Wonders of Nong Nooch Garden

Wonders of Nong Nooch Garden

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Enjoy all the wonders of Nong Nooch Garden! Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a beautifully landscaped private park that offers an amazing glimpse of multiple themed gardens on shaded elevated walkways. It has a wonderful topiary garden, an orchid nursery, a recreation of Stonehenge and more! Right inside the park, there is the Thai Cultural Hall to watch daily performances including classical Thai dance and kickboxing as well as popular elephant show. Tour to this location is usually a full day or half day tour and you have the opportunity to sightsee amazing Thai highlights. Some of the highlights include: the stunning gardens, which include themed sections such as the 17th-century French garden, Asian tropical garden and a likeness to Stonehenge, Up-close opportunities with wildlife & colorful birds, family friendly location with great playgrounds

There you can also admire the cactus garden, succulents, orchid nurseries, topiary garden, butterfly hill and more. From here, you can visit the open zoo and aviary, and be sure to catch the elephant show, which showcases the talents of Asian elephants as they perform tricks such as bike riding and playing football. Your admission ticket includes a cultural show with a stunning display of classic Thai dance and Thai kickboxing (Muay Thai). You won’t like to miss one.

Inside the garden, you can either take an in-house shuttle or take an elephant ride to move within the garden. You can get food and water inside the park or you may decide to come along with snacks and water. However, no bottles or food packs are allowed inside the auditorium running the cultural show and hence, one will have to leave them outside. There are a few souvenir shops that offer excellent shopping experience to tourists and visiting locals. You can proceed to take memorable photographs that will keep you thinking of coming Thailand at every opportunity you get.

Nong Nooch is about 15 kilometers from South Pattaya and the entire area is about 500 acres. A collection of Thai antiques is also exhibited at this tropical garden, where visitors can have an interaction with the deep cultural heritage of Thailand and Asia generally.

Wonders of Nong Nooch Garden Wonders of Nong Nooch Garden Wonders of Nong Nooch Garden

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