A guide to Pattaya the best things to do in the city

A guide to Pattaya the best things to do in the city

A guide to Pattaya the best things to do in the city

When you tour Thailand do not get yourself stacked at Bangkok and start to think that it is all Thailand has to offer. There are beach resort locations near Bangkok where you can go and have an excellent time. With this guide to Pattaya, you will find out why Pattaya is the most popular location and beach town to reach, just in 2 hours bus ride, from Bangkok! 

In this blog, I am aiming to provide you with a guide to Pattaya. There are so several things to do on this Island. It is only 147 Kilometers from Bangkok.

More so, I will tell you the best food to eat there, hotels to stay, what to do and enlighten you about nightlife in Pattaya. Read on to find out!

All about Pattaya

Pattaya is a Thailand resort town. It is on the east coast of Thailand’s Gulf, about 100 kilometers (62 mi) southeast of Bangkok, within, but not part of, Chonburi Province’s Bang Lamung District.

Pattaya City is a regional self-governing district comprising Nong Prue and Na Klua tambons, as well as parts of Huai Yai and Nong Pla Lai.

Together with Si Racha, Laem Chabang, and Chonburi, the city is in the industrial Eastern Seaboard district. Pattaya is in the center of the Metropolitan Area of Pattaya-Chonburi, a conurbation in the province of Chonburi.

Pattaya is always on and enjoyable. This lively coastal city fired and remained there to gain fame in the early 1980s. The beaches of Pattaya are continuously brimming with life from sunrise to sunset, as water sports lovers and sun worshippers take to the seas.

The action switches to the streets after dark, as revelers discover their electrified nightlife scene, where drinking and partying continues until dawn.

Pattaya provides endless possibilities for lodging and leisure in addition to water sports and nightlife. As a seedy beach town, it has outgrown its reputation to a destination for a wider audience; whether it’s lovers, families, or business travelers, Pattaya has something for everyone.

Pattaya nightlife

Pattaya is regarded as a city of parties, and it is a reputation that it enjoys. The town is filled with fantastic hotspots in the nightlife, catering to very diverse tastes.

Apart from the world-renowned Walking Street, there are also several first-class cabaret shows, beach clubs, Muay Thai boxing stadiums.

With all this goes along, of course, a seemingly endless variety of beer bars offering extremely cheap drinks in the city.

The most popular place to walk at night is Walking Street itself. It’s a full kilometer of nightlife, with more than 80 go-go bars, several restaurants. Also, you can find around the city so many live music bars, nightclubs, and a very large number of bars with very different characteristics.

Pattaya’s nightlife merits its international reputation entirely. This is a carefree party city where people are looking for endless fun.

There are other aspects of its status that it may deserve less, but it can’t be denied that it’s the place to go for an excellent rolling time. Nearly every part of the city has some kind of nightlife.

Whether it’s kind of a naughty nightlife in gogo bars, a live rock band bar, foreign DJs, cabaret shows, pool parties, rooftop bars, or just a peaceful pint at home.

Some of these nightlife spots in Pattaya are family-friendly, but most of them are not. 

There is a great variety to be found in and out of the area, with radically-different types of venues located within a very short distance from each other–often side-by-side on the same street.

A guide to Pattaya the best things to do in the city
A guide to Pattaya the best things to do in the city at evening

Enjoy Pattaya walking street 

Pattaya Walking Street

Pattaya is a half-kilometer beach-side street that takes its name from the fact that it is closed to motorized traffic. Every night from 18:00, at which point it becomes suddenly thronged with party-going pedestrian crowds.

Most buildings on both sides of the road are a somewhat descriptive nightclub, bar, or gogo bar, with many of the tiny sois around being much the same.

You will find great nights out from the so-called “Red Car Lounge”–Gulliver’s Walking Road–at one end of the street to Mixx Discotheque at the other, with The Pier Disco Club, 808, Club Insomnia, Candyshop, Marine Disco, Play and Lucifer Disko among the best.

