An adventure for every age! Backpacking in Thailand

An adventure for every age! Backpacking in Thailand

Backpacking in Thailand

The travel center of Southeast Asia is Thailand.

Many visitors entering the region fly into Bangkok and make their base for doing the circuit as they backpack around Southeast Asia.

It’s the most checked out country in the region–and with a great factor!

Thailand promotes itself …!

Why Go Backpacking in Thailand?

Thailand is probably the number one backpacking location worldwide.

Budget prices, simple traveling, friendly individuals, and varied destinations make Thailand one of Asia’s most popular backpacking locations.

Chill on beautiful beaches, check out wildlife-rich jungles, celebrate hard, and hit up gleaming temples… 

Thailand has it all…!

Well fit for solo travelers, couples, best friends, and visitors alike, Thailand attracts a varied backpacking crowd year-round. 

It is not that hard to see why many tourists are flocking to this center of Asian culture.

Backpacking Thailand alone is enjoyable actually …!

For the bank account (not a lot of the liver), it is good, the street food is as new as it comes, and Thai people have the warmest hearts.

Without additional ado, here is definitely whatever you require to learn about backpacking Thailand:

  • Thailand Backpacker Scene
  • What Do I Need for Backpacking in Thailand?
  • Thailand weather condition
  • The best time to go to Thailand
  • Thai Festivals
  • Backpacking Thailand Map & Itinerary
  • Backpacking in Thailand Cost
  • Thailand Backpacking Tour

To access many more information you can follow team and what the experts have to say about Backpacking in Thailand.

Read it before you board the aircraft while you’re on the run and lose in translation or take it as a pocket guide.

A must-visit on any backpacker list, here is how to have an awesome Thailand adventure.

An adventure for every age! Backpacking in Thailand

Thailand Backpacker Scene

Thailand is renowned as a backpacking sanctuary, and you will meet tons of new people at every turn.

Backpacking in Thailand provides myriad memorable experiences. 

The Land of Smiles has many sides!

It brings in a diverse crowd, including easygoing island fans, vivacious party animals, spiritual applicants, foodies, social butterflies, introverts – you name it, and you’ll discover it in Thailand.

Loaded with fun and experience, a journey to Thailand can be a life-changing experience.

What Do I Need for Backpacking in Thailand?

In reality, Thailand has got it all, from palm-dotted beaches and crystal clear seas to beautiful mountains and amazing temples that will take your breath away (both figuratively and literally).

Here’s whatever you require to be aware of planning your journey!

Thailand weather condition

With temperatures seldom falling below 25 degrees at sea level or 15 degrees in the mountains of Northern Thailand, this nation is virtually hot 24/7.

15 degrees might not SoundCloud; however, after getting utilized to the tropical climate, it can hit you like a ton of bricks!

The best time to go to Thailand

It’s suggested to travel to Thailand between December and March if you’ve got the whole calendar free for your travel plans.

Provided this is peak season, you can expect prices to be a little higher yet the weather to be a lot peachier.

There are transitional months in November, April, and May, and while some rain may occur, the weather is generally excellent.

Travel throughout these months will be friendlier on the budget plan, and your funds will stretch a lot further.

The best time to visit Phuket: month-by-month guide

Thai Festivals

Songkran, Loi Krathong, and more festivities and calendar free days are a perfect way to get absorbed in Thai culture, the peak season, you called it celebration season.

Backpacking Thailand Map & Itinerary

Backpacking Thailand Map & Itinerary

Listed below, we have composed 2 travel itineraries for Thailand.

You can quickly integrate both Thailand backpacking routes within a month or more.

Backpacking Thailand 3 Weeks Itinerary # 1: Thailand’s Islands

This is the beach life itinerary!

Make your way south to Phuket, starting in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital.

Take a side trip to Kanchanaburi, a lovely national forest, if you go overland, although it sounds better to fly for not that much cash.

Inspect domestic flights beforehand.

Phuket is the entrance to the Andaman Sea in Southern Thailand.

Phuket has things to do for everyone when touring: fantastic beaches, tipsy nights, among the very best SEA Crossfit boxes, and ample Buddhist temples.

From Phuket, your next trip is to travel to Koh Phi Phi, also touristy, however, known for its gorgeous beaches, legendary nightlife, and remarkable places to remain.

Next, travel to Koh Lanta to take a break from all the parties. You should book ahead to ensure a bed at the best hostels in Koh Lanta.

With 2 weeks devoted to the Andaman Sea, you can make it to Koh Lipe.

End your trip by staying in the Krabi area. 

If you’re addicted to rock climbing, here, you can likewise extend a couple of days in Railay!

Next, it’s time to check out the well-known Gulf of Thailand, which includes Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao.

The notorious full-moon party is on Koh Phangan, though there are some chilled-out areas to remain in Koh Phangan instead, in addition to lots more to do on the island than simply celebration!

Koh Tao is known for the laidback scuba diver ambiance and incredibly economical diving schools. 

Koh Samui is the most popular of the three.

