Vacation ideas to discover the top Amsterdam attractions

Vacation ideas to discover the top Amsterdam attractions

Vacation ideas to discover the top Amsterdam attractions

An exceptionally diverse country, featuring lush, green countryside, wild shorelines, medieval towns built on canals, and modern-day cities filled with skyscrapers, the Netherlands is entirely unique in the natural and architectural beauty it needs to offer.

And here, Amsterdam is among the most stunning towns in the Netherlands.

Why is Amsterdam the best destination in the Netherlands for your next vacation?

Amsterdam is the perfect location for an excellent holiday, with its fantastic museums and galleries, beautiful eateries, attractive winding streets and canals, and dynamic nightlife scene.

This short article will grab all the important tips for your holiday in Amsterdam:

  • Things to Do in Amsterdam

  • Art and Culture in Amsterdam

  • The Majority Of Beautiful Places in Amsterdam to Take the Ultimate Snap

  • Accommodation in Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Weather and Best Time to Visit

  • How to Get Around Amsterdam

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Let’s jump in now!

Things to Do in Amsterdam


From world-class museums and galleries to beautiful open public squares surrounded by spectacular architecture, the Dutch capital is ideal for those looking for fun-filled holidays in Amsterdam.

It’s a vibrant city throughout the year, so you’ll constantly have the ability to discover something amusing and different to experience during your trip.

If you plan ahead of time, you can ensure that your vacation in Amsterdam coincides with a few yearly celebrations.

This vibrant location always has something going on, from foodie events like Freedom Feast to music celebrations like Sensation.

If you’re searching for a more relaxing break, take some time to explore the café culture of the city, popping into the charming restaurants and cafes throughout your wanderings through the streets and soaking up the views from the attractive canals interlacing Amsterdam.

Art and Culture in Amsterdam

Art and Culture in Amsterdam


Among the best methods to invest a relaxing afternoon in Amsterdam is to take in some art and culture at one of many museums and galleries dotted throughout the city.

Our top picks for arts and history are the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum, both of which are housed in grand 19th-century structures.

There are a plethora of others to be discovered if you take the time to do some research.

Keep an eye out for the Rembrandt Square statue in honor of Dutch artist Rembrandt; it’s also a great spot for a photo.

And have a look at some of the city’s awesome historic structures like the 17th-century Westerkerk church and the baroque-inspired Royal Palace on Dam Square.

Fashionistas should visit the extremely trendy P.C. Hooftstraat, where they can browse designer stores and truly treat themselves.

The Majority Of Beautiful Places in Amsterdam to Take the Ultimate Snap


Amstel Bridge

Amstel is often ignored, though it is an essential part of Amsterdam’s history. 

It’s a large river that runs directly through the city center, with old drawbridges and unobstructed views of the water. 

The perfect time to take photos here is during the golden hour (just before sunset) when sunlight filters through the narrow canals and hits the rooftops.

Centraal Station

The main train station is in the northern heart of Amsterdam. It’s one of the most photogenic structures in the city. 

Tip: A long lens will allow you to capture the architecture at its best.

9 Streets

The essential 9 Streets area is home to a stunning selection of cafés, boutiques, and restaurants, and photo opportunities are plentiful. 

Among most photographers’ viewpoints is from the Reestraat and Prinsengracht canal bridge, shooting towards the Westerkerk church.


As in much of the dining establishments in Amsterdam’s 9 Streets area, you’ll usually find intriguing window displays and individuals sipping coffee at Ree7.


The world’s first flower market has actually been transformed into a tourist hotspot but is still a beautiful sight in the early-morning light. 

Snap the obligatory picture, then continue outside the city center and purchase your flowers from a local stand-alone flower shop.

Hortus Botanicus

It is known as one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. 

Its greenhouses, in particular, are amazing – a striking contrast of nature and manmade building and construction.

The Majority Of Beautiful Places in Amsterdam to Take the Ultimate Snap

Accommodation in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a big city, and there are tons of hostels noted on booking sites.

Picking where to stay can make or break your trip.

Here are a few of our advised places to stay in Amsterdam:

  • Meininger Amsterdam City West
  • Euphemia Old City Canal Zone
  • Hostel Van Gogh
  • The Flying Pig Downtown
  • StayOkay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Amsterdam Weather and Best Time to Visit


  • August is usually the warmest month, with an average high of 17°C, and the coldest is January, with an average high of 3°C. 
  • July and August are popular and busy.
  • If you wish to see the tulips, come mid-April to early May. 

You’ll find much better deals and quieter crowds from October to March, with the exception of New Year’s Eve. This is a riotous and unique event in Amsterdam and well worth experiencing.

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How to Get Around Amsterdam


Amsterdam is compact, so strolling or leasing bikes to make use of the great bike lanes is simple. 

Yet, public transportation (buses, trams, and metros) also is outstanding.

Consider purchasing a chip card at a ticket vending machine or counter, or request a tourist pass from the chauffeur (one- to seven-day cards start at $8).

Nightlife and Dining


During the nights, why not visit a live band at Heineken Music Hall or have a night out at dynamic local venues like Paradiso and the Melkweg?

A more cultured episode can be had by attending the Dutch National Opera & Ballet or seeing a musical at the Royal Theatre Carré or relaxing and sampling some local tipples at the Arendsnest Dutch Beer Bar.

Exploring the dining establishments in Amsterdam is a must throughout your stay. There are numerous excellent dining establishments to be discovered!

For some inspiration, attempt the French food at Restaurant Johannes, organic cuisine at Ivy & Bros, or Dutch dishes at Biercafé Gollem.

Special Note

If you’re taking a trip solo, Amsterdam is an exceptionally safe place to knapsack and travel. 

Your main concern is pick-pocketing, which frequently occurs on public transportation. As a notorious party city, it’s easy for burglars to make the most of drunk tourists in the evening. 

Keep your personal belongings close!

Some attractions (particularly the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House) get very hectic, particularly in summertime, so scheduling a ticket and time to visit in advance. 


The capital of the Netherlands, and the country’s most popular tourist destination, Amsterdam is a place of contrasts, a contemporary, laid-back city filled with unique and historic sites.

Amsterdam is awash with picture-perfect destinations from renowned views throughout the Amstel canal and fields filled with tulips to small plant shops and cozy cafés concealed down side streets.

Your Amsterdam itinerary is waiting!

Feel free to contact for more details about each stunning location and prepare the most convenient plan for your trip to Amsterdam.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions About Amsterdam


Is Amsterdam costly to visit?

You can anticipate investing a minimum of 50 euro per day in Amsterdam, and there is no maximum.

Luckily, traveling in Amsterdam is an invaluable experience, which indicates your ROI will practically be limitless, even if you end up finding Amsterdam costly.

How many days do you require to spend in Amsterdam?

Three days in Amsterdam is a sufficient time to see all the city’s greatest sights, plus go out of town for a quick day trip.

What is Amsterdam known for?

Amsterdam is famous for its canals, beautiful houses, ‘coffee’ shops, and Red Light District; however, there’s plenty more to this liberal city than most visitors realize.

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