On the racer hand, among the vast selection, Airport Club, Alcatraz, Baccara, Iron Club, and X Zone are all top-rated gogo bars.

Visit Cabaret Show 

Alcazar Cabaret Show Pattaya is widely considered to be one of Pattaya’s best ladyboy cabaret shows.

Even if there is a high amount of high-quality competition for such a title. In the well-established Pattaya Second Road theatre, a 400-member team presents a 70-minute extravaganza of glittering and glamorous entertainment.

The Alcazar Cabaret opened with a 350-seat theater for the first time in November 1981 but was replaced in February 1990 by the new 1,200-seat theater with state-of-the-art light and sound systems.

The facilities and show itself are continually being updated and improved, ensuring that the performance remains year after year new and entertaining, dazzling audiences.

Visit Horizon Bar, Hilton Pattaya 

The Hilton Pattaya building dominates the skyline of the area, being quickly the largest, if not the biggest, and building on Pattaya Beach Road. Right at the top–of the 34th floor–is the Horizon Bar–probably so-called because it’s so far away from the balcony that you can see the Earth’s curvature.

Buy-one-get-one-free offers on curated drinks (including old favorites and house specials) from 17:00 to 19:00 make it a fantastic place to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Although comfortable sofas are available, it is the railings ‘ high bar stools and tables that most people will see rushing to claim.

FFlic Cliff & Pool Club

Get to have fun and a great view over Koh Larn, FFlic Cliff & Pool Club is one of the best places to enjoy a sundowner and then keep the party under the stars.

A relative newcomer to the nightlife scene, the sleepy area of Phratamnak, has been dramatically awakened as an instant hit with tourists and locals. It features a large main bar and a second smaller one by the infinity-edge poolside, foreign guest DJs spinning funky R&B tracks, a vibrant atmosphere, and a great food range.

Nonetheless, don’t forget your swimming costume, because at some point you’re almost sure to get wet.

Hard Rock café Pattaya

The Hard Rock franchise is known all over the world for its quirky style and great music.

From the iconic giant guitar head to the collection of music and movie memorabilia inside, it certainly has the form, “no drugs or nuclear weapons allowed inside” neon sign over the door.

The music starts on the Sun & Moon deck, which looks out over Beach Road, at 18:00 every evening.

At 21:30, the house band begins playing in the early hours. Also, the great rock groups are rotated, with unique guest bands making regular appearances as well.

Pattaya Thailand attractions

Pattaya has a range of attractions that cater effectively to its visitors ‘ diverse interests. While the city is well-known as a party place (with good reason), for those who like fun, elegance, excitement, history, or just a spot in the sun, there is also something.

There are plenty of family-friendly things to see and do amid the city’s wilder side. This has also contributed to making this city world-famous, as well as several ways to enjoy the scenic beauty of a beautiful cityscape, sandy beaches, and spectacular sunsets.

Our list of Pattaya’s best attractions will even help regular visitors find something new and unique in the city.

The sanctuary of truth

The Truth Shrine, also known as Prasat Sut Ja-Tum, is a wooden temple building in Pattaya. This massive building, about 105 meters high, is a one-of-a-kind and tourist attraction.

The sanctuary of truth

A fascinating combination of architecture, history, philosophy, and religion, the Sanctuary of Truth features exquisite wooden carvings. It is a shining example of Thai craftsmanship, although it is incomplete.

Entry fee: 500 THB

OPENING HOURS:-9:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.

LOCATION:-206/2 Moo 5, Soi Naklua 12, Naklua Street, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150

Big Buddha

Make sure to marvel at one of the world’s most extensive Buddha images on your journey to Pattaya. It is also known as Wat Phra Yai, Big Buddha Temple is the most prominent landmark of Pattaya and has a 300-feet high image of Lord Buddha.

The large image was created in 1977 and is often referred to by local people as Luang Phor Yhai or Big Buddha. The image’s hilltop location also separates it from many other city attractions. The stairway leads to the mighty Buddha image, and several smaller images surround the massive masterpiece on the hill.