Why is Phuket so famous? Here we come up with a list of many ideas why!

Backpacking Thailand 2 Weeks Itinerary # 2: The Central and North of Thailand.

If you choose a more chilled-out mountain ambiance, then head north.

If you are taking an international flight, you may fly to Bangkok. 

It is simple to get a domestic flight as much as Chiang Mai, yet if you want to take the slow path, head to Khao Yai initially.

Simply three hours north of Bangkok, this park is a terrific location to discover wild elephants as well as walking and swimming.

It likewise has some insane beautiful waterfalls that you need to travel a bit to reach. 

And it is absolutely worth it!

For some walking, you can also head to Umphang.

There, by rafting and trekking your way through the jungle on a three-day journey, you can hit the 200m high Tee Lor Su Falls.

Next, head to Chiang Mai, with plenty to do! 

Chiang Mai blends regional and backpacker vibes like the best Cha Yen in Thailand’s digital wanderer capital.

Invest 2 days in Chiang Rai having a look at the temples, and assign some strong time to remain in the hippy village of Pai high in the mountains.

Individuals get stuck in Pai; it’s one of those places.

Chiang Mai old city

Backpacking in Thailand Costs

Thailand is an inexpensive nation, and it is difficult to overspend.

Despite these challenges, a few variables could impact your spending strategy (such as alcohol, tours, and trips to the islands).

If you’re on an actually tight spending plan (or just wish to cut expenses), here’s how to conserve a lot more money throughout your life.

  • Go local: The most convenient way to conserve money in Thailand is to just live like a local. Buy and eat like a local.
  • Consume street food: It’s safe – in some cases, it’s even more secure than restaurant food.
  • Gain benefit from the “happy hour”: Thailand’s numerous happy hours have 2-for-1 specials and half-priced beverages.
  • Buy beer at 7-Eleven: A beer in 7-Eleven has to do with 35 THB (1.05 USD), while the very same beer will cost 100-170 THB (3-5 USD) in a restaurant or bar.
  • Do not schedule any tours before you get here: Want to take a cooking class? Trek in the jungle? Go zip-lining? Dive? 

Then just wait until you get into Thailand to book anything.

  • Couchsurf: Couchsurfing links you with locals who will provide you with not just a complimentary place to remain but also a local tour guide who can introduce you to all the great locations to see.
  • Stay in hostels: Hostels are both a cost-effective and social option for Thailand.

Backpacking in Thailand Costs

Thailand Backpacking Tour

We truly recommend you visit the cultural sights in North Thailand as well as the beaches and islands in the South of Thailand.

There have been lots of things to see in this gorgeous nation and do that can be a little daunting, especially if you’re backpacking for the first time or going alone.

It is a great method to cram in as much as possible quickly, be safe, have fun, and make new good friends by going on among the remarkable Thailand backpacking tours.

  • Contiki – Northern Thai Highlights – 8 Days
  • Intrepid – Cruising Thailand & Malaysia – Phuket to Penang – 8 Days
  • G Adventures – Thailand on a Shoestring – 15 Days
  • Intrepid – Beautiful Northern Thailand – 15 Days
  • Stray Travel – Tom Yum Flexi Tour – 13 Days
  • Free and Easy Traveler – Experience the Land of Smiles – 40 Days

Last Thought

Thailand is a location to chill!

Remain on somewhere if you enjoy it, move on if you don’t, and if you hear about a cool and new bar or dining establishment, or a party on the beach, GO.

Unforeseeable often, unforgettable constantly.

Questions and Answers Section

How much does it cost to backpack in Thailand?

Here’s what you can anticipate things to cost on your Thailand journey:

  • 1 street vendor meal would cost around: 30-60 THB (0.95-1.9 USD)
  • 1 massage at a local parlour: 200-300 THB (6.4-9.6 USD)
  • 1 big bottle of beer from a store: 50 THB (1.6 USD)
  • 1 short tuk-tuk ride: 50-100 THB (1.6-3.2 USD)
  • 1 night at a popular hostel for a backpacker: 150-300 THB (4.7-9.5 USD)
  • 1 bottle of local insect repellent: 20-50 THB (0.60-1.6 USD)
  • 1 entry to a temple: 100 THB (3.2 USD) (But, numerous smaller temples are totally free!)

Is backpacking in Thailand safe?

It’s totally manageable!

Thailand is a well-trodden, essential travel destination.

Many of the routes and locations have actually been definitively attempted and checked for many years. 

It might be the backpacking epicenter of Southeast Asia and apparently safe to travel alone in, but that does not suggest that it comes without risks.

Where should I go backpacking in Thailand?

There are so many weird and terrific locations to check out in Thailand. 

Thailand is home to a few of the most beautiful jungles and temples in the north and marvelous beaches and islands on the planet in the south.

How much cash do I require for 7 days in Thailand?

You do not require to invest a lot of cash in Thailand. 

If you’re backpacking Thailand, plan to spend a budget between 825-1150 BHT ($ 25-35 USD) per day.

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