Exclusive tour to Hong island from Phuket with Catamaran

Phuket Premium Tour

Exclusive tour to Hong island, exclusive Hong island Catamaran tour from Phuket

Exclusive tour to Hong island. A catamaran tour to Koh Hong-krabi is a new and exclusive way to discover and enjoy one of the beauties of the world that comes with a complete service to create a memorable and unforgettable experience. The islands of Koh Hong are rightly considered to be among the most beautiful in Krabi province. The main island, Koh Hong is uninhabited, except for the birds, white-faced gibbons and giant monitor lizards that can be often spotted on the main white sand beach (at quiet times, at least).

It’s interior is home to a large lagoon (the “chamber” to which its Thai name “Hong” refers). This is best accessed at low tide by kayak, as the diminishing water level makes its color change drastically from a deep emerald green to a clear turquoise and the third one is referred to as Koh Lading, with a sheltered cove where there is a birds’ nest collectors’ camp and impressive sandbars that are revealed at low tide.

On this exclusive catamaran tour to Hong Island, bay Swimming, snorkeling, exploring and picnic are some activities to engage in. The fine, white sands and clean, clear waters make Hong Island’s main beach and bay an ideal place to relax and escape on holiday.

Exclusive tour to Hong island, you will then enjoy lunch (Thai Cuisine) there on the Island surrounded by the fish cages that offers you the chance to discover the various species of sea life together with the beautiful natural surroundings of sea & sound of wind.

These Islands renowned for their breath-taking beauty, shallow coral reefs and fine, sandy beaches. In the middle of the half-circle shaped island lies the secret lagoon, where you can find yourself at one with nature swimming, snorkeling, exploring, relaxing and having maximum fun.

Exclusive tour to Hong island. This timeless place with long sandy beaches surrounded by jade-like sea is so nice for sun bathing & water play. All you need to do is cast your eyes and see through on plenty of wonderful marine wildlife, among crystal clear water and gives you a chance to experience a tropical paradise.

Exclusive-tour-to-Hong-island-from-Phuket-with-Catamaran Exclusive-tour-to-Hong-island-from-Phuket-with-Catamaran

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