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Phuket Day Trips

Phuket has always been a great and fantastic holiday destination since many years for both romantic couples or family reunions or singles adventures. You all might like to begin your Phuket day trips with a visit at Phuket’s most ornate and honored Buddhist temple the “Wat Chalong”. This absolutely wonderful aged temple and tourist site is really famous for medicinal practices and for its most revered monks. You must enjoy It’s several pagodas, this temple will always be a fantastic sightseeing destination to soak in the peaceful atmosphere and feel all the serenity of place.

But your Phuket Day Trip will never be complete without a visit to the Giant Buddha statue. A trip to the Big Buddha on the hills overlooking Chalong and Phang Nga Bays is a must to enjoy the most beautiful view of the island as from here you will enjoy the peaceful view of the surrounding Andaman Sea.

There is a huge number of day trips can be booked through, get all the best from your Phuket day trips, the best Phuket tours will take you to some of most interesting and wonderful locations and attractions to enjoy your moments and hang outs. So many islands to reach and Safari to enjoy and it is all here served with the best crews and best organizations.

Imagine that you can even organize a day trip of your own to visit Phuket waterfalls, attend famous Thai Cooking Classes, take a visit to the huge local Markets for shopping, take a tour of the island to see the most amazing beaches and viewpoints… and so on; just get an idea and let’s move on toward your unforgettable holidays!




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