The amazing Million Years Stone Park

The amazing Million Years Stone Park

The amazing Million Years Stone Park Crocodile Farm-Pattaya

The amazing Million Years Stone Park is located on more than 70-acre piece of land and just 15 minutes’ drive from Pattaya, The Million Years Stone Park Crocodile Farm is a new striking tourist attraction created with more than 20 years’ efforts, for all nature lovers.

The amazing Million Years Stone Park is a rather bizarre attraction featuring unusual rock formations coupled with exciting animal shows. Specializing in the ancient, as the name suggests, the top exhibits include fossilized trees and the closest genetic relatives to prehistoric monsters: crocodiles.

On this tour, you can admire the gigantic rock gardens, exotic plants and flower gardens in the beautiful natural surroundings. Crocodile Farm also has the largest water area among the similar farms in Thailand with the largest population of salt water crocodiles in Thailand. They also breed their own crocodiles.

The amazing Million Years Stone Park contains much more than what its name suggests. It is not only a living museum of curious and beautiful things of all the three kingdoms-animal, plant and mineral, but it also offers you several kinds of amusing and exciting shows.

It is also important to note that the crocodile farm is a farm and not a zoo. The very large Siamese crocodiles are technically livestock, not exhibits, which is why you will find them on the menu at the park’s main restaurant. Available dishes on this tour include crocodile steak, crocodile egg omelet with crocodile meat and fried crocodile spare ribs with garlic and pepper. Yummy right?

While it might be a little jarring for visitors used to a western-style zoo experience, the animals do seem well looked-after, with relatively spacious shaded enclosures. All of the signs give information about each of the different animals – which also include camels, ponies, bears and various species each of birds, fish and deer – are written exclusively in Thai.

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