While the Big Buddha makes for a fascinating sight, it is also worth catching in the camera lens the views of Pattaya city that are visible from the hill.

Wat Phra Yai is situated on Khao Phra Tamnak Hill, a prominent Pattaya viewpoint with spectacular views of the city and the sea. When you drive up the hill, you will also see the image of the Big Buddha from a distance.

  • LOCATION:-Wat Phra Yai, 2.5 Kilometers from South Pattaya

Pattaya Art in Paradise

An immersive twist exhibition, Art in Paradise uses perspective tricks to create optical illusions that bring creativity to life. Remember to take a camera with you to be part of the art! Put the finishing touches on classic works, to swim with dolphins, to fly with eagles, or to be just a grinning disembodied head in the middle of the table.

Try to keep your face straight when standing over your seemingly miniaturized peers or together exploring the world by diving into massive and incredibly detailed murals.

Hours of opening: 09:00–21:00

  • Location: 78/34 Moo 9, Pattaya Second Soi 1, North Pattaya
  • Tel: + 66 (0)3 842 4500

Pattaya Teddy Bear Museum 

There may be just as strange few sights in Pattaya as a two-meter-high realistic model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex cuddled by three teddy bears dressed as cavemen.

A strange mix of cute and disconcerting! The Teddy Bear Museum (also known as Teddy Island) features about 1,000 stuffed animals, ranging from small Christmas helpers, no larger than your palm, to a three-meter-long giant panda.

The family-friendly indoor show takes the shape of a trip through history and imagination, made entirely by cuddly toys. Many dioramas can be handled, if not played with, at least, making it extremely popular with younger kids.

Phone: +66 38 411 285


Buddha Mountain Chi

The 130-meter-high Khao Chee Chan, also known as the Buddha Hill, is said to be the highest Buddha image in the world, about 20 minutes away from Pattaya.

The significance of the image etched on the hill is awe-inspiring, and when in Pattaya, it is undoubtedly a must-visit. The Buddha Mountain is set in landscaped gardens decorated with beautiful flowers, adding to the place’s charm.

Opening Hours: 6:00 a.m. 6 p.m

LOCATION:-Close to Wihan Sian and Silver Lake Winery

Pattaya Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is an extensive leisure park situated about 18 kilometers south of Pattaya, in traditional Thai settings.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Pattaya Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

The garden features a pool, nurseries for orchids, waterfalls, and a vast, beautiful landscape. Over the beautifully landscaped site, you will also find traditional Thai houses and gardens with various flowering plants.

Follow the map in case you are driver to Nong Nooch tropical garden by yourself!

You should look forward to a cultural extravaganza with several shows such as folk dances, sword fighting, and boxing in Thai. The program’s highlight and the favorite of all is the elephant display. Presented four times a day, you can see these gentle giants Siam’s badges.

Pattaya Underwater world

Underwater World Pattaya is one of Asia’s most famous marine aquariums. It has a pedestrian tunnel of Plexiglass, 100 meters long and 6.4 centimeters wide, created by an underwater ecosystem so you can get a closer look at marine life.

More than 4,000 marine animals are kept in the aquarium, including more than 200 different species from the area as well as some rare overseas creatures and a rare shovelnose fish, a cross between a shark and a stingray.

The theme park is located in a giant circus tent-like building. It helps the site to have natural light that nourishes the algae. Near the entrance is a touch pool showing creatures living in rock pools around Thailand’s coastal areas. The swimming pool allows visitors to communicate with marine animals.

I look forward to seeing the fish being fed. A beautiful sight, a visit is worthwhile.

Pattaya Treetop adventure park

The Tree Top Adventure Park in Pattaya is a treat for nature lovers. Tree climbing, zip-lining, jumping rope bridges, and having the time of your life on Tarzan swings–these are just a few of the things you will enjoy while here.

Discover all of these exciting things as you admire the most untouched natural scenery of Pattaya. Located in the Horseshoe Point Resort and Country Club, this adventure park will allow you to get close to nature and explore the region’s rich flora.

