16 wonderful Chiang Mai activities

15 wonderful Chiang Mai activities

16 wonderful Chiang Mai activities


Chiang Mai is the biggest significant town in northern Thailand and also a really great portion of many actions and activities most travelers can do and discover in the north, it is by far the most visited city in Thailand’s north by travelers of every kind.

  • Chiang Mai activities. The highlights:
  • Enjoy zipline adventure
  • Discover the jungle trekking
  • Visit and greet the monks
  • Go white water rafting
  • Shopping in Warorot Market
  • Visit Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium and Chiang Mai Night Safari
  • Climb the Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls
  • The Doi Inthanon Tours,
  • Visit Doi Pui
  • Night Bazaar
  • How to Get Around Chiang Mai
  • Things to do in Chiang Mai old town
  • The amazing Chiang Mai food
  • Visit Thapae Gate
  • Sunday Walking Street


Do not miss by any means to visit the temples in the Chiang Mai old town, do not miss the best Chiang Rai tours.


Whether you would like to stay on a budget in Chaing Mai or you want to really enjoy the luxury resorts here, you’ll discover that Chiang Mai city and province are packed with culture, many friendly people.

Chiang Mai has plenty of grocery shops, dozens of amazing temples, lovely panoramas, a great city vibe. It has become something of this newest “IT” place for ex-pats and electronic nomads in the past couple of decades.

You may discover a great deal of delightful Western meals, cafes, restaurants, and pubs all, however, though, the older Thai-ness of this place has not gone out, and a click will render you enamored.

Wrap up maintaining yourself for more or a few weeks, and a lot of people plan to remain for a few times! There magic for this town.

The town of Chiang Mai is a showcase of the fascinating cultural identity of the north including dialects, delectable cuisine design, traditional principles, festivals, handicrafts workshops, fashion massage, along with dances.

Chiang Mai is blessed with organic resources such as waterfalls, mountains, and rivers.


Your choices of Chiang Mai activities


1. Enjoy zipline adventure


Go zip liner, if you’re searching for a funny rash. Chiang Mai is very innovative for the zip line classes and tours and has lots of operators. The two famous courses are the Journey of the Gibbon and Eagle Trekkers.


2. Discover the jungle trekking


his city is the first location for several jungle trekking tours. I personally adore the ones that are full-day, the most exceptional excursions, all secluded, and far more exciting places to explore.

As tutorials wander, you will be trekking along with charming informative tour guides to know all about wildlife or the surrounding lands of the province.

If you visit a rural community, be sure to encounter and entertain the villagers, share with them pleasant moments and memories!

Check this handy guide for choosing a Trekking Pole. It will make hiking easier:

A great guide for the best trekking poles here at:


As you really might be a trekking enthusiast, these are the newest trekking experiences to pick:


15 wonderful Chiang Mai activities


3. Visit and greet the monks


Monk talks and greetings and donations are an opportunity for people to discover the nation’s faith and culture in addition to for monks a chance to practice English.

It is a popular tour happening daily to meet the monks in the early morning when they are on their first meeting time walk of the day.



15 wonderful Chiang Mai activities


4. Go white water rafting


It’s likely to travel whitewater rafting on the Maeteng River. Rapids range from levels two to four during the various Thai seasons.


5. Shop in Warorot Market


If your evenings are fully-booked, think about seeing this hot market through the day. Located close to the lake, it is accessible every day.

This is a good place to search for clothing and find some meals that are cheap that is great.



6. Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium – Chiang Mai Night Safari


Over 1950, Harold Mason Young, son of American missionaries, began looking and rescuing after animals that were wounded, along with his collection, started getting traffic.

Thus the start of the zoo, if the Chiang Mai federal authorities contributed 24 acres to help in his job.

The zoo supplies two aquariums, and homes a variety of household pets, and has risen to more than 200 acres today. The volcano is the biggest in Asia, and they have one in captivity of those rare pandas.



7. Climb the Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls


This creates, while only a bit outside the town, an excellent opportunity for a fascinating day tour. The drops, expected to the sort of coat the waterfall, creates a stickiness, letting you climb in the water that is cascading!

You are feeling a little like Spiderman! The stones themselves are intriguing, looking unique in coloring too. It is not only a really cool experience, but it is also a workout. Absolutely a great location for memorable pictures!



8. The Doi Inthanon Tours


Doi Inthanon National Park is the most elevated national park in Thailand, coming to more than 2,500 meters above the ocean level. It is a part of the Loi Lar mountain range separating Burma & Thailand.

Doi Inthanon hiking. The tours to Doi Inthanon national park are designed to provide you with a perfect and hassle-free experience. For example, you will be provided with fully air-conditioned vehicles, which are driven by experienced drivers.

You will be able to get back to the Hotel around 5 in the evening. Therefore, it will not be a tiring tour. You will also be able to receive refreshments throughout the journey, which can provide you with the chance to enjoy every single second that you spend.



15 wonderful Chiang Mai activities - Doi Inthanon


9. Visit Doi Pui


This Hmong village is a tourist. Yet is a screen of a mountain tribe that is standard home and dwelling lifts the background of the groups that could have solved in the Thai mountains in decades.

