay a professional guide will paddle you through Phang Nga Bay’s “Tidal Nape Sea Caves” in great custom designed kayaks hand-made in US Oregon branded SOTAR, sure the World’s premier white water raft manufacturer. This is truly unique experience but Caveman’s SOTAR custom kayaks are just designed for your trip. We’ve never capsized, punctured or had an accident. Your professional guide will easy paddle you and your partner through “Tidal Nape” Sea Caves literally inside Phang Nga Bay’s wonderful limestone karstic islands directly in to the into “Hongs“(Thai for “Room”).

The hidden cliff-lined lagoons are populated with macaques, water monitors, kingfishers, mudskippers, egrets, Sea Eagles and Brahminy Kites.

We will end after dark by floating your own self-made flower “Kratong” which we teach you to make, in a spectacular Natural light show always to be remembered. Enjoy also on board dinner buffet with our delicious seafood and vegan buffet on the way back ( as we will return to the pier two hours after sunset ), all Guests will experience this evening Loi Kratong ceremony complete with also fireflies and bioluminescent plankton which is a rear Spiritual Experience and Best Thai Food You’ve ever had on a boat.

We shop daily for the highest quality healthy ingredients. Seafood is net caught and chicken are free range. Brown, red, and black rice is served with Broke ‘da Mouth homemade Masaman curry.







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