Full day Khai Islands tours from Phuket

Full day Khai Islands tours from Phuket

Full day Khai Islands tours from Phuket

When a person wants to go on tour at any new place then unique and wonderful places come into mind. So, it is wrong to say that a single person can visit a whole world, because it is not possible in one life.

Some places are very common between tourists but thousands of places are still unique and wonderful.

If you are also in the type of people who are thinking to visit any unique place but you do not have any idea about any unique place. No worries! As we here to tell you about a unique and amazing place. You will not regret visiting this place and will also recommend this place to your friends and family after visiting this astounding place.

Full day Khai Islands tours from Phuket

Here we go:

Khai Islands

Khai islands is a wonderful and beautiful tour place which lies between Phuket and Krabi. You might not have ever heard about Khai islands tours, because it is not as popular as other tour spots but you will never regret going on this trip. This trip may lead you to uncover some amazing and phenomenal small islands for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you want a full day Khai Islands tours, from Phuket then you have to go 10km east of Phuket by speedboat that will be a journey of 15 minutes.

Where you will find three small islands which are encircled by crystal clear waters. These are full of marine life and fish, you also will find many rocks and reef to add more beauty to this place.

If you want to go with family then Khai islands tour, is the best option because there are many activities to do for kids as well. There are shallow waters which are suitable for all ages for a safe swim and snorkel.

These three islands have different names and specifications, let us discuss them so that you can get a better idea about each of them. Here you go:

  1. Khai Nai Island

It is the biggest than other two islands and it has an attractive crystal clear white beach. Its water is emerald green which is good for snorkeling and swimming.

  1. Khai Nok Island

If we talk about Khai Nok Island, it has also crystal clear beautiful white beach with turquoise water. You will find number of fish in this shallow water which are waiting to be fed. It will be a great and amazing view for kids and they would love to feed the fish.

  1. Khai Nui Island

Third one is Khai Nui Island, which is the smallest island than both of the others, but it provides you and your family with colorful coral reefs and excellent snorkeling.

Usually best Phi Phi island tours always visit also Khia islands for a great itinerary opportunity.

So, stop thinking and just book your full day Khai islands tours right now!

Full day Khai Islands tours from Phuket

Tour by speedboat – Khai islands tours

Another amazing thing for this tour is that you will go free from Phuket to Khai islands.

Yes, you read that right!

You can go to Khai islands from Phuket without spending a dime.

It will be a complete tour to all three locations of Khai islands as in, Khai Nok, Khai Nai and Khai Nui by speed boat.

Why to choose a Full day Khai Islands tour?

There are hundreds of reasons to choose a full day trip to Khai islands. But here we are going to discuss a few of these;

  • Isolated and uninhabited

This place is completely isolated and calm, so if you are looking for a peaceful place then this is the one you should be visiting. You can enjoy this place privately with your family and friends. Tropical colorful fish, swimming and snorkeling are enough to provide you with joy and happiness.

  • Peaceful place

This is a great place to spend a day especially when you are suffering from any depression and stress. After spending a few hours there, you will feel fresh, calm and relax. This peaceful place provides you with the best environment to cope up with your anxieties and tensions.

  • Best place for kids

Sometimes we choose a place which never suits the kids and they usually get bored. But your kids are going to remember this place because this Khai islands tour, provides them with a quality time with amazing views.

Boating, swimming and diving will make them happy and swimming with colorful fish in green waters will give them unforgettable experience. They will love to spend time on Khai islands water and beaches.

  • Khai islands offer you much more

Yes, Khai islands offer you much more than your expectations. You can enjoy buffet lunch on beach restaurant with coffee, tea, soft drinks, pure water etc.

End note

You will find life jackets and free equipment for swimming and snorkeling with proper tour guide.

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