All protection measures are taken care of, and for all activities, the most modern equipment is used.

Pattaya Viewpoint and Pattaya Sign 

It was the picturesque natural beauty of the region that drew tourists to Pattaya for the first time. While the quaint little fishing village may have developed into a vibrant cityscape, the scenery still brings many people.

From the hills south of the city are the best views across the bay, from which the sign “Pattaya City” flashes in vibrant colors.

A guide to Pattaya the best things to do in the city
A guide to Pattaya the best things to do in the city. Pattaya Viewpoint and Pattaya Sign

Both the sign and the very famous viewpoint at the top of Khao Pattaya are easily accessible via tarmac roads and provide day or night picture-postcard scenery.

Go to see the vies point as it is really worth it to take really cool pictures of the city!

Wat Chaimongkol 

At the end of South Pattaya Avenue, the center of many cultural and religious activities in Pattaya, Wat Chaimongkol is a great royal temple facility. Its colorful, exotic buildings house a standing Buddha statue found among 350-year-old ruins in Ayutthaya!

 Among other revered images; the extensive car park is home to a busy market on special days, making it a great shopping and cultural attraction.

Foreign visitors are welcome to join in celebrating the year-round Buddhist holidays, which is the best way to experience the fascinating history of Buddhism.

Three Kingdoms Park

Three Kingdoms Park reflects the traditional Thai and Chinese culture and has many unique experiences for its tourists based on the Chinese novel’ The Three Kingdoms.’

It is set in a beautiful country setting in Pattaya and is set in the theme of Chinese Feng Shui.

Although it includes many structures and buildings in the Chinese style, the three pagodas are the highlight of any visit to this park.

Another thing to look for is a corridor covered by hand-painted tiles, which is the world’s largest of its kind. The hall is doing a great job of telling the three kingdoms story.

Village Pattaya

Without an elephant ride, your trip to Thailand is incomplete. Head to Elephant Village where you can see these majestic creatures ‘ daily lives! YOu can see an Elephant Display (elephants being exercised and fed), and pose with an ancient war elephant dressed in its finest.

You will be taken through undeveloped rural areas, as well as a Silk House. At this craftsmanship house, you will be able to witness the production and processing of raw silk as well as see silk threads weaving on a traditional handloom.

This adventure is sure to be a favorite among youngsters.

Pattaya Dolphin World and Resort

Pattaya Dolphin World and Resort are the leading family entertainment destinations in Pattaya. Stay ready for an extraordinary family experience when you watch the first dolphin display in Thailand here. The dolphins are running, jumping, and performing various tricks and acts that make the show an enjoyable one. You can also communicate with the dolphins and feed them. You can have pictures snapped with them, and learn everything about the fascinating creatures at the Pattaya Dolphin World & Resort from professional trainers.

Pattaya Park Tower

It is found at the seaside tower, and the rotating restaurant in Thailand is the first of its kind. The tower doesn’t have one, but four interesting attractions.

The 55th-floor Apex Observation Deck provides spectacular views of the city of Pattaya and Jomtien Bay.

The 52nd, 53rd, and 54th floors each have a rotating restaurant, and they all promise a memorable dining experience. In the buffet lunch/dinner, you will enjoy foreign cuisine here as you enjoy sweeping city views.

Pattaya Park Tower
Pattaya Park Tower

Water Sports

Water sports, bungee jumping, underwater tours, and much more; some events can make your journey to Pattaya full of action and adventure.

Beaches such as Pattaya beach and Jomtien beach offer various water sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing, paragliding, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

You’re guaranteed to have a thrilling experience, whether you’re a professional daredevil or a novice thrill seeker. Individual sports include sailing, yachting, kayaking, and banana boat trips, which can easily be organized on the beaches.

Tower Jump at Pattaya

Pattaya Park Tower is a popular tourist attraction with an observation deck on the 55th floor and revolving restaurants on the 52nd, 53rd, and 54th floors.