You are able to dress up in garb to get a picture burst if you are feeling especially touristy, and there are lots of stores where you are able to buy other products rings, tea, and fabrics.



15 wonderful Chiang Mai activities


10. Night Bazaar


If you’re all set to do a while, That’s a superb place for shopping.

Since the Evening Bazaar brings in vacationers, you are going to wish to be watchful against becoming ripped-off.

However are a couple of supports here, from scarves and clothing to housewares and carvings.

When you are done shopping, you might take a Thai boxing bargain with. Muay Thai conflicts are a portion of culture and may add a variable to a stay in Chiang Mai. Access to the disputes is between 200 and 400 THB.



15 wonderful Chiang Mai activities


11. How to Get Around Chiang Mai and things to do in Chiang Mai old town.


  • Songthaew — Songthaew is the mode of transport in Chiang Mai — it is like a flipped pickup. This transportation style is 1 method that the people that are regional traveling. You discuss the motorists where you are going, and may simply flag one down at the road! You will get to just about everywhere in the metropolis to get 30 THB ($1 USD).
  • Tuk-Tuk — A holiday via tuk-tuk will likely be costly than a songthaew, as it is the main service. You could get around town for approximately 100 THB ($3 USD).
  • To recall: In April and may, things begin warming up. Heat can soar up to 104°F (40°C), and you’re going to want to load up mild clothes and a great deal of sunscreen. You may find it embarrassing for sightseeing if you are not utilized to this warmth. The rainy season occurs from June to October, when temperatures cool but the humidity climbs. Chiang Mai does not receive of the rain as Southern Thailand, but you need to be ready. It will rain for an hour Every Day.


12. Amazing Chiang Mai food


As usual, every day, most popular of all Chiang Mai activities: food!

The average price of meals.

Chiang Mai tour has one of the more fabulous low priced street meals in Thailand, and meals price 25-50 THB ($0.75-1.50 USD).

Most restaurant dishes cost approximately 80 THB ($2.50 USD) for the main dish and a beverage.

Western food starts at 170 THB ($5 USD) also and goes up from there.

Concerning carrying in, visiting pubs may get expensive with the cheapest beers costing approximately 60 THB ($2 USD) cocktails, and each occasionally price two occasions or triple.

Whereas really purchasing beers out of 7-Eleven to drink on the street could be 30 THB ($1 USD) each can. Dada Kafe, Sushi Ichiban, Dash, the Chaing Mai Gate Market, and Sunday Market.


15 wonderful Chiang Mai activities


13. Visit Thapae Gate

There are four gates to get into the Chiang Mai older town, 1 gate per all sides of the walls.

The gate which is actually the most famous is the Thapae Gate, this gate is located on the coast facing the Ping River and surrounded by a very nice and vivid square. As you will be walking in Chiang Mai old town, this is a must location to visit.

The gate has been renovated to its initial state in the 1980s. You can enjoy great street food nearby the gate and enter the old town from here to reach by foot all the various historical temples and visit Buddhist monks.


14. Sunday Walking Street


If you walk directly from the gate, you may wind up to the renowned Sunday Walking Street.

From 4 pm till midnight you’ll be able to discover many exciting things every Sunday.

There are so many food stalls, so many retailers that sell all kinds of souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, and even Thai sculptures. It’s where Northern’s Thai locals showcase art and their handicraft.


15. Do not miss by any means to visit the temples in the Chiang Mai old town.


  • Wat Chedi Luang

This temple is exclusive. It’d been built to put away the ashes of King Saen Muang Ma’s daddy.

The temple features an extraordinary attribute, which will be a magnificent Naga staircase in this chapel’s entrance.

It was a house into the subject of the USA, the Emerald Buddha, that has been moved to Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Wat Chedi Luang was demolished because of devastation revived in the 1990s from the UNESCO. Website visitors can find brick Wat.

There may be a Dipterocarp tree enclosing the Wat. Star states the shrub along with its own heart to protect Chiang Mai from catastrophe and evil.


  • Wat Chiang Man

This wat is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai and it will get the earliest Buddha statue in Chiang Mai within the temple.

It reflects Lanna architectural fashions. In addition to that, the rainwater festival is conducted on April 1st, where sailors pray to God during support.

The two Buddhas in this temple include Phra Sae Tang Khamani, the White Emerald Buddha, and the marble Phra Sila Buddha. Only certain individuals may obtain entry into this Buddha chamber.


  • Wat Phra Singh

The translation is’ Temple of the Lion Buddha’. This Wat is known because of the investigation center for monks.

The lion fashion statue inspired the title you can see the temple being encompassed by smaller lion figurines. As and the statue that is grand.

There may be a collection that has a stone base. The temple hosts most Thai parties throughout the year.



15 wonderful Chiang Mai activities - Wat Chedi Luang

16. Do not miss the best Chiang Rai tours


The full-day excursions departing from Chiang Mai Hotels to the enchanting world of Chiang Rai, your very well organized Chiang Rai tour to discover the fabulous White temple, the Blue temple,



15 wonderful Chiang Mai activities

16 wonderful Chiang Mai activities – best Chiang Mai temple tours


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