Pattaya floating market

Pattaya floating market

Pattaya floating market


Pattaya Floating Market covers an area of 100,000 sqm and is divided into four sections–each representing and selling products from the four main parts of Thailand (north, northeast, central, and south).

Expect various restaurants, fruit stalls, souvenir shops, and some art galleries to be found. Each afternoon there is a cultural presentation too.

Pattaya Floating Market is also one of several other Thai Culture Learning Centers.

It has recently developed a new area called’ Traditional Thai Ways of Life Village, which aims to make it a learning center for those interested in learning more about Thai culture and history.

It has almost all that is generally used by Thai people during their everyday routines on show, including a demonstrative session on how to continue with it.

For example, silk processing and farming, ancient Thai cooking techniques, farming show area, or even original Thai massage are also available in this area for interested parties to enjoy learning or even take part in a short session.

Before you leave the village town, make sure that the trip at the monkey show stationed right next to the entrance is completely accomplished.

The market has now over 114 shops and water vendors selling authentic Thai food, sweets, and specialties from around the country.


A guide to Pattaya the best things to do in the city


Hire a man-guided boat, get around and explore the abundance of nearby Thai architecture and life along the riverside for a floating market experience. The boat is usually big enough for four passengers and can be hired for about 30 minutes at a small fee.

A walk through discovering hundreds of wooden houses constructed in the four regions ‘ different styles is fun and entertaining. It happens that food is the biggest draw here.

Authentic Thai dishes and traditional desserts are plenty to taste. Highlights comprise noodle soups, pad thai (stir-fried rice noodles), kanom jean (rice vermicelli) with different forms of curries, ka nom Krok (coconut pancake), foi thong (golden threads), thong yip (sweet egg yolk), etc. Postcards, Thai crafts, and some antique wood or die-cast metal toys are also commonly available on the market.

The market also features many educational and entertainment events, in addition to food stalls and shops. The Museum of Wood Carving shows beautiful sculpted pictures. If photography is one of your hobbies, do not miss the demonstration fields of sunflower and agriculture.

Also, there is a free daily show that includes four cultural performances. The Four Regions Floating Market Pattaya is a perfect location for those who have yet to visit a floating Thai market to get away from the turmoil that is Pattaya.

On the way to Sattahip, the market is located on Sukhumvit Street, some two kilometers past Pattaya Underwater World.


Pattaya floating market to walking street distance


The distance between Pattaya Floating Market and Walking Street, Pattaya South, is about 7 km.


How to reach Pattaya floating market from walking street


The cheapest means to use and get from Pattaya Floating Market to Walking Street Guest House, Pattaya South, is to drive, which takes about 9 minutes and costs about 27-40.

The fastest way is always getting from Pattaya Floating Market to Walking Street Guest House, Pattaya South, which is to take a taxi from Pattaya Floating Market to Walking Street Guest House, Pattaya South, which takes about 9 minutes and takes about € 270-320.

The 9.7 km drive from Pattaya Floating Market to Walking Street Guest House, Pattaya South, takes about 9 minutes.

You can drive to walking distance from Pattaya, as the driving distance from Pattaya Floating Market to Walking Street Guest House is 10 km, Pattaya South.

Driving from Pattaya Floating Market to Walking Street Guest House, Pattaya South takes about 9 minutes.


Pattaya floating market booking


You can book a trip to the floating market in Pattaya and visit traditional market buildings perched above the water on stilts providing a refreshingly different place to shop at the floating market in Pattaya.

Stalls selling Thai handicrafts, tasty street food, and souvenirs fill the thatched huts.

The attractions here have been joined by the Mud House Village and Old Market, along with a woodcarving museum, flower fairs, and agricultural demonstrations.

On the floating market, dance troupes dressed in traditional finery perform daily, along with shell dancers and sea boxers.

Traditional boats ferry tourists across the canals of the city, past boat vendors who sell Thai food from all over the world. This at dusk is an exceptionally picturesque sight.

Pattaya Floating Market will take you to’ Travel around Thailand within one day’ as it includes all the essential things from four parts of Thailand–cultures, lifestyles, food, products, cultural shows–including North, West, Central, Northeast.

In the same way, the scenario, structure, creation, drawing, and configuration of the market were developed to reflect the characteristics of each part in Thailand (North, South, Central, and Northeast).


Pattaya floating market activity


There is something for everyone and to see around the floating market, for both adults and children.

Take a longtail boat ride around the town, watch some sea boxing games, slide in a zip line across the water, or watch a popular regional dance series.

Have Thai massage at the traditional Thai and herbal village, get your photo taken wearing traditional Thai dress, or do some shopping for souvenirs. Many small shops sell souvenirs, Thai crafts, and colorful fabrics.


Longtail boat ride


Get the authentic floating market experience of taking a man pedaled longtail boat ride and seeing the conventional way to get around a floating market. Purchase a snack or some fresh fruit in a boat from a seller, the way it was done in ancient days.

A boat trip is always a perfect opportunity to take some pictures from the water.

When answering your friends without boat-related activities to the question ‘What did you do when visiting Pattaya Floating Market,’ it may sound very odd or incomplete; yes, I’m thinking about rowing-boat-excursion.

Because Pattaya Floating Market is an attraction that displays ancient Thai riverside living culture, rowing boat excursion is, of course, a must and recommended first.