Not only can you enjoy spectacular panoramic city views, but you can also participate in some fun by jumping in the jump tower. Discover adventure at its finest and leap off the bridge, nearly 170 meters high. The rotating restaurants offer a wide range of international cuisine and sparkling seafood.

Pattaya food

Pattaya is a multicultural place that attracts Thai nationals from across the world, each bringing the best of the cuisine of their area.

Many people have moved here from Issan’s rural area, taking with them their spicy and sour specialties. The coastal town also celebrates the Gulf of Thailand’s fresh seafood, giving Pattaya’s Best Local Food a mix of flavors to enjoy.

Som Tum (Spicy Green Papaya Salad)

Initially from Issan (love-it or hate-it) nearly all Thais in Pattaya can’t get enough of it, although visitors are very divided. It is made of garlic, chilies, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and raw papaya shredded and is a mixture of sweet taste, sour, and spicy flavors.

Salt crab, dry shrimp, and peanuts are frequent additions.

Wherever you can see the distinctive large pestle and mortar, Som Tum is available, including some street vendor carts.

Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)

Practically Thailand’s national dish, lemongrass, chili, lime leaves, galangal, shallots, and flavors of fish sauce all add up to a sweet, salty, herbal, aromatic soup. If you imagine Thai food, it’s the scent and taste, you think.

Fresh local prawns, as well as the straw mushrooms, provide the meat of the dish that Thais and tourists are universally accessible. It is widely available in Pattaya in Thai restaurants.

 Yum Woon Sen (Spicy Glass Noodles)

Yum Woon Sen, a famous salad throughout Thailand, and sometimes thought of as a diet, uses as its base the relatively dull, transparent or glass noodle.

Added ingredients include garlic, dried shrimp, peanuts, onion, limes, Chinese celery, and plenty of chilies, giving it a crunchy, spicy, and very sour taste.

Ground pork, though a bit of a diet-breaker, is a popular addition. Many restaurants add big cooked shrimps.

Fried Basil and Pork

A one-plate dish with a full, meaty, and spicy flavor, famous for lunch and dinner, fried basil, and pork. It’s strong on the holy basil, with hazelnut pork, new chili, green beans, soy sauce, and some sugar.

In a piping hot wok, all this is stir-fried and served on steamed rice, usually with a fried egg on top. The fat and pork juices add to the plain an extra wholesome flavor, making it a much more sweet meal

Chicken with Sticky Rice

This recipe is as simple as it sounds–it’s just sticky rice grilled chicken. It typically comes with a small range of dipping sauces, ranging from the relatively mundane sweet chili sauce, common throughout Asia, to super-spicy local dips with alarming brown colors.

It is usually eaten entirely by hand, full, delicious, and quite messy and generally available from roaming food carts as well as local restaurants.

Pla Pao (Salt-Crusted Grilled Fish with Lemongrass)

Seeing a whole fish with a bundle of lemongrass sticks jammed deep into its mouth is a bit disconcerting, gently grilling in a Pattaya market, mainly when that fish is a ghostly white color.

What you’re looking at, though, is a top-rated and delicious meal.

The color comes from a thick salt crust that keeps the flesh moist and succulent under the grill’s ravages.

At the same time, the lemongrass infuses the whole tilapia fish with its fruity, sour flavor. It’s a typical evening meal, eaten with seafood dipping sauce.

Khao Pad Gung (Fried Rice with Prawns)

Fried rice is a staple of Thai cuisine, famous for its ability to fill with Thais and tourists.

It is topped with a fried egg, following the style of an American version; the genuine article has the egg mixed in between the onion, spices, and carrot and peas in some variants.

While you can have it with almost any meat, local seafood’s popularity makes the prawn version especially famous.

Locals and seasoned sexpats will often add a lot of condiments to improve the taste, including fresh lime juice, chili flakes, and chili-infused sauce from fish.

