Where Should I Stay in London for the First Time?

Traveling to London for the first time and don't know how to discover the best place to stay in London 1

Where Should I Stay in London for the First Time?

Traveling to London for the first time and don’t know how to discover the best place to stay in London?

Selecting the best place to stay in London is important to ensure you have a pleasant trip and do not invest all your time traveling back and forth or in a loud and boring neighborhood.

London, England, has mesmerized travelers for decades with its long list of remarkable attractions.

From the Royals to its abundant history, we’ve found ourselves longing to skip over the pond to experience the culture and websites.

From top shopping venues, incredibly comforting dines, and unquestionably classy charm, it does not take much to encourage travelers to pass through to this part of the United Kingdom.

We’ve put together a guide of the extremely best areas to stay if you’ve lastly decided this is your next big vacay. Depending on your interests and objectives, our list choices could be perfect for your first-time visit to London.

  • Where is the Best Part of London to Stay?
  • Cool Places to Stay in London
  • Where Do Couples Stay in London?
  • Where Can I Go to enjoy a Romantic Weekend UK?
  • Where to Stay in London on a Budget
  • Where is best to Stay in London for 3 Days

Let’s dive in now!

Where is the Best Part of London to Stay

Where is the Best Part of London to Stay?

In London, there is no such thing as a “best neighborhood” to stay.

Because London’s best tourist attractions are expanded, there is no downtown as such, and much depends upon your interests and budget plan.

Some areas are more practical and main than others, given that many visitors to London walk or utilize public transportation to reach the attractions.

Likewise, the very best hotels in London are not focused on one area, and it’s easy to find fantastic high-end accommodations in many areas of London.

As stated, there is most likely no single best answer for “the best place to stay in London,” yet here is the shortlist areas that the majority of people look at when preparing the trip to London with family: Westminster, Soho, Covent Garden, Bankside, and South Bank.

Find interesting details about the best places to stay in London here!

Cool Places to Stay in London

Holborn is considered the best area to stay in London for newbie visitors.

It is a booming metropolitan area in London, providing a real city experience. Some call this the city’s heart; it doesn’t get any more central than this. Moreover, it is overruling with signature Londoner things to do and terrific places to visit.

Holborn is a mecca for shops and dining establishments! 

This is it if you’re looking to indulge yourself in standard meals and London fashion.

This is also by far the very best area to stay in London for first-time visitors, as you get a full spectrum to feel what London is everything about.

The best hotels in Holborn, picked by our specialist, including high-end hotels, boutique hotels, budget plan hotels, and Holborn hotel deals:

  • L’oscar
  • The Hoxton, Holborn
  • Citadines Holborn-Covent Garden.

Among the must-see places to visit is the Covent Garden‘s former marketplace, where you will discover steam of captivating shops and places to grab a bite to eat and be surrounded by old-school structures.

Charlotte Street is likewise an excellent place to cruize down if you want to take in the old, classic properties that London is recognized for.

Traveling to London for the first time and don't know how to discover the best place to stay in London 2

Where Do Couples Stay in London?

Thanks to its immense size, it does not take much imagination to discover fun things for couples to do in London.

In fact, offered its limitless chances for sightseeing, it is possible to please the preferences of both partners, whether this includes going to the first-rate theater (head to the West End), musical performances (take a look at the schedule at the iconic Albert Hall), or museums and art galleries (the magnificent Victoria and Albert Museum, or “V&A”).

Even those who choose walking can be accommodated. 

It is popular and very convenient to get around London on foot. Where longer distances are involved, such as from St. Paul’s Cathedral to Greenwich, there is no shortage of public transportation to get you close enough to key points of interest for a pleasant walk.

Other preferred walks consist of the South Bank, a popular cultural destination with an exceptional classical music program, then heading over the marvelous Tower Bridge over the Thames to the Tower of London.

Time your walk right, and you might even see the sunset behind the bridge. One other popular walk takes in amazing Regent Street, famous the world over for its high-end luxury shopping and attractive architecture.

The glamorous The Rubens at the Palace is a terrific choice of a location to stay in London for couples.


Where Can I Go for a Romantic Weekend UK?

A couple of cities have viewed as lots of love stories as London.

Its centuries-old buildings and paths hide hundreds of special places, each of them playing its own functions in the lives of couples for generations.

Let’s take a look at some gorgeous areas that ought to be on your list as some of the most romantic places in London:


  • Primrose Hill: (our pick) With a sensational view throughout to the stunning city lights, surrounded by green fields and serene trees, it’s most likely the best areas in the city for a first kiss.
  • Kew Gardens: Perhaps one of London’s many ignored attractions, Kew Gardens is both romantic and interesting.
  • Little Venice: Take a romantic stroll along the canal banks and admire its charming barges and bridges along the way. You can also stop for a peaceful glass of white wine in one of its numerous clubs.
  • Regent’s Park: The family-friendly greens make for a relaxed environment that’s best for games and picnics. It’s incredibly gorgeous on a sunny day.

Where Can I Go for a Romantic Weekend UK?

Where to Stay in London on a Budget

Brixton is known as the best place to stay in London for backpackers.

It is a laidback area with lots of cultures, making it the very best place to stay in London to experience the global city vibe!

You can take pleasure in a dynamic nightlife here, with lots of places to capture live music.

It is probably a preferred area and one of the best London neighborhoods for tourists.

Brixton has an unbelievable history, and among its most famous stories is that it is the birthplace of the worldwide recognition, the late David Bowe.

This area celebrates creativity and has an infectious vibrancy. You’ll also find lots of locations to delight in the growing foodie culture.


Where to Stay in London for 3 Days

We would advise staying in central London to avoid added travel time if you are preparing to visit a 3-day London itinerary.

We’d recommend staying some places in the area in between Kensington in the west and Canary Wharf in the east.


Key Takeaways

London has every type of accommodation alternative that you can think of, from inexpensive hostels to self-catering apartments to 5-star luxury hotels.

London is an expensive city so anticipate paying a bit more than you might generally in more economical destinations. But if you book ahead of time and compare prices, you should be able to find something that will fit most budgets and grab the best place to stay in London.

Preparation for a trip to London and don’t know where to stay?

If you have any concerns about the itinerary or going to London, look for more fascinating articles inside scopetrip.com.


Frequently Asked Questions About Places to Stay in London


Is it expensive to go to London?

A 7-day trip to London costs an average of $2,000 for a single tourist, $3,590 for a couple, and $6,740 for a family of 4. 

London hotels range from $77 to $350 per night with an average of $150, while most vacation rentals will cost $280 to $590 per night for the entire home.


Where can I stay in London for cheap?

  • Point A Hotels
  • Green Rooms London
  • Clink! 78 London
  • Wombats Hostel London
  • Access Accommodation, Tower Hill apartments
  • Caring Hotel, London
  • Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage 
  • Palmers Lodge Hillspring Lodge
  • Generator Hostel, London


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