The famous Sunrise Tour to Phi Phi Islands

famous Sunrise Tour to Phi Phi Islands

The famous Sunrise Tour to Phi Phi Islands. Experience the now a day Luxury of No Crowds visiting the best Phi Phi Island locations.

A luxury Phi Phi Island tour by speed boat for the famous Sunrise Tour to Phi Phi Islands experience.

Maya Bay. Normally, this is our first stop on the famous Sunrise Tour to Phi Phi Islands (depending on the tide), Maya Bay was made famous by the film “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio in 2000. This is a must see for most tourists, so it does get very busy, however we usually arrive before everyone else so you can enjoy the lonely bay for a while, and take a few photographs without the crowds.

Pileh Lagoon. Our next stop is Pileh Lagoon. It is a spectacular emerald green lagoon surrounded by high limestone cliffs, one of the world most gorgeous natural swimming pools. This location has become famous for our traditional jump off the front of the boat. If you feel less adventurous, you can simply use the steps at the side of the boat and enjoy the beautiful waters.

Morning Snorkeling. We have the following locations to choose from, Viking Cove, Loh Somah Bay, Dragon Lagoon, Straight Rock or Par Dang. The location that we choose will depend on the sea conditions, tide and other tour groups on the day. We will supply all of your snorkeling equipment including flippers (fins), and floatation aids such as life jackets or swim noodles. The staff are always there (in and out of the water), ready to help any first timer with encouragement, advice and ready for any emergency.

Monkey Beach. Time to catch up with the locals on Monkey Beach. Everyone loves the monkeys, but we will take the appropriate cautions. They can, and do bite, so we ask everyone to be aware and listen to the tour guides instructions. We need to respect that they are wild animals. If we all behave in a safe, appropriate manner, then we will never have a problem! Please remember to avoid feeding the monkeys, as you will be fined if caught by the authorities.

Bamboo Island and Lunch. For your lunch break we are going to bring you to the most beautiful island of the Phi Phi Islands Group: Bamboo Island. We will have a buffet lunch direct on the white powdery beach of the island.

Afternoon Snorkeling. After lunch, it’s time to say hello to the fishes again, with another snorkeling stop. Options include Nui Bay (Camel Rock), Mosquito Island, Hin Klan or in front of Bamboo Island. All these places have coral reefs with an abundance of sea life.

Return Transfer Approximately 03:30 PM. Remember 10,000 visitors flock to Phi Phi every day in the high season.  That’s a lot of people to share these small islands with. Be warned… it is an early start…but it is well worth it! We aim to leave the marina at 6/6.30am  and be back by 3.00pm.

To give you the very best day we can, our tour is very flexible. We will juggle the tide, weather, customer ability, and the crowds to give you the best day possible. This may mean the omission of some locations, but never at the expense of your enjoyment! Other companies may promise you the world, but we want to enjoy the places we visit.

The famous Sunrise Tour to Phi Phi Islands. Experience the now a day Luxury of No Crowds visiting the best Phi Phi Island locations.

famous Sunrise Tour to Phi Phi Islands


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