Khao Niaow Ma Muang (Sticky Mango Rice)

It is the sweetest of the sweets and Thailand’s most famous dessert, without a doubt.

Whole shops and roaming vendors devote their entire business to Sticky Mango Rice alone, the bright yellow fruits lighting up a street. It’s a straightforward dish! Mango slices with a sticky rice serving.

All is covered in a thick coconut sauce. Each component’s freshness gives it a strong flavor. Locally grown mangos are already lovely and can be turned more sickly delicious by the sugar-heavy sauce.

Pad Thai (Thai-style Fried Noodles)

Pad Thai is another of those traditional Thai dishes that make the cuisine worldwide so famous. It’s the one they gave the name to the nation!

A quick and easy preparation, as its tasty foundation, it uses broad noodles, onion, eggs, and a meat of your choice (prawns are usually very popular in Pattaya).

Crunchy beansprouts add an extra layer of flavor, as does typical condiment set, which includes ground peanuts, chili powder, sugar, and fish sauce.

Khao Tom (Rice Soup)

Khao Tom is a rice-based broth, a fairly basic breakfast (although it’s not that usual to find it eaten at any time of day). The foundation is a plain porridge made of jasmine rice.

This includes ginger, lemongrass, spring onion, and shallots, eggs, meat, and fish sauce. Pork is the popular choice of meat, which can either be chopped or served in balls.

Looking at it is not especially delicious, and the consistency scares off a lot of tourists, but the taste is a welcome surprise.

Pattaya Thailand walking street

Walking Street Pattaya is Thailand’s most significant and busiest party hotspot, with only a few of Bangkok’s top spots beating it for sheer volume and variety. Nearly every building along its length is a lounge, go-go bar, beer bar, or restaurant!

A full kilometer from its high-tech gateway at the Beach Road ends to the Bali Hai Plaza end. 

Every side street, extending from Soi 14 to Soi 16, is more of the same, turning the city’s entire southern end into a warren of nightlife entertainment, with something for almost every taste.

The exciting thing about Pattaya Walking Street is that there’s a lot to see and do. Pattaya streets are densely packed that you could spend a whole week there every night.

You’d still find new places every evening apart from having the mother of all hangovers. I have tried to explore the key points of interest, but we’re scratching the surface of the hundreds of venues around the neon-drenched strip.

Pattaya beach

This beach is divided into northern, central, and southern zones among Pattaya’s most beautiful beaches. With its 4 km long crescent-shaped coastline, the Pattaya Beach in Thailand provides suitable water activities.

The beach road that is happening is dotted with many restaurants and shops.

While on Pattaya Beach, one of the best beaches in Pattaya, Thailand, one can sunbathe, enjoy a thrilling banana boat ride, enjoy relaxing with drinks at the floating beachfront café. You can also enjoy various activities on the beach in Pattaya on your holiday!

Things to do at Pattaya Beach in Thailand: parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat riding, and beach shacks enjoying Thai street food.

Pattaya hotels

Pattaya’s best hotels offer such great advantages as a convenient location to enjoy the myriad attractions of the area, first-class comfort and service, fine restaurants, and fantastic facilities.

Most provide beautiful views across the Thailand Gulf, allowing guests to enjoy the magnificent sunsets that every evening grace the western horizon. Others are just meters from some of the beautiful and lively beaches in the area. In contrast, others on Walking Street are convenient for the world-renowned nightlife of the city.

Centara Grand Mirage Pattaya

The resort has a vast complex in North Pattaya with an impressive range of leisure facilities for adults and children alike. This five-star hotel is located on Wong Amat Beach and Naklua Beach, just north of Pattaya Bay, home to many of Pattaya’s most beautiful luxury resorts.


Nevertheless, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya has direct access to a stretch of sandy beach as well as one of Thailand’s largest swimming pool areas. The 555 guest rooms are spread over 18 floors of this double towered hotel, designed to offer amazing views.

