Discover the best of Thailand in just 4 days!

Discover the best of Thailand in just 4 days! Krabi in 4 days the best things to do 4 Day Krabi Itinerary for the Ultimate Thailand Experience

Krabi in 4 days: the best things to do

4 Day Krabi Itinerary for the Ultimate Thailand Experience

One of the most charming and engaging vacation destinations in Southeast Asia, Krabi is located on the Southwestern coast of Thailand.

This island is chock-full of beautiful beaches, majestic limestone cliffs, and kind and welcoming people.

You’ll never want to leave! This schedule shows you how to see the best sites in Krabi.


A practical guide for exploring Krabi

Depending on your situation, you can navigate Krabi in many ways. Keep Ao Nang in the centre, and you will only need to travel for flights to and from the airport.

To travel to your destination locally, you can use taxis (called tuk-tuks) for short journeys, use Grab Car (a similar service to Uber) for longer trips, or hire a private driver for day trips. Krabi is also a good place to discover more of the islands.

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In Krabi, I plan on staying for a minimum of four days.

There are several exciting things to explore in Krabi, ranging from gorgeous islands to vibrant cities.

To help you decide which activities you’d want to pursue in Krabi, below is a summary of the daily schedule in Krabi.

This article outlines a Krabi itinerary based on your taste and how many days you have available. Start by mixing and matching the days, and then decide if you want to add or remove any of the days.

Even after you finish reading, go back and check some of the links listed below to learn more about Krabi.

Many of my favourite activities in Krabi are included in this itinerary. I organized the activities to see which fun things you can do in Krabi in a single day.

A guide to Krabi and 27 best things to do

Island hopping from Krabi

Krabi is a wonderful place to visit if you’re looking for beauty, serenity, and relaxation.

You must do many islands hopping while you are in Krabi since it will consume most of your day. Another name for the excursion is the four island tour in Krabi, which offers various islands to explore.

It is affordable and convenient to do a tour in Krabi. Therefore it should be a priority on your trip.

Some fluffy white sand, wild blue sea, and limestone cliffs soaring above you make for beautiful beaches. The tour companies include the snorkel rental as part of the fee.


Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang is a beautiful destination for sun and sand. With crystal clear water or even some beach spots with palm trees, you will be able to find the perfect spot to soak in Thailand’s rich natural beauty!

Ao Nang is the first beach you should hit. If you stay in Ao Nang, then your toes will be sinking into some of Thailand’s finest sand within walking distance from where ever!

The tide can make a huge difference here, as it can bring waves up to step at high-tide or leave them far away when low water covers more ground than usual.

Luckily there are plenty of great spots for relaxation on this long stretch of shoreline and sea-life watchers alike won’t want to miss out what lives below these surging waters just off that sandy surface.

However, the tide can change quickly, making sure that your toes are near the water when it does.

For nightlife markets?

Krabi Town’s markets are better, and the nightlife is better in Ao Nang. They are both simple to travel there, so you’ll need to select where to go based on what you enjoy and how long you’ll be there.

  • You might spend the day at Ao Nang, as described above, and go to the night markets in Krabi Town the next night.

  • You may experience the evening entertainment in Ao Nang or explore the late-night shopping in Krabi Town.


Railay Beach view


There is a true must for you. The Jungle time!

The hot springs and the Khao Pra-Bang Khram Nature Reserve.

Head inland to explore Krabi’s green core and tick jungle.

The trekking pathways in this beautiful woodland are zig-zagged and easy to follow. Along the way, you’ll come upon a crystal-clear swimming pool and the ideal natural jacuzzi at the hot springs.

Stop by Tiger Cave Temple on the way there (or back) to explore the forest caverns and see a spectacular view (and climb) to the summit shrine.

It is possible to accomplish this as a guided tour or by taxi or self-drive (recommended).


The Bor Thor region

Bor Thor, located in northern Krabi, is home to breathtaking karst landforms, mangroves, and caves, some of which have old artwork.

From the Bor Thor pier, you may visit by kayak or longtail boat. It’s a gorgeous 40-minute trip, followed by an hour or so of kayaking. Take a trip or drive yourself and rent a boat from the dock with a guide.

The Thanbok Khorani National Park in the same location is also worth a visit, however swimming is no longer permitted.

4 Islands tour by long tail boat from Krabi

Poda, Chicken, Tub, and Mor island.

With a longtail boat hire, the four islands of Poda, Chicken, Tub, and Mor may be easily explored in a half-day from Ao Nang.

If you have an extra hour or two, you could even squeeze in Railay, bringing your total number of tropical beaches seen to at least 10!

Not bad for a day!

And here we go, yes!


Railay Beach view 2


To Railay beach

It is said that Railay Beach, located in Krabi Province of Thailand on the Andaman Sea coast and about 3 km from Ao Nang beach village, will be a new tourist attraction for those looking to enjoy an idyllic vacation with white sand beaches.

It’s not so much as this place being great because it has beautiful scenery or its wildlife but rather due to how easygoing tourists can get there by boat without having any worries they’ll have when dealing with traffic through Bangkok-based airports which often make trips stressful.

A boat journey from Ao Nang is quick and simple to plan. Tickets may be purchased along Ao Nang Beach for 100 baht one way.

The options are unlimited once you arrive at Railay Beach! Explore the beaches, do rock climbing, or trek to the views. Railay has so much to offer that you’ll most likely need to spend the entire day there!

West Railay. This is the location for the classic Railay Beach shot with the big limestone cliffs in the background! The beach is surrounded by hotels, beach bars, and restaurants, making it a popular daytime destination.

Railay Beach offers hikers amazing views if one takes time out of their day for some leisurely trekking; natural beauty at every turn awaits them all along the way!


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