Wat Suan Dok temple tour in Chiang mai

Wat Suan Dok temple tour

Wat Suan Dok temple tour in Chiang Mai

Wat Suan Dok temple tour. Wat Suan Dok was founded by King Kue Na of Lanna for the monk Sumana Thera in the year 1370 CE.The temple was erected in the center of Wiang Suan Dok, a walled settlement of the Lawa people, which were in this land even before the Three Kings founded Chiang Mai as a city.The outlines of the fortifications can clearly be seen on satellite images, and the remainings of some of the earthen walls can still be seen from the north of Suthep road.King Kue Na’s flower garden which was located in this temple, lent the temple its original name: “Wat Buppharam Dok Mai” or “Wat Suan Dok Mai” for short. Discover on Wat Suan Dok temple tour that according to the legend, Maha Sumana Thera, a monk from the Sukhothai Kingdom, had a vision of him discovering a relic of the Buddha, which, also according to the same vision, was to be safeguarded in Chiang Mai.Sumana Thera stayed two rainy seasons at Wat Phra Yuen just outside Lamphun at the invitation of King Kue Na while the latter had Wat Buppharam Dok Mai built. When the moment arrived for the relic to be housed in the newly built temple, it duplicated itself by art of magic.One of the relics was housed, as originally intended, in a shrine inside Wat Buppharam Dok Mai, while the other relic was put on the back of a white elephant that was sent to climb Doi Suthep, which is the mountain located directly west of Chiang Mai, where it trumpeted three times and then proceeded to die. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep was built on that spot to safeguard the second relic, also serving as a sign of respect for the elephant. Wat Suan Dok temple tour along the Chiang Mai private city and temples tour will bring you to uncover history and eternal beauty of this wonderful and unique city!

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Wat Suan Dok temple tour

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