Chiang Mai Three Kings monument

Chiang Mai Three Kings monument

One Day trip to the Old City and Chiang Mai Three Kings monument.

The Chiang Mai Three Kings monument, known as the “Anusawari Sam Kasat”, is found in the center of the majestic ancient walled city of Chiang Mai. The visually impacting Three Kings Monument was erected in front of the Chiang Mai City art and Cultural Center, the purpose of the latter monument is meant to immortalize the 3 kings that founded Chiang Mai in 1296.
The three Kings that the monument honors are: King Mengrai, King Ramkhamhaeng of Sukhothai, and King Ngam Muang of Payao.

When these kings ruled, there was a harsh way of living in the region which now is Northern Thailand. In order to safeguard their territories, these three Kings had sworn an oath of eternal friendship and alliance resembling in the Chiang Mai Three Kings monument.

King Mengrai had been looking for a place to build the Capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Legend says that King Mengrai saw two albino Deer chase off a pack of wolves at this spot, and the king interpreted this to be a sign.

He called upon his two friends and allies to help plan the new city which back then, was to be called “Nopburi Sri Nahkon Ping Chiang Mai.”

King Mengrai built a Temple, Wat Sadoe Muang on the site now occupied by the Art and Cultural Centre, and also installed the City Pillar or Lak Muang. The Guardian Spirit of the city. Little is left today of the old Temple, and the City Pillar was later moved by Chao Kawila to the Chedi Luang Temple, where it remains to this day. The famous private Chiang Mai city and temples tour is a one day trip to the Old City to visit many attractions including the Chiang Mai Three Kings monument.

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