Let our skilled rower take you through the beautiful compound that explores Thai people doing their routine along the banks of both rivers.

If you want to buy something to eat or souvenirs along the journey, you are allowed to ask the rower for a brief rest. Enjoy sitting back, relaxing, photographing, and enjoying authentic living lifestyle along the river that you sure can’t find elsewhere in Pattaya.


Amphibious boat ride


See the water market and sail on the path to the Thai Folkway Village and the Monkey Show on an amphibious boat capable of moving on water and land. These boats were initially used to carry goods through both rivers and highways.

Amphibious Boat is a boat capable of operating on both water and land routes. The even more remarkable is this sort of boat called’ I am Choon,’ usually found in central Thailand, mainly used in the past during World War 2 to carry goods across the Chaopraya River from Bangkok to Ayuda.

The 3′ Iamchoon ‘ boats were originally brought from the province of Ayudhya. The three survived the bomb back in time when Japanese World War 2 formed their base in the region of Bangkok Noi.

There are two piers at the front and one at the back. The trip features taking visitors along both water track and land path through and around the site, stopping at Thai Folkway Village and watching the Monkey Show.

Thai Folkway Village is an environment with an authentic and real Thai lifestyle on show in the past. Some of the rituals can still be found in some parts of Thailand today.

Tourists can love walking through the greenery area, which includes numbers of demonstrations such as silk weaving, silk thread reeving, silkworm raising, mat making, ancient popcorn cooking, local handicrafts, and the high light to prove you shouldn’t miss is’ Tom Yum Koong,’ the world-menu, show.


Thai Folkway Village – Thai traditional and herbal village


Use a glimpse of life at the Thai Folkway Village in the old days. You will see some art demos here.

You will see how silkworms are raised in the village, how silk threads are produced and painted in color, and how they are woven into silk clothes.

You can see at the Ancient Kitchen how cooked is Tom Yum Gung, one of the most popular foods in Thailand.

Watch or seek a demonstration of herbal ball massage and herbal oil, used to relieve discomfort, tension, and fatigue, too.


Skywalker Sling Adventure – Zip Line Adventure


Try the Skywalker Sling Adventure, when you’re up for an adrenaline rush. Get strapped in and roll through the water over a 300-meter long zip line at 15 meters above sea level.


Sea boxing 


It is fun to watch is a sea boxing game, a sport where two boxers aim to knock each other off the pole into the water, balancing on a slippery pole over the water. It is the winner who knocks the other into the tub.


Parrot cage


The Parrot enclosure, home to fun parrots and other animals, is adjacent to the zip-line tower and the rope bridge. Feed some seeds and fruit on them. When the little birds land on your side, shoulder, or head, it is an enjoyable experience for children and adults.

Pattaya Floating Market also offers fun activities for any outing, including rowing boat excursion, amphibious boat adventure, longtail motorboat adventure, zip line adventure, haunted house, labyrinthine runner, baby goat, and fish milk feeding, regular cultural displays and traditional games and playing games such as sea boxing, blind boxing, rowing bowl racing–almost any hour takes place.


Pattaya floating market buffet


Don’t walk away Thailand’s Floating Market doesn’t pay into Pattaya Floating market restaurant. You’ll be going to eat and then walk thereon.

The menu in Thailand is served with a4-studded screening with desserts such as mango sticky rice to enjoy unlimited. And herbal drink in Thailand included. It’s not limited to Finn sat for long.

Start at the northern Khao Soi curry chili sausage young Central Hong caps curry pork and shrimp soup. The second signature post is known as this Thailand Good chili paste in the oven, some water, and some fresh vegetables.

It was delicious, not least the authentic Southern Indian curry, yellow curry, spicy southern beef kidney concentration.

Khao Yam and Southern If the East is a green papaya salad and sticky rice (steamed glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves, really sweet onion here), grilled meat, spicy pork curry, red curry savings.


When is Pattaya Floating Market open?


Pattaya Floating Market is open daily as from Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00


How much do Pattaya Floating Market tickets cost in 2020?


Admission used to be free; if you wish, you could only donate.

As of 2020, the entrance fee for the floating market Pattaya is 200 baht. It’s not very much, particularly when you consider what you are getting. Free shows and an authentic experience in Thai–provided you pay for it.


Do you need to book Pattaya Floating Market tickets in advance?


Pattaya Floating Market sometimes is crowded, so the best advice is to book e-tickets in advance to secure your spot.


How much is Pattaya Floating Market?


Entry prices for adults are 200 baht, and children less than 119 centimeters high are eligible. Additional Floating Market events cost extra.


How do you get to the floating market?


There are several Floating markets in Thailand. The best way to get to these floating markets is to hire a taxi or rent a car. There are also buses going to these floating markets. Charges differ from one floating market to another.

The quickest way to get to the famous Pattaya Floating Market is by taking a small bus (locally called songthaew).

From the southbound side of Sukhumvit highway.

The 5.3-kilometer journey from the south Pattaya junction will cost about 10 to 20 baht per passenger.

You’ll need to make your way to the Sukhumvit highway southbound side. The floating market is located on the highway, so once you get to the road, it’s swift.

Yet, depending on where you’re staying in Pattaya, trying to get onto the highway may be a little complicated. It’s pretty straightforward once you find out the method. You should request a taxi service if that sounds too difficult for you.


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