Tours to Emerald pool from Krabi

Tours to Emerald pool from Krabi

Tours to Emerald pool from Krabi

The Emerald Pool and Hot Springs, Krabi Province

Introduction to the Tours to Emerald pool from Krabi

Krabi Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot) has a truly special appeal in southern Thailand for all travelers visiting the wonderful province of Krabi. Krabi is well known all around for it’s places of outstanding all-natural beauty, in particular for one location which will be first in your list of things to do: the Emerald Pool from the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park. This Park is an odd forest full of bio-diversity, well finished with surprising nature trails and a crystal pond.

Tours to Emerald pool from Krabi, it is well – known that the best way to explore new places in when we decide to escape the big city lights and the modern aspects of the everyday living. By exploring the natural treasures each country has to offer we can proudly say that we are not only well – traveled, but well – explored. The Emerald Pool and the Hot Springs in the Krabi Province is that kind of place. Place that can leave you with unforgettable memory in your soul.

The Emerald Pool close to the public starting from 15:00 afternoon, also will be closed during the breeding season of the Gurney’s Pitta (protected specie of birds) following to rules to protect the birds.

The journey out of Krabi

The 1 hour journey by minivan from Krabi feel easy straight forward as it is driving the majority of the travel using the fourth street, which also pass by Krabi Airport. Tours always push into the Emerald Pool early because it is the furthest away. Preferable to opt to take the nature walking trail path to reach the main places, so you can sigh see the forests and feel more the atmosphere of the surroundings.

Getting to know Emerald Pool and Hot Springs in Krabi Province – Best Krabi tours

  • “Sa Morakot” ( Emerald Pool), is located in “ Khao Pra – Bang Wildlife Sanctuary” in the Krabi Province. The Emerald Pool originates from a hot spring from the forest of “Kaho Nor Chuchi”. The depth of the pool is 1.2 meters. Tourist are allowed to swim in the pool, but drinking the water is forbidden due to the higher level of calcium carbonate in the water. If you drink the water it can lead to medical issues such as provoking stones in the kidneys to be made. The pool is 115 meter long and it is 214 meter wide. By it measurements it is a big pool and many people enjoy bathing in the Emerald’s Pool waters.

  • Tours to Emerald pool from Krabi, it is important to be mentioned that the color of the water varies according to the light and according to the time of the day you are visiting. If you want to see the Emerald’s Pool true color you will have to came in the early mornings.

  • There are three ways to get to “Sa Morakot”:

  • “The Main Forest Road”

  • It is 800 meters walking path, about 10 minutes of walking and it lead to the main entrance.

  • “ Thung Tieo Sa Morakot”

  • It is suitable for people who love nature, hiking, listening to birds humming. It is 1400 meters long.

  • “The Tina Jolliffe Nature Trail”

  • This trail is named by Mr. Tina Jollifee.

  • It is 2.7km long.

  • It is suitable for people who enjoy nature and hiking.

  • “Sa Morakot” can be visited all year along.

  • It is open between 08:30 -15:00 every day. The admission fee is 100 Baht for children and 200 Baht for adults.

Krabi Emerald Pool Tours – Tours to Emerald pool from Krabi

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