Wonderful tours to Koh Lan

Wonderful tours to Koh Lan

Koh Lan Island Tour with Lunch From Pattaya

Wonderful tours to Koh Lan ! Koh Larn Island Tour is a full day tour from Pattaya by speedboat where you get to enjoy full Seafood lunch. Imagine coral reefs and endless skies, clear blue water, white sand beaches, mountainous terrain and rocky outcrops, these are among the sights of Koh Larn or Coral island. It is the biggest island off the coast of Pattaya on the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Larn has up to 6 main beaches with clear waters and one of the beaches worth visiting are Ta Waen on the northern part of the island, with its long stretch of fine sand. It’s quieter than the other beaches, the water is beautiful and it is a lovely place to relax. There is also the monkey reef beach where you can see different monkeys with their acrobatic displays at the end of the beach.

Visitors to Koh Larn can engage in several fun activities, like snorkeling, parasailing, sea walker, jet skiing and ride a banana boat. Others are water scootering and skin diving.

You can spend the day relaxing on scenic and amazing shores on this lovely Island. You will have the opportunity to swim in it  clear water and enjoy sunbathing while enjoying your nutritious locally prepared seafood lunch. It is also an amazingly beautiful backdrop to take pictures of yourself and group.

From your hotel in Pattaya, you will be ferried via speed boat t this Island. You can also visit the clothing markets on the island to get some souvenir. However you need to bargain to get good price. The beach is absolutely stunning.

Koh Larn is a lovely spot catering to all kinds of tourists. Whether you want to laze around on the island’s soft, white sand or get livelier and play a few water sports is up to you. Snorkeling and deep-sea diving are recommended off the nearby islands of Koh Krok and Koh Sak, where there is an abundance of coral and undersea life waiting to be discovered. However, tourists should bring their own diving equipment since there are no dive shops in this area.

Wonderful tours to Koh Lan Wonderful tours to Koh Lan Wonderful tours to Koh Lan

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