Experience Hong Islands Tour with Speed boat


Experience Hong Islands Tour with Speed boat.Travelling by speed boat to the Hong Islands gives you the chance of visiting all the islands on Hong in a single day. The Islands that make up the Hong Islands are:

Hong Island that boasts of a lovely lagoon; It is has an amazing lake with tree covered cliffs climbing up all around. There is also Hong Island Bay with beautiful beach with white sand. The water is very calm and clear with good visibility and you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling around hundreds of colored small fishes.

Experience Hong Islands Tour with Speed boat. Hong Islands Tour by Speedboat will also take you to Lading Island. Known as the site where the local come to source the important ingredient for their beloved bird’s nest soup. You will enjoy most of Krabi’s most amazing sights. There is a small beach with amazing rock formations and caves to view.

Pakbia Island is the third of the Hong Islands. It is a labyrinth of caves with very nice beach. Pakbia is a lovely place to go snorkeling and swimming because of it amazingly calm and clear water. The beach has trees along the edge; where you can lie back and relax.

Daeng Island is the last; it is famous for its coral reef which, at low tide, can be seen clearly from the surface. This Island is about half way between Aonang and Hong Island.

The Hong Islands are among the numerous Islands that puts Krabi top of the list of Thailand travel destinations. They are a perfect place for beginners and non-swimmers to snorkel. You can just stand in the water and be surrounded by hundreds of fish, with a mask and snorkel, you can get a glimpse of the underwater world. The Hong Islands are 25 minutes by speedboat. The boat travels quite close to the shore giving a great view of the coastline.

Experience Hong Islands Tour with Speed boat. The Speed boat tour to Hong Island is a perfect combination of exhilaration and relaxation. Speed across the Andaman Sea and then spend the day snorkeling and sightseeing is surely a lovely thing to do during your tour.




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