Halong bay 1 day travel experience for Thailand tourists

Halong bay 1 day travel experience for Thailand tourists

Halong bay 1-day travel experience for Thailand travelers

The famous Halong bay 1-day travel experience by Hai Phong Tours

A due introduction!

The following Halong bay 1-day travel experience explicitly designed and organized for Thai people is drawn from many years of practical experience working as a tour guide.

I share the specific schedule, which route you should choose, the fun activities not to be missed, the time to travel, what to buy as a gift!

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Halong bay 1 day travel experience for Thailand tourists


Overview of Halong Bay


Before learning about the Halong bay 1-day travel experience for Thai people, I would like to give an overview of this place first because many Thai people may not know about Halong Bay.

The word Halong is a Sino-Vietnamese compound word. The word Ha means to land. The word Long means Dragon. These two words combine to form Halong = Dragon landed.

According to legend, when the invaders went by sea into Vietnam, Ngoc Hoang sent the mother and children of the Dragon family down to help.

Warships of the invaders got into Quang Ninh sea right when the mother and children of the Dragon family arrived.

Dragon spits pearls to form large and small islands to block the enemy. At the same time, the dragons spit fire and burned the enemy ships.

When the enemy was over, nostalgic for the beautiful scenery, the Dragon family did not return to heaven. Instead, the mother dragon landed in the Halong area (now in Thien Cung cave).

As for the baby dragons, they choose the Bai Tu Long area to stay.

UNESCO recognizes Halong Bay as one of the 7 natural wonders of the World with high geological value.

Every day, Halong Bay receives a large number of international visitors. The most popular is the Halong Bay 1 day tour program.


Overview of Halong Bay


Halong Bay 1 anniversary tour itinerary for Thai people


Currently, to travel to Halong Bay for 1 day, the management board of Halong Bay has 3 schedules that are routes 1, 2 and 3.

If you take route 1

The time on the bay will range from 2.5 to 3 hours. Tourists will be able to board a 1-day cruise and visit Thien Cung cave.

The cruise will pass through Dog Stone rock, Dinh Huong Islet, and Ga Choi Islet. Some Thai tourists traveling on their own can move to Tuan Chau pier or Halong international cruise port and then book the boat by themselves.

However, if you go by yourself, you may miss the experience of kayaking. It was an incredibly wonderful experience.

You should book a tour of a travel company like Hai Phong Tours (Whatsapp: +84975200357).

This is the leading travel company in Hai Phong, specializing in serving foreign tourists.

Route 2 

Is the most perfect 1 day Halong Bay tour. I have guided many Thai tourists to this route. More specifically, tourists can hardly book the boat themselves to go this route.

They have to book with a travel company.

Time on Halong Bay if you take this route is about 5 to 5.5 hours. You will visit the most beautiful cave in the Bay, Sung Sot cave dating back hundreds of millions of years, swim at Titop island, or enjoy the panoramic view of the bay on the top of the island.

More specifically, tourists will have about 1 hour to kayak in Luon cave. In the cave area, you will be able to row the boat by yourself, watching the naughty monkeys on the cliffs.

>> Details of Halong bay day tour for Thai people: Halong bay day tour

Route 3

Is a combination of routes 1 and 2. Playtime on the bay is about 7-8 hours. That period is quite long, and many Thai tourists feel tired. Therefore, I do not recommend this tour.


Sung Sot cave


Sung Sot cave

Sung Sot Cave is one of the most famous, most beautiful caves in Halong Bay, and the highlight of most routes in Halong Bay. This is a location that the French considered to be the “Grotte des Surprises.” A surprising spot.


Sung Sot cave


Sung Sot Cave Legend

A spectacular rock body is fashioned like a horse with a long-sword and connected with the tale of Thanh Giong. Thanh Giong is supposed to defend the area’s inhabitants by fighting aggressors, devils, and evil spirits. When his task was done, he climbed into the sky and left behind a steppe and sword, to drive any future aggressors away.


Kayaking on Halong Bay for 1 Day One Of The Best Ways To Explore All That It Has To Offer


Kayaking on Halong Bay for 1 Day: One Of The Best Ways To Explore All That It Has To Offer

Kayaking on Halong Bay is a great way to experience the beauty of nature. It satisfies both your desire for adventure and relaxation as you glide along, taking in all that this wondrous bay has to offer including its beautiful sunsets.

Kayaking on Halong bay for 1 day is one of the best ways to explore all that this breathtaking region has to offer. 

This activity will take you down a path along some stunning limestone cliffs and through picturesque villages, as well as allow you ample time in the water with dolphins!


Final thoughts about Halong Bay

Tourists can visit Halong Bay 1 day at any time of the year. Each season has its beauty. Here is very famous for real pearl.

You can buy pearls cheaply on the day boat. Items made from shells are also very attractive. Thank you for reading the article!


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