Our speedboat tours packages

Maya Bay at morning

How do we drive you to the best islands destinations in the all Andaman sea. Well… first of all designing the best tour packages anybody can find, facilitating your holiday with complete offers and we do comprise the variety of services to form this tour packages always at an all-inclusive price, we want you to relax once you are at the Pier and on board, you have to dedicate every second of your feelings and attention to the experience you are living, not to any sort of extra charge you could encounter with other tours offers.

Non the less we start bringing you both to the finest Piers in the Region and to the coolest real Thai style pier of Siray bay, the original and authentic Thai Pier life is a flow of emotions here, be ready to encounter really nice people even if you are travelling solo. Once at briefing you have get the chance already to get in contact with your travel mates of the day and in complete relax and fun mode we will begin this little adventures with you all, laughing and enjoy views that you will never ever forget.

Use all the features of the tour to make your tour more enjoyable and let us drive to make your first jumps in the wonders of Andaman islands Lagoons, just to fix an unforgettable moment!








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