Holiday Inn Pattaya is a brand new hotel in Pattaya, operated by Holiday Inn brand under IHG. It has 367 rooms with all 100 percent sea view guaranteed. We provide a range of premium facilities, including five food outlets that are Havana Bar, Cubien Bar (our highlight) Terrazzo, Italian Restaurant Cafe G.

 All-day dining Flow, a bakery corner by our guest house.

Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Siam@ Siam Design Hotel Pattaya is situated in the north of Pattaya Bay, a five-star ocean-view hotel. With the beach on one side and shopping malls-including the Central Festival-on the other side, there are several things for tourists to do close to the hotel. It is home to the perfect seafood restaurants, cabaret shows, as well as \ family activities like Art in Paradise.


To travel around the area is made easy with the-baht buses-that take the route from Beach Road to Second Road.

Cape Dara Resort

The resort is located on a jutting headland that gives the hotel its name, and the location is unrivaled for sweeping views of Pattaya Bay, with a unique design. It ensures that each room has an ocean view as well as a private balcony.


The resort has a private beach, two swimming pools with an all-day dining restaurant serving a mix of casual classic Thai dishes, and some of the chef’s signature creations. There is also a spa and a fine dining restaurant with contemporary Chinese cuisine, again with amazing views.

Dusit Thani Pattaya 

It is the classic beachfront resort for those who want timeless five-star luxuries from a beach holiday. The resort has touches of classic Thai inspired art and design wherever you look-from a lobby with ocean views, green gardens, rich colors used to decorate the properties. Here, traditionally dressed musicians are playing stringed instruments,


Near the Dolphin roundabout in north Pattaya, the location on Beach Road means it is surrounded by many excellent restaurants and other luxury hotels. Cabaret shows, shopping malls, and tourist attractions are also within easy reach.

Amari Pattaya 

Amari Ocean Pattaya is an extensive five-star complex divided into two parts with a beautifully manicured garden, two swimming pools, and a host of leisure facilities. Situated in the quieter north of Pattaya on Beach Road, the broad coast is just a few steps away from the hotel and all the beachfront attractions-shopping malls.


The resort has 297 rooms in the Amari Ocean Pattaya, separated into the four-star Garden Wing and the more luxurious five star Ocean Tower. Both are offering a different experience and yet sharing the same excellent facilities.

Hard Rock Hotel

Pattaya With a stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, you will be centrally located in Pattaya, a stone’s throw from the Hard Rock Cafe, and a 3-minute walk from Pattaya Beach Road. The facilities include free wired internet access, a business center, and a limo/city car service. There is a car parking space for visitors.

Royal Cliff Beach

Hotel Royal Cliff Beach Hotel by Royal Cliff Hotels Group is an impressive five-star property offering excellent resort amenities and convenient location close to Pattaya’s main tourist attractions. The position in South Pattaya means visitors can easily reach busy Pattaya Beach with all its water sports and parasailing opportunities, as well as the quieter and more relaxing parts of the coast.


Many items of interest in this area include Pattaya Amusement Park and the famous Walking Street’s frenetic nightlife entertainment area. To make sightseeing even easier, the hotel offers a small fee shuttle service to the shopping malls in the city center.

Siam Bayshore Resort 

Siam Bayshore Resort and Spa is a luxurious resort hotel that provides a quiet and peaceful place to revitalize the soul and mind in a beautiful tropical area. ITj two hundred and seventy rooms, and within the walls, it is almost like the outside world does not exist. 


The hotel is in a great location, offering easy access to The Bali-Hai pier, easy access by speedboat to a beautiful natural reef, to the popular Pattaya Walking Street, to many great places for shopping and entertainment. 

The Siam Bayshore Resort and Spa offers perfectly fitting rooms, new furniture, and clean bedding, and is filled with greenery from the gardens.

Pattaya Thailand airport

U-Tapao Airport

Pattaya Airport or U-Tapao International Airport is located approximately halfway between Pattaya and Rayong, about 40 km from each town. U-Tapao Airport is also a Royal Thai Navy Air Station and home to the Navy’s First Air Wing, isolated from the primary terminal-which scheduled services and charter flights. For this reason, during take-off and landing, passengers are always told not to take photographs from the window.

A small number of regular domestic and international flights are run by the airport, with other airlines only running three to four days a week.

Layout and Facilities available at the airport

U-Tapao Airport only has one terminal building, which is used by both domestic as well as international arrivals and departures. Airport facilities and services include:

  • Souvenir shop
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Internet café
  • Hotel & tour information desk
  • Postal service

What is Pattaya best known for?

Pattaya is famous for its enjoyable crazy nightlife. Another famous aspect knew its large population of very friendly, very beautiful ladyboys. As the sun sets, Pattaya turns into the dream destination for party lovers. You will get a breezing atmosphere which takes place at night is an important reason why many travelers visit this place.

A-guide-to-Pattaya-the-best-things-to-do in-the-city

Is Pattaya an excellent place to visit?

Yeah, you’ll love the wild nightlife. This spot becomes the dream destination for party lovers as the sunsets.

An important reason why many travelers visit this location is the vibrant atmosphere that takes place at night. Hundreds of bars and many other events can keep the party goers crazy at night. Many resorts are selling cheap and very available gourmet restaurants and cocktail packages.

They’ve got a string of night bars and karaoke stations for family entertainment.

Speedboats ready to depart for islands tours from Pattaya beach
Speedboats ready to depart for islands tours from Pattaya beach

Is Phuket or Pattaya better?

Pattaya is not a beach town. It’s a beautiful beach; the area is highly developed with high-rise apartments and hotels (for Thailand). There are lots of restaurants and bars. There are plenty of ex-pats and lots of ladyboys. Some of it’s sleazy. Bangkok is just a two-hour drive away, so you don’t need an extra flight to get there.

Phuket is an island connected to the mainland by a bridge. With more hotel rooms than New York City, it is highly developed. It’s got about seven or eight significant beaches. Patong beach, like Pattaya, has plenty of bars and restaurants.

The further north you go after that, the less developed are the beaches. The beaches of Surin and Bangtao strike a delicate balance between nice bars and places to eat, but not too sleazy.

You can get ferries from Phuket Town to islands like Koh Phi Phi. You can get an overnight bus from Bangkok to Phuket if you have the time, or you can get a flight if you don’t have much time. Directly in Phuket, there are some international flights.

A-guide-to-Pattaya-the-best-things-to-do in-the-city

When should I go to Pattaya?

Like most of Thailand, Pattaya has the usual tropical climate and is seeing visitors throughout the year. Here’s a monthly climatic overview so you can plan your trip better:

From November to February: the best time to visit Pattaya is from November to February when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold and mostly remains friendly. During the primary tourist season, and tourists are filled with most beaches and other places of attraction. Quick rain spells and many days of bright sunshine can be expected. Yet try to make all your reservations in advance because locations are being sold out and prices tend to rise.

March to May: In March, April and May, the weather is hot and humid, but the influx of tourists remains high. During this time, while the beaches are busy, they are not as crowded as they were during the peak season. Make sure to carry plenty of sunscreen lotion, a hat, and sunglasses.

June to October: Pattaya receives heavy rainfall from June to October and the rainy season is perfect if you want to enjoy Pattaya at its quietest. The beaches are far less crowded, the temperature is not too high, and lodging in the hotel is cheaper.

A-guide-to-Pattaya-the-best-things-to-do in-the-city
To enjoy at best the Pattaya tours to the islands, visit Pattaya from November to April!

Is Pattaya suitable for families?

Pattaya has plenty of family-friendly activities. There are plenty of family-friendly activities, so from that perspective, Pattaya with children makes sense. Recommended activities with a young family are day trips to nearby islands like Koh Larn, water parks, and the beach, of course.

Nonetheless, be cautious when you enjoy the night scene of Pattaya, which is not family-friendly. To adult visitors, there are more than 1,000 pubs. For singles and couples, Pattaya is better than for friends.

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