Phi Phi Island by Speedboat Itinerary

Just because we always want to ensure you the best service possible as we arrange a special Phi Phi Island by Speedboat Itinerary flexible and well organized so, in adjustment to the regular itinerary, alternatively you will visit also the back side of Maya Bay for amazing picture shooting, we will stop in Pileh  Lagoon and as well for great snorkeling and sightseeing at Rock Camel Beach. We will have a great buffet lunch on beach restaurant on phi Phi Don as we will enjoy Khai islands earlier in the morning. This is because to get the best Phi Phi Island by speedboat mind that all Phi Phi Island by Speedboat itinerary adjustments are made for you to enjoy at best every moment and to get the most out of every stop so you will not encounter too many tourists and crowed spots, our captain are always in contact with each other just to find out the less crowded place each time!

Phi-Phi-island-by-speedboat-POST-1 Phi-Phi-Island-by-speedboat-POST-3 Phi-Phi-Island-by-speedboat-POST-5 Phi-Phi-Island-by-speedboat-POST-6 Phi-Phi-Island-by-speedboat-POST-8 Phi-Phi-Island-by-speedboat-POST-11 Phi-Phi-Island-by-speedboat-POST-13

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