How do you get to Coral Island from Pattaya?

How do you get to Coral Island from Pattaya?

How do you get to Coral Island from Pattaya?

See here in this article how you can go from Pattaya to Koh Larn (Coral Island)


Also known as Koh Larn, Coral Island near Pattaya is a lovely island only a few kilometers from Pattaya’s shore. It is situated 7 kilometers from Pattaya. Get to Coral Island from Pattaya with a tour or by yourself, to escape Pattaya for a day or more, to find wonderful beach locations (what might be missing during your stay in Pattaya) and many sea activities to enjoy.

Located southeast of Phuket, the island is renowned for its stunning golden shoreline and coral reefs. There are two main beaches on the Island, namely Long Beach and Banana Beach.

Daily a multitude of people is visiting this island.


Koh Larn (Coral Island) is included as one of the top things to do in the Pattaya guide!


A guide to Pattaya the best things to do in the city


Outside the hustle and bustle of Pattaya, Coral Island near Pattaya is a little paradise.


While Thailand’s famous beach resort town wouldn’t be your first thought in imagining a cerulean blue sea and a long stretch of pristine beach free of high-rise buildings and away from the clutches of civilization, this little idyllic island offers just that. It is just a short ferry ride away from Walking Road.

For those who have been jaded with overdeveloped and overcrowded beaches of Pattaya, Coral Island has long been an alternative refuge.

Since the island is not that far away, tourists can smoothly go there in the morning, stay for several hours and then return in the late afternoon to Pattaya Beach.


The most comfortable way to do this is through a guided tour to Coral island.


Coral Island near Pattaya, blessed with many stunning beaches and unspoiled natural wonders, exudes a real tropical atmosphere and abundant sunshine.

Whether you haven’t already booked any tours on the ferry, you can still participate in a variety of activities on the island. Including parasailing and speedboating, it is also possible to enjoy jet skiing, banana boat riding, and, of course, swimming.

While there is not much coral left to be seen, the clear waters of the island are perfect for snorkeling.


How do you get to Coral Island from Pattaya?
The Wood walkway at Coral island Pattaya


The beach has plenty of sun loungers for you to laze and bronze on while being drawn to sleep by the sound of waves lapping on the sand, for the less enthusiastic.

If your muscles were left in knots by the long ferry trip earlier, get them stretched and straightened by readily available beach masseuses.

Other passive, time-killing activities include henna-tattooing your body and braiding your hair. Lunch is served at 13:00 and contains soup, steamed rice, four main dishes, and a fresh fruit dish (if you like more, you can have a refill).

Beverages are not offered but can be purchased from a nearby stand. There are beach vendors but still very few in numbers compared to Pattaya Beach. There are several shops and restaurants along the beach, but note that prices appear to be slightly higher than average.

The glass-bottomed boat arrives at 3 pm to carry the now-tanned tourists back to the Pattaya Beach ferry.

Approximately one hour later, the ship safely arrives at Bali Hai Pier, where the sun is now mild, with the shadow of Coral Island looming in the background–seemingly beckoning out.


How do you get to Coral Island from Pattaya? 


Getting to Koh Larn is easy and takes little time. You can get there either by speedboat or ferry.


Coral Island from Pattaya by Speedboat


Coral Island from Pattaya by Speedboat


The fastest way to get to Koh Larn is by chartering speedboat, particularly if you want to get to one of the island’s less frequented beaches.

The speed boat ride from Pattaya takes approximately 20 minutes.

Many charter boats are available.

They can be found just south of walking street in Pattaya at the Bali Hai pier. The rates are between 1,500 and 2,500 Baht, depending on the boat’s size.


Coral Island from Pattaya by Ferry


The ferry is a little slower but much cheaper. On the other side of the island, there is one to the Na Ban pier, and one to the Tawaen beach pier.

All take about 45 minutes and depart at the south end of Pattaya walking street from Bali Hai pier. One way to get the fare is 30 Baht.

You will be taken by ferry to the nearest pier – Naban Pier.


Best beach in Coral Island Pattaya


This problem is very tough to answer. Koh Larn’s whole island is gorgeous, and you’re not going to be disappointed, no matter where you go.

Coral Island may often get crowded. The rule is clear-the farther it should be from the pier, the quieter it is.

Koh Larn’s main beaches have toilets, showers, restaurants, and sunbathing facilities available for hire.


Tawaen Beach Koh Larn (Coral Island)


Tawaen beach - most visited beach in Koh Larn
Tawaen beach – most visited beach in Koh Larn


This is the most famous beach in Koh Larn, located near the main pier. You can get directly from Pattaya by ferry (more info here earlier).

Tawaen Beach Pattaya is beautiful, but sometimes it can also get very crowded, particularly during the weekend when Bangkok people visit Koh Larn to relax. 

The beach can get busy during high season. 

All the restaurants on the island serve fish, Thai dishes, and foreign cuisine. Beachfront bars offer cocktails, ice creams, and fruit straight to your beach chair.

Activities include banana boat and jet skiing.

Visitors have the option to stay overnight at many resorts. Get there by chartered speed boat from Pattaya or take the ferry to Tawaen beach pier from Bali Hai pier in Pattaya.


Monkey Beach Koh Larn (Coral Island)


Monkey Island Pattaya has several names, including Koh Ling (Thai for “Monkey Island”), Koh Ped (“Duck Island”), and Koh Klet Kaew (“Crystal Shard Island”) as the official name.

True to some of its names, the small, jungle-covered lump of land is loosely shaped like a crystal splinter and is renowned for its sizeable crab-eating macaque’s population. Yet there are no ducks.

The 24-hectare island across from Sattahip’s coast is home to hundreds of monkeys that have become accustomed to human interaction as a result of frequent visits from tourist-bearing boats.

The stony beach on the island’s eastern end is one of the most popular spots along the route of many of the island-hopping tours sailing from the Na Jomtien Ocean Marina Yacht Club, with visitors enjoying feeding and photographing the residents.


Monkey Island Pattaya was once home to quite a sizeable white-handed gibbon population, introduced in 1967 by scientists from the US Armed Forces.

They were part of a study on the feasibility of using isolated breeding colonies as a ready supply of subjects to test potential vaccines for malaria.

However, a few years later, the institute behind the program stopped using gibbons in their research, and the gibbons were removed and released into the wild near Kanchanaburi.


The present residents are crab-eating macaques, also known as long-tailed macaques and locally known as Ling Samae(‘ Ling’ means monkey, and’ Samae’ is a crab type).

Due to continually being fed by tourists, their numbers have grown so large that the Royal Thai Navy has to provide food aid during the off-season to prevent mass famine!

The monkeys are so used to visitors that they frequently swim out to meet boats coming, ready to get on the fruit that some of them bring along with them.

Bananas and nuts are excellent if you would like to feed them yourself, though watermelon is their favorite.

It is worth noting that though Monkey Island Pattaya residents are friendly and available, and will often climb up on you if you carry food; they still are wild and can be aggressive without warning.


Samae Beach Koh Larn (Coral Island)


Koh Larn Island Samae Beach
Koh Larn Island Samae Beach


The sandy beach at Samea is more than 500 meters long, the waters are clear. For swimmers ‘ health, the swimming area is fenced off.

Depending on the season, beach chairs are available for rent from 50 to 100 Baht. About a dozen restaurants and bars at the beachfront offer Thai cuisine, beers, cocktails, fresh seafood, and ice cream.

At the end of the beach is a large, ray-shaped building, its roof covered with solar panels. For those who wish to stay overnight, a few steps from the beach is a spa.

You can either get to Samae beach by chartered speed boat from Pattaya or by taxi from the two ferry ports of Koh Larn, Na Ban pier and Tawaen beach pier.


Tayaiy Beach Koh Larn


Tayaiy on Ko Larn Island is the most beautiful beach. It is one of those near Pattaya beaches, which is not yet undiscovered. 

Tayaiy is the smallest of the six central beaches at Koh Larn. If you’re looking for a quiet spot, then that’s your place to go.


Tong Lang Beach Ko Larn 


Although it is located very close to Naban Pier, it is not easy to get to this Pattaya Koh Larn beach. To get there, you will take a hike down.

For sure, you will have privacy, but the views are pretty close to the other beaches of Koh Larn.


Tien beach


Tien beach is significantly shorter than Samae and Tawaen and boasts a lovely sandy beach lined with palm trees and fantastic views of the forested interior of Koh Larn island behind it.

While its white sand and clear blue waters are very appealing, Tien is one of the island’s quieter beaches.

There are many restaurants right on the beach; lodging options are limited.

The fastest way to get from Pattaya to Tien beach is by chartered speedboat.

Better take the ferry from Pattaya to the two harbors of Koh Larn, Na Ban pier, or Tawaen beach pier.

Take a motorbike or taxi from there to Tien beach. Since there is no path to the beach, it takes a short walk.


Pattaya to coral island ferry price


The ferry cost for Pattaya to Coral Island is just 30 THB per person (less than 1 dollar). Getting to the island will take some 30-40 minutes. The ferry departs from the pier at Pattaya.


Restaurants in Coral Island Pattaya 


Koh Larn, or Coral Island is a perfect destination from Bangkok for a weekend getaway. This island is just off the coast from the brothel city of Pattaya, two hours from Bangkok.

This place is popular with people from Bangkok and is mostly visited by Thais.

Beyond a handful of pretty gorgeous beaches, a bunch of restaurants worth visiting and writing about is also available.

During a stay in Koh Larn, here are three separate restaurants to eat at.


Chalianglom Kitchen 


The first stop is Chalianglom Kitchen, a popular restaurant. The restaurant is set up on the island’s east coast right on the beach.

The specialty here is, of course, seafood. We went to 200baht for an excellent Tom Yam Kung with plenty of healthy and relatively sized prawns in it.

Some other dish is made with scallops as a “pad cha.” This is a highly aromatic dish made with fresh peppercorns and a root that can be mistaken for ginger called kra chai.

All the dishes were at 200baht (about 6$USD), accepted the fried rice, and they were much more significant than what you would get for the same price in Bangkok.

This takes the bill to 840 Baht (about US$ 24), And if you consider the beautiful view of the sea, then Chalianglom Kitchen is a must-visit on the island.

The place is quickly becoming busy (on weekends). We arrived quite early at 16.30, and the majority of the tables on the beach were taken when we left around 18.30.

They have a good patio with lots of seating too, but a better experience is the beach.


Dining at Lareena Resort


They deliver a menu à la carte, and it is our kitchen team’s pride to create an outstanding list based on the day’s produce.

If you have any dietary preferences or personal dislikes, please inform us, and we will be happy to provide you with an alternate meal.

The Sea Terrace’s trendy, dry, and laid-back atmosphere is a perfect place for a delicious lunch or dinner at leisure. We serve Thai classics here as well as several European ones.

The terrace overlooks the water and is an idyllic spot to watch the sunset over a glass of wine at The Restaurant before dinner.

There is also a cocktail bar on the terrace, selling a variety of alcoholic drinks and fruits.


Dining at Indian by Nature


Indian by Nature is a refined and elegant family-run restaurant in the heart of Pattaya.

The restaurant excels in offering guests an array of Indian dishes, ranging from traditional regional dishes to innovative concept dishes designed to appeal to Thai and Western palates.

Indian by Nature is a member of the prestigious Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international historic association dedicated to showcasing the world’s most prominent gourmet restaurants.

The food is complemented by an impressive list of new world wines, stored in a glass wine cellar regulated by temperature.


Hotels in Coral Island Pattaya


Although most tourists visit Koh Larn as a Pattaya day tour destination, staying there for longer is worth it. On the island, it will be much easier than at the noisy Pattaya.


These are some of the best Hotels in Ko Lan


Xanadu Beach Resort


It is one of the best Coral Island Pattaya hotels. There is a private beach in the resort, which is part of Samae Bay.

This is also one of the island’s most Instagrammable locations, as all the resorts ‘ buildings are decorated in bright colors. Xanadu’s rooms are air-conditioned, the hotel has a restaurant, and you can be sure you’ll have everything you need. The rates start at $50 per night.


Lareena Resort Koh Larn Pattaya


It’s strategically situated right next to the Koh Lanta pier, so it’s the island’s ideal gateway. At the airport, you can leave your luggage, rent a motorbike, and drive straight to the beach. There is a nearby 7-11 store.

The quarters are spacious and have air conditioning. It is a perfect place for anyone to stay, even for budget travelers. Lareena Resort prices start from $39/night.


Preawwaan Ko Laan


It is one of the cheapest hotels in the Ko Larn area. Preawwaan is within 10 minutes walking distance of the pier.

Both the rooms are air-conditioned, and a lovely beach is close by. Preawwaan prices start at $28 / night.


Coral Island tour


The best tour is a full-day tour that begins with a’ songtaew’ (a pick-up truck turned into a bus) move from the hotels of the guests to a specified boarding point on the beach, where a flat-bottomed boat is waiting to carry tourists to the two-level offshore ferry.

This tour leg takes about five minutes before the passengers carry on to the island’s 45-minute ferry journey. The tour crew onboard provides all kinds of fun-filled packages for the trip.

The advice here is to always bargain, and bear in mind that purchasing a package (usually includes a few of the most popular tours) is typically cheaper than buying an individual tour.


For those who have wanted to go on parasailing

The boat stops at a floating dock.

One by one, an aspiring daredevil is harnessed by a parachute and then pulled to airborne by a motorboat.

The trip loops typically around the dock, and lasts about 30 seconds, but gives plenty of excitement. The less adventurous could remain on the ferry, watching the action.

This parasailing stop lasts about 15-20 minutes, depending on the number of people participating.

Then a few people are dropped off on a speedboat for a short ride around the island before the majority of the passengers are taken to the final destination of the ride, Haad Tien (Tien Beach), one of Coral Island’s most beautiful beaches near Pattaya.


How far is coral Island from Pattaya?


The distance between Pattaya and Coral Island is approximately 7 km (or nautical miles). It takes a range of 20-25 minutes by speed boat to get to Coral island from Pattaya.


What is coral Island famous for?


Coral Island, the Island, is famous for its incredible golden shoreline and beautiful coral reefs.


Coral island tickets


Book your Coral Island tickets online and skip-the-line. Save time and money with our best price guarantee.

The tickets differ from one tour to another, depending on what you want TO GO AND SEE AT Coral Island. There are tickets for everyone.


What does a coral island look like?


A coral island is a type of island formed from coral detritus and organic material associated with it.

They occur in tropical and subtropical areas, usually as part of coral reefs that have developed under the sea to cover a much larger area.

Coral islands start over a hot spot, as a volcanic island. As the volcano emerges from the sea, a fringing reef grows at the volcano’s outskirts.

Eventually, the volcano moves off the hot spot through a mechanism known as plate tectonics. When this happens, the volcano can no longer keep up with the erosion that occurs due to the ocean and is subjected to subsidence.

Once the island has been submerged, the coral must continue to grow to remain in the epipelagic (sunlit) environment.

This allows the coral to develop into an atoll in the middle, which has a shallow lagoon.

Then the lagoon can undergo accretion and create an island made entirely of carbonate materials.

Later, the process is improved with the remains of plant life that grow on the island.

Thailand’s Coral Island, or Koh Larn (Koh Lan), is a personified paradise with crystal clear water and endless stretches of fine white sand. It’s ringed with lovely white-sand beaches and dark turquoise seas.

You will explore the verdant hilly interior through a series of roads and well-maintained footpaths, providing excellent views of the Pattaya